Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3610 The Day Of Candidacy

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Chapter 3610  The Day Of Candidacy

Davis and the others flew up.

The skies were the same. The sun hung over the horizon, shining its light over them, but the weather was good, so there wasn't much heat. The breeze hitting their face was something they enjoyed.

Still, there was nothing different about the skies, and Davis could not see anything different with his astute eyes either.

However, he still kept the flying boat ascending.

"Are you two ready?"

After flying up a few kilometers, Davis got bored, and he asked the twins.

Zahara and Yeyin looked at him with calm expressions.

"We're considered fifth inheritors of the Fire Phoenix Clan and the Ice Phoenix Clan, so of course, we're ready."

"So you two plan to be of help to Shirley."

Davis nodded, causing them to return the nod.

"Yes, we will help Shirley win the Candidacy and finally fulfill our debts with the Fire Phoenix Clan in the true immortal World." Zahara smiled lightly, "Then…"

She pursed her lips, staring at him.

"What about the Ice Phoenix Clan?" Yeyin asked from the side.

"We're both from the Fire Phoenix Clan if what we heard is true." Zahara retorted.

"Still— my participation rights stems from the Ice Phoenix Clan as I confirmed that through them they are able to track me down, so whom should I be helping? The Fire Phoenix Clan or the Ice Phoenix Clan?"

Yeyin looked troubled. She remembered Cyclonis Blizzara, the previous Matriarch of the Ice Phoenix Clan, pleading to work in the Ice Phoenix Clan's favor.

"I can't believe you cute birds still haven't decided that yet."

Davis chuckled, "Don't be a headache when it comes to the final moment and drag Shirley down. Otherwise, I'd make sure to slap your butts heavily upon return."


Yeyin fumed as her eyes narrowed at him. But she looked away, trying to control her breathing as her bosoms heaved.

Davis sensed the air around them chill.

He saw that they had become powerful as well, hoping to see what kind of feats they would perform at the Candidacy.

"Would I even be able to see you all in the Candidacy?"

He reclined at the edge of the boat and wondered out loud, "Would I be allowed into Grand Immortal Mountain Peak?"

"Is that why you're coming with us?" Evelynn raised her brows.

"Yeah." Davis looked at the skies lazily, "Maybe I will get lucky and enter along with you."

"Aha~ That's not happening." Shirley giggled, "As much as we want you with us, there are times when you should let us spread our wings without having to watch over us."


Davis made a crying expression silently as his bottom lip extended out like a baby, causing the others to laugh.

The flying boat was very fast despite ascension. They ascended to a hundred kilometers in the air and were still going up. The winds were strong here, but the flying boat easily shifted through it. In fact, it was like something or even the wind itself was carrying them above, making them ascend faster.

After they passed through many clouds, they saw a dot in the sky.

Their brows raised as they thought it was none other than the floating continent known as the Grand Immortal Mountain Peak.

The Immortal Emperors who have gone to this place usually tend to forget where this was a few days before the World Ascension Ceremony. Now, they were ascending to such a place, which couldn't help but make them feel that their epic in this world was coming to an end as those who have entered this space and passed usually ascended to the Three-Layered Universe.;

Abruptly, Isabella fell into Davis's embrace while he was still reclined.

It caused him to be taken aback before he smiled lightly and caressed her purple-haired head.

"There, there. I know my Isabella will miss me the most, but this should last no longer than a month, so think of it as if you're taking a vacation with your sisters and two little phoenixes."


Zahara and Yeyin looked like they were going to complain but stayed quiet as they could see Isabella trembling. They didn't expect the strongest amongst them to look so frail right now, but that also told them volumes of how vulnerable she was to him.


Isabella lightly hummed before she wiped her face on his robe and stood up, turning to look above with renewed determination.

She felt like everything had started with her acquiring the Earth Dragon Immortal's inheritance, so she felt the urge to put an end to this more than anyone else.

Davis and the others also stood up as they saw a whirlwind approaching them. However, it was like a stream from the heavens that was going to pull them into the Grand Immortal Mountain Peak, so they didn't resist it.

"Then, it's time I left before I make myself a fool from that stream throwing me out."

Davis heaved a breath and shook his head while the others giggled.

At this point, perhaps only Candidates were allowed.

He took a deep breath once again, panning his gaze at Evelynn, Isabella, and Shirley.

"My true thoughts in this venture are not for you to win but to survive. I would be glad as long as I can have you back, but I know each one of you is trying to win and achieve glory and repay debts, so don't hold back even when facing each other. Give it all you can to satisfy the craving and make the other Candidates know not to mess with you."

Evelynn, Isabella, and Shirley felt their spirits rise, and their senses heightened.


They answered unified, startling Zahara and Yeyin.

Davis threw the core of the flying boat to Evelynn and did a backflip, standing at the edge of the flying boat as he bid them farewell with a slick gesture.

"Farewell, my beauties~"

He fell back, falling into the skies as he disappeared from their gazes.

Evelynn, Isabella, and Shirley's brows squirmed.

The three of them clenched their fists, feeling a sense of pain in their hearts to see him leave. It was only worse when they perceived that he didn't leave but they went far away from him.

Eventually, they accepted that it should only be for a small amount of time.

"Ugh, it's only a month or two. Let's win this and get back to making babies with him~"

Shirley spouted off shamelessly, causing smiles to blossom on Evelynn and Isabella's faces. Her words cheered them up. The two phoenixes could only shake their heads.

Soon, they were devoured by the stream, and their ascent became rapid, like they entered a suction tunnel. It took them all the way up.

They could see the small dot on the sky becoming bigger by the second, which honestly made them astonished.

They have seen a flying mass of land many times but this blotted out the skies, appearing ridiculously big. Perhaps, it was the size of the Grand Beginnings Continent.

Looking down, they couldn't see anything other than clouds hiding the First Haven World. It was unknown how far they traveled above or if the distance was even a mere illusion, but eventually, they arrived by the side of the grand floating continent.

It took their breath away as they saw the sheer size of it.

As they rose above it, they saw its steep cliffs and majestic peaks rising defiantly against the backdrop of space. They could see innumerable stars straight ahead of them and in every direction.

The sun also reached here, but it seemed to follow the same pattern, so they guessed there shouldn't be much of a difference.

After making a parabolic swing in the stream, they could see many other ships make their way the same as them. It could be seen the Candidacy Powers were making here from all the parts of the world.

Isabella narrowed her eyes as she didn't even recognize some powers.

Unlike them, they had a symbol or a flag of their faction, so it was easier to recognize them, but for some of them, she never thought they were Candidacy powers.

It was unknown where this people may have been present all this time as it wasn't like all the individuals who were awakened from the Heavenly Ice Stasis Valley were taken account of.

Some powers were already here.

Shirley could spot the flying boat of the Fire Phoenix Clan in the distance. She couldn't help but walk to the edge and wave at them.

Founder Zenflame, Hirona, and Sierra also waved back at her.

But at this moment, Shirley turned dumbfounded.

"Wait… their Immortal Emperors are also with them?"

Shirley and the others saw two Immortal Emperors accompanying Founder Zenflame and the others.

This meant they weren't kicked out?

"Maybe only Immortal Emperors who have participated in the World Ascension Ceremony are allowed here?" Evelynn questioned but shook her head.

"That's not right. One of them is an Early Stage Immortal Emperor. Such a person couldn't have possibly taken part in the World Ascension Ceremony unless he possesses a high prowess."

"That's true."

Abruptly, a charming echoed behind them, causing their faces to turn into one of shock before happiness overwhelmed them.


Evelynn, Isabella, and Shirley saw him seated at the back of the boat. They ran to him at the same time and pounced, embracing him like spoiled lasses, causing him to laugh.

"I knew I could enter. This Candidacy is most likely going to be broadcast to the elites or even the people in First Haven World in order to leave witnesses so no one, not even the Candidacy powers in the true immortal world, may question the World Master if she's right or wrong in choosing a winner."

His laugh silently turned wry. He did not know how to say that he hung underneath the flying boat like Spider-Man to withstand the force of ascent. Perhaps Evelynn would know what it would be like...?

He shrugged and hugged them back closer, feeling even more warmth from them.