Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3454 Looting The Bandits

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Chapter 3454 Looting The Bandits

Davis and the others returned to the main hideout of the Northern Sphere Bandits.

There, he alighted from the flying boat and went around collecting spatial rings, but in reality, he went around collecting karmic sin. The members of the Reaper Soul Legion were alarmed that they were allowing him to collect trash and tried to stop him, but he gave an excuse that it was his pleasure because he liked plundering stuff from his enemies, leaving the Reaper Soul Legion not knowing what to say.

Eventually, he cleaned up the entire region and threw the spatial rings to the Reaper Soul Legion, telling them it was their spoils of victory.

"We're honored, Legion Master."

Legion Captain Lightsky and Legion Captain Starlily gracefully knelt and accepted the loot.

They had no idea why he went around collecting if he was going to give it to them, but it also made them heartened that he wasn't using them as disposables. He really treated them well, not being stingy with many things.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have grown to this level as back then, even in the Soul Palace, they wouldn't have been able to realize their dream of becoming an Immortal, much less an Immortal King or an Immortal Emperor, a realm that was not so far anymore.

They were confident they could all enter the Immortal Emperor Stage in this decade!


But after counting the wealth in all the spatial rings, the two Legion Captains were shocked that it had around fifty billion High-Level Immortal Crystals worth of goods. Even though there were a few High-Level Immortal Crystals, there were simply too many resources and Mid-Level Immortal Crystals. It was simply too staggering for their jaws not to drop.

"Legion Master, this is… we cannot accept this."

Legion Captain Starlily raised her voice.

Davis was discussing the future of the Reaper Soul Legion with Threelotus when he heard Starlily's voice. He was standing on the deck of the flying boat, turning to look at the Reaper Soul Legion that was neatly gathered before him in line.

"Well, if it's too much, then share it with Praezen's First Division. He hadn't taken part in this because I made him work too much on building our city and fortifying the defenses."


Legion Captain Starlily didn't hesitate to answer. Legion Captain Lightsky also nodded firmly, not having a problem with it as this was indeed too much for them.

With just these resources alone, they could all reach the Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Stage.

Consequently, they both thought plundering was extremely profitable, somewhat wanting to become bandits themselves before they shook their heads, realizing that it was no wonder bandits could never become something else as the prospect of making quick wealth was difficult to throw away.

It became a passion that hurt other people by the end of the day, but this was extremely common in the cultivation world that they couldn't say innocent people weren't involved either, as they engaged in conquest all the time.

Empires were once made up of bandit groups. Merchants could also be bandit groups.

No one with an ungodly amount of wealth was truly innocent if they thought about how the world works, and that included their Legion Master.

Still, they adored and worshiped him, intending to follow him to the death.

Legion Captain Lightsky idolized the Legion Master, but because he did so, he could only imagine how the woman he loved felt towards the Legion Master as she was also a fellow Legion Captain who idolized the Legion Master and would even follow him to death.

Even if not for their determination, they were bound by such a Blood Soul Contract.

He couldn't help but glance at her expression to see what kind of gaze she was using to look at the Emperor of Death.

"That's right." Davis's voice suddenly resounded, "Sunrock and Lovelace."


Two people suddenly stood in attention.

One was a man named Sunrock, who was a Vice Captain from Lightsky's Second Division. The other was a woman named Lovelace from Starlily's Third Division. She was also a Vice Captain.

They blinked, not knowing why they were suddenly called out. They were just feeling honored that the Legion Master, who rarely visited, knew their name when he suddenly voiced out.

"I know you two have been going at it near the woods during patrol for some time back in our Aurora Cloud Gate island, so get married already."


Lovelace raised her hand and hid her face even though it was already veiled. Many could see her ears turning red while Vice Captain Sunrock seemed to freeze like he was hit by a petrification beam. His entire body chilled, making him feel like a ghost had targeted him.

"There are also others I would like to name, but they weren't as audacious as these two, so I'll refrain from exposing them."

Davis chuckled, "I know all your names and quite occasionally see what you are all up to when my soul sense grazes the area. I can see some of you have started to have feelings for each other, and I, as the Legion Master, have never forbidden romance within the Reaper Soul Legion, so I don't understand why you're all so secretive about it and not say a single thing to me about it."



The Reaper Soul Legion remained silent.

"If it's because you're all at a command away from throwing your lives away from me, then it's understandable, but if it's because you're all afraid that I might steal your woman, then the worry… is not unfounded."


Davis's words shocked the members of the Reaper Soul Legion. It made many hearts sink but also gave some hope to others, accurately, some women who had a crush on him.

Could it be that they still had a chance?

Davis smiled lightly before he flew down and appeared before a Legion Captain.

"Starlily, how about you warm my bed tonight?"

He openly yet casually asked in front of everyone, causing numerous gazes to fall on Starlily. They watched her flinch in shock before she went on her knees.

"Legion Master, mercy…" She lowered her head, her voice trembling.

"Why? Are you unwilling?"

Davis cast a gaze on her with a frown.

Everyone felt their hearts clench amidst the silence.

"I have someone I adore," uttered Starlily, which caused their hearts to skip a beat, causing everyone to glance at Second Division's Legion Captain, Lightsky.

Lightsky had his fists clenched and his eyes wide, glaring at Davis. However, he hadn't made a move yet, appearing to be scared yet furious at the same time.