Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)-Chapter 5674: Visiting With A Blade

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Chapter 5674: Visiting With A Blade 𝓯𝓻𝒆𝒆𝙬𝒆𝓫𝓷𝓸𝒗𝒆𝙑.𝓬𝓸𝓢

The sword on his back appeared somewhat coarse and broad, looking as if it had been hastily crafted by a prehistoric wild man.

It was twice the size of an ordinary blade. The hilt’s material resembled jade but not quite, like gold but not entirely. A beast bone could be the answer.

The scabbard had primitive engravings, perhaps carved by an uncivilized or unintelligent being. It could also just be marks left behind by beast claws rather than the work of someone sentient. At the very least, they weren’t runes with spirit energy or dao mysteries.

Nonetheless, it exuded a sense of wilderness and strength. The shallow marks could have come from divine beasts - the claws of a great bear or the flame of an azure dragon. A tiny hole could have been drilled by a celestial insect...

Therefore, as it remained sheathed inside the scabbard, it felt more like a primal world than a sword. One could also hear the faint roars of these creatures if they listened attentively enough.

It contained the power of this primal world and all the beasts within, prompting emperors and monarchs to take a deep breath.

They had created mighty imperial weapons before and could sense the strength of other weapons. Thus, they immediately realized that this sword was above the power of an emperor. It contained the might of an epoch, not just mere generations and eras.

β€œA paragon artifact...” Emperors and monarchs could stand straight while weaker cultivators became paralyzed on the ground. The presence of the sword was too much for them to take.

β€œTo what do we owe this pleasure, Fellow Daoist Hao Hai?” Demon Conqueror appeared in front of a divine hall, greeting the man.

Waves of cyan light emanated from her like divine wheels. There seemed to be another ancient world behind her with primal beasts roaring as well.

Her aura engulfed Thousand Emperor Island and Imperial Field, waking everyone up and telling them about a powerful foe. freewe bnovel .com

β€œImmortal Emperor Hao Hai!” An ancient Grand Emperor knew about this great cultivator.

Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was a supreme genius back in the nine worlds, having obtained one of the nine scriptures. He had united the nine worlds before and started a mighty lineage - Thousand Emperors Gate.

Back during Immemorial Epoch War, he was a commander who fought against Celestial Court, earning the respect of his followers. His main rival was none other than the famous Crimson Emperor and his armies.

He was once a pillar of The People, pushing back Celestial Court all by himself. Thus, none expected him to switch sides after Immemorial Epoch War.

His decision struck a considerable blow to The People’s morale, especially his followers. They had such high hopes for him due to his power and achievements. Some even considered him a savior.

Given his talent, he still held a pivotal position in Celestial Court with actual authority. He exerted his influence for a long period before gradually fading from the public’s view.

His appearance today shocked the members of Imperial Field. They knew that a storm was coming.

β€œMay I ask why you are here?” Demon Conqueror’s aura didn’t seem inferior to his.

β€œTimes are changing and Celestial Court will mobilize.” Hao Hai’s words resonated like bells, allowing everyone to hear him clearly.

β€œAnd?” Demon said.

β€œThe armies of Celestial Court are coming, Imperial Field must submit.” Hao Hai continued, confirming everyone’s speculation.

The immortal continent had enjoyed peace for eras now. Perhaps another great war was about to erupt.

β€œImperial Field will never submit, especially not to Celestial Court.” Demon refused.

β€œThere will be rivers of blood for this choice.” Hao Hai said calmly as if merely stating a fact.

Instead of just being a threat, the words carried immense weight when it came from the emperor.

Those below shuddered and could visualize the carnage scene. The scent of blood somehow lingered in the air.

β€œCelestial Court returned defeated after Grand Dao War.” Demon spoke firmly, representing Imperial Field in a dignified manner: β€œThe same shall happen again if they return. March your armies, we shall annihilate them.”

Her powerful statement resonated and emboldened the cultivators below, allowing them to stand upright.

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