Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable-Chapter 1942: Can only blame her

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Chapter 1942: Can only blame her

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The computer’s internet connection was cut off, so he began to search for information on the hard disk. However, the hard drive was empty. It seemed that someone had deleted it.

He wanted to recover, but his skills were not good enough. He studied finance in University, but his computer skills were average.

In order to not let go of any opportunity, he turned on all the computers and searched through everything in the operation room.

He also flipped through the books that he disliked-perhaps he could find a way to control his body.

“Shengling County’s Zhenzhen!” Yu qinghuan’s trembling voice was heard.

He was stunned and raised his head. He was stunned and the book in his hand fell to the ground.

She hid behind the door of the cubicle, her hair dripping wet and hanging by her side. Her fair arms were holding a wet shirt to cover her chest, and her arms, face, and collarbones were covered with water droplets.

Sheng Ling’s throat tightened, and she could not look away.

my clothes are wet, ” Yu qinghuan said awkwardly. can I have a shirt? ”

When Sheng lingren heard that, she immediately came back to her senses. She stood up and touched her body-he was only wearing a pair of shorts, and had no clothes to give her. f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

“There’s a work uniform next to ran ran,” Yu qinghuan said.

Sheng Ling looked over and saw several white coats hanging on the clothes rack. He took one and walked over to her sideways. When he reached her, he handed it to her with his back to her.

Yu qinghuan took the clothes. turn off the water. There’s no switch inside.

okay, ” Sheng Ling replied. She walked to the operating table and pressed the switch.

The sound of water stopped immediately, and Yu qinghuan went back to put on her clothes.

After she put it on, she took her wet clothes out and pushed the things on the office table to the ground and put her clothes on the table.

Sheng Ling glanced at her and found that she was only wearing a white coat. Her legs were exposed in the air, and she could not help but feel excited.

He couldn’t help but scold himself,”we’re already at the gates of hell, why do we still have the heart to think about this?”

No, no, no, no.

He could not be blamed for this! She could only blame herself for being too alluring!

Yu qinghuan said,”you should go and wash up too.” The temperature here is high, so it won’t take long for the clothes to dry.”

“En!” Sheng Ling ran in hurriedly.

Yu qinghuan said,”wait!” First, teach me how to turn on the switch!”

“The green button on the third row.”

Yu qinghuan walked to the control panel and pressed the button he had mentioned. Immediately, the sound of water could be heard.

She turned it off again and said,”bring the clothes in first.”

“Uh, Yueyue, I won’t be coming out. Help me pass it in.”

Yu qinghuan agreed. She found a document bag and handed him a white coat. She said through the wall, ” “Put it properly, don’t get it wet.”


Yu qinghuan turned around and looked at the office. Just like before, she began to rummage through the cabinets.

She had found all the useful things for him. She took a look and sat in front of the computer.

Staring at the computer screen, she was a little discouraged.

She didn’t know anything about computers.

She had learned it when she was studying, but it was too long ago for her. After living for decades, the electronic equipment had been upgraded, but she had never studied it.

However, the computer only had some experimental data, right? To her and Sheng Ling, it was of no use.


A muffled sound was heard, and Yu qinghuan was shocked. She looked at the door of the cubicle that was left ajar.

She stood up and walked over carefully. She asked through the door, ” “Sheng Ling?”

Hu … Hu … Sheng Ling’s heavy panting could be heard.