Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos-Chapter 2359: Important Update

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Chapter 2359: Important Update

Since I'm trying to make the transition to writing professionally, I posted a Patreon-only poll to determine which stories I will be releasing chapters of. The first two weeks of any given month will see me focus on original stories such as Keystone/Babel, while the remainder of my time will be divvied between my other stories. Stories that receive more votes will receive more chapters, but even if a novel only receives a single vote, it will receive an update. The caveat is that other than the original I'm focusing on, all chapters I release henceforth will be Patreon-exclusive until the end of the month. After that, I will do a mass release on Library of Akasha and intermittent releases on all other platforms.

For those that are unaware, Keystone, an Awesome Parallel Plane Adventure, is up to Chapter 18. I believe it has the potential to surpass even EPIC in terms of characters and worldbuilding, so please consider checking it out and adding it to your library. novelbuddy doesn't do a lot to promote uncontracted novels, so you might not see it in your feed unless you're actively following it. As for the release rate, it's between 2-3 chapters per day, but I'm more than willing to release more if there is interest and consistent/reliable feedback. Google search f𝚛𝗲𝒆we𝙗𝙣o𝙫e𝗹. 𝐜o𝚖