Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)-Chapter 5508: A Secret

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Chapter 5508: A Secret

Cloudsweep Manor was the largest house in the town. It had a courtyard decorated with a rock garden, large trees, and a training field.

This made people think that it was a training branch for the sect. However, it was more popular than Sunset Peak since this was the final resting place of Cloudsweep Fairy.

One could sense the ripples of the grand dao upon entering the manor. Each inch of land has been blessed by dao laws. In fact, the dao power would harmonize and assist with dao enlightenment.

The fairy had imbued her power and dao laws into the manor, turning it into the best location for cultivation in Sunset Glow. Even mortals who were not a part of the sect could visit, meditate, and feel her remnant auras.

According to the legends, she had imprinted the complete scripture into the major. One didn’t need to join the sect to have access to this dao road.

There was another reason why everyone wanted to visit the major - finding a potential secret left behind by her.

Numerous speculations arose regarding this secret. One stated that her strongest treasures were waiting for the fateful ones. Another claimed that it might be related to the immortal artifact.

A third was only privy to the ancestors of the sect - the immortal artifact was too profound, representing a force within Immortal Dao City. Although she had control of it during her life, she didn’t fully comprehend it.

During her stay in Sunset Glow, she devoted all of her time and energy to this goal, eventually culminating in her death. The lessons and dao that she learned were stored in the manor, awaiting the fateful ones. Because of this, disciples came to train on top of searching for this secret.

Li Qiye walked around to enjoy the air of the major. He could feel the dao transformations of the scripture after every step. After all, he had perfect mastery, being the one who taught her this dao.

“Boom!” He saw disciples meditating everywhere. One of them managed to harmonize with the dao, resulting in a loud blast.

Another understood a section of the scripture and resplendent runes appeared around her. The deeper she delved, the more she gained - an energy scripture appeared before her and revealed some of its mysteries.f(r)eenovelkiss.com

“I-I did it!” She was ecstatic and jumped up after learning more about this dao.

Disciples here didn’t hide anything since the manor was available for everyone to learn. In fact, some were only curious about Li Qiye - an outsider. A few came up enthusiastically to greet and welcome him to the sect; most kept on cultivating without worrying about someone else’s business.

After observing the nostalgic architectural style, he stopped and sat down in a pavilion. On the wall was a faded painting. Amidst the blurry outlines, there seemed to be a woman walking in a meadow. Above her was a drifting white cloud.

This place was full of life. When Li Qiye closed his eyes, he had traveled back in time during the fairy’s era - living and cultivating the dao in this place. She became inches away from him.

Meanwhile, a kind villager from the town brought him tea and snacks. These were food from the mortal world yet Li Qiye didn’t mind at all despite having been exposed to the finest delicacies.

He sipped the tea and took his time eating. This felt like a return to the nine worlds - a truly comforting experience.

At the same time, loud commotions came from the entrance of the major. This was due to the arrival of a young man with an impressive aura. Halos emanated from him along with rotating runes.

He walked confidently and caused everyone to pause their training and stand up.

“First Brother.” They bowed to greet him.

“I just got back, no need to be so polite, everyone.” He had the imposing might of a dragon lord.

“First Brother, it’s rare to see you here, back for the ceremony?” Another disciple asked with a smile.

“You want to become the valley lord?” One more asked curiously.

“No, an outer disciple such as myself is not qualified.” Mu Shaoyun shook his head.

Despite being the oldest of the generation, he was not qualified to become the valley lord due to his status as an outer disciple. Qin Baifeng, despite being an outsider, had become an inner disciple.

Moreover, he was only third place in terms of power, being a four-fruit dragon lord.

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