Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple-Chapter 764 - There Is A Way

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764 There Is A Way
Mengyu would soon return to enact her revenge on the Great Wilderness Divine sect, and she would not hold back at all.

If he wanted to protect the sect, he had to go all out and kill her.

Initially, Ye Xuan was confident in his ability to do so, but with this revelation, his hopes were crushed.

Then, at this moment, Daoist Yi Feng suddenly said, “Actually, if we want to kill her completely, there is another way.”

Ye Xuan immediately looked at Daoist Yi Feng and said, “Martial Uncle, pray tell.”

If Daoist Yi Feng truly had a solution, then his trip here would not be in vain. As the original owner of the immortal bones, this martial uncle of his should know if it had any weaknesses or flaws, right?

Daoist Yi Feng replied, “The immortal bones that Mengyu stole from me are already destroyed, and now she has a new set of immortal bones.”

“Under normal circumstances, this new set of immortal bones has nothing to do with me. However, because Mengyu is a demon, her own bloodline would not allow her to break through to the sealed immortal realm.”

“As such, it is almost certain that she used my bloodline to do so…”

After saying this, Daoist Yi Feng revealed a meaningful smile. He really did not expect things to develop like this. He felt both bitter and amused.

Originally, he no longer had any thoughts about cultivation. He only wanted to stay in seclusion here until he died.

However, he never expected Mengyu to use his bloodline to become a sealed immortal realm expert.

In that case, the bloodline he currently possessed was also recognized by the laws of the world, which meant that he too had a clear path to the sealed immortal realm.

This was also the reason why the ancient races had enjoyed such a high status since ancient times.

After all, the bloodline in their bodies had already been recognized by the laws of the world, making it easy for them to cultivate and break through.

However, with every passing generation, the bloodline would gradually be diluted. In comparison, Daoist Yi Feng’s case was different. Logically speaking, he was the origin of this bloodline.


Unfortunately, he no longer wanted to cultivate. Otherwise, he would eventually reach the sealed immortal realm himself.
“In that case, Martial Uncle, how should I deal with this issue?”

Ye Xuan was both shocked and somewhat envious of Daoist Yi Feng.

Without doing anything, he obtained a bloodline that was recognized by the laws of the world. As Ye Xuan was already a peak-level ancient realm expert, he knew better than anyone how difficult it was to reach the sealed immortal realm.

The trials were full of danger. If one was not careful, one could even be destroyed in body and soul, with no possibility of resurrection.

Returning to the topic at hand, Daoist Yi Feng pondered for a moment before the corners of his mouth curled up.

“Mengyu and I are related by blood. We can be considered to be of the same origin.”

“If that’s the case, if something happens to me, she will suffer too.”

“If I self-destruct the immortal bones in my body again, the immortal bones in her body will also suffer serious damage…”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan shut his mouth.

After all, the old man in front of him had already done this once. He did not want Daoist Yi Feng to experience this pain again. Furthermore, if he self-destructed his immortal bones again, given his current physical condition, he might not be able to withstand it and would likely die.

Although the immortal bones were very powerful, it still relied on the host’s own physical strength. Daoist Yi Feng was already very old and had long abandoned cultivation.

Even though it was a chance to kill Mengyu for good. Was the trade-off worth it?

Daoist Yi Feng understood Ye Xuan’s worries and smiled. “Hehe, Ye Xuan, you don’t have to worry so much.”

“After all, I’m already tired of living. Back then, so many people were implicated by my actions, leaving me alone to struggle at death’s door.”

“If I can shine for the Great Wilderness Divine sect one last time, I would be very happy to do so.”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan could not help but frown and ask, “Martial Uncle Yi, how can you say that?”

“Back then, many of the sect’s members risked their lives to save you. If they saw you now, what would they say?”

Ye Xuan’s words struck the deepest part of Daoist Yi Feng’s heart…