Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System-Chapter 1412 Aegir’s Divine Rage!

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"Not for long!"

Surtr suddenly emerged from the skies, descending over the harmed Giant Oni Demon like a flashing, explosive meteor and crashing towards the demonic entity!


Using his special Primordial Origin Flame Dragon King Transformation, Surtr gained the strength equal to a Rank 9 God and used his sharp claws in combination with his Fire Dragon Souls to transform them into titanic-sized, red-colored metallic claws, piercing through the Oni's chest and slicing it into two halves!



The Oni gave a last groan of agony before finally dying, its green blood beginning to melt the ground around its corpse, as Surtr noticed his claws beginning to melt as well.

"Well shit, this isn't going to be easy." He muttered, quickly dropping the melting claws as he managed to save himself from losing his claws.

Unlike me, he didn't had an immortal body or something. One of his Skills allowed him to revive once every 24 hours within a certain point, which would reconstruct his entire body, but it wasn't something he was willing to do anyways.




There were still a dozen more Demons, with more coming from the Demon Gate as we spoke, their monstrous forms and appendages constantly trying to reach our world from wherever they truly came from.


The Giant Oni King, the strongest of all the Demons that Pandemonium had summoned was still standing at the distance, his enormous size resembling a living mountain, as he protected the Gates and commanded the Demons to attack us.


A huge three-headed wolf-like demon covered on black bone horns leaped towards Surtr while he was not watching, its giant claws pointing towards him, the beast was larger than him!


I roared with desperation, rushing to his aid, only for someone to be much faster than me, an enormous mass of water emerged from the skies and descended like a cataclysmic torrential descent.

"[Primordial Divine Ocean's Wrath]!"


The water wasn't just water, containing the power of Primordial Ocean Divinity within Aegir, as the Ancient Goddess finally decided to step in, weakening the Demonic Beast with her magic and then pushing it away as her water shaped into a gigantic hand.



The three-headed wolf-like Demonic Beast rolled over the ground and vomited its acidic blood, which had not much of an effect against Aegir's Oceanic Waters.

"Enough is enough!" Aegir roared furiously. "I won't let that bastard get away with this! I will get back my brother's last fragment, no matter WHAT!"

With a furious and mighty roar, Aegir for the first time got serious. Her divine figure manifesting herself, resembling a beautiful goddess made of undulating waters, wearing several accessories made of blue jewels.

"You're all going to back to where you fucking belong to! TO HELL!!!"

Screaming as if she had completely lost her sanity, Aegir summoned an enormous quantity of magic circles, a dozen of them materializing behind her as they summoned downpours of spiraling oceanic waters, clashing against the dozens of Demonic Beasts surrounding us!

"[Primordial Ocean Queen's Flood]!"


The shrieks and screams of countless Demonic Beast as they were drowned by Aegir's waters echoed across the fiery lands, their demonic flames and miasma being almost completely negated by the immense quantity of oceanic water she summoned.


[All Demons and Demonic Beasts have been affected by [Primordial Goddess of Oceans and Time: Aegir]'s [Time-Devouring Sea Water]! While being exposed by this water, their stats have decreased by -30% and their Demonic Energy control has decreased by -50%, additionally, their Attack Speed and Reaction Speed decreases by -70%!]

[Duration: As long as they're wet.]

With her pure divine rage, Aegir summoned a powerful debuff on all foes, that even the Demons ended being affected with. Their stats decreased by the seas, and they were incapable of fully summoning all their strength!

To make things better for us, they became slower because despite being so strong, they couldn't go against the Concept of Time which Aegir wielded, making their "Time" much slower than ours as long as they were wet from her summoned water.


The same three-headed dog demonic beast leaped out of the waters, rushing towards Aegir with its sharp jaws wide open, and about to engulf her whole!

However, two Fire Giantesses jumped into action, their bodies suddenly having underwent several changes as they were covered by armor made of red, white, and golden dragon scales growing out of their bodies, and their sizes were now a hundred meters each!

"Now, while these bastards are weakened, take them down!" Nadia roared. "[Divine Blazing Dragon Battle Axe Arts]: [Primordial Volcanic Dragon's Claws]!"

"You got it, sis!" Mina smiled. "[Divine White Dragon Flames Magic]: [Heavenly Blazing Dragon Fangs]!"


Two gigantic claws emerged out of Nadia's mighty axe attack, while Mina's magic summoned the head of a dragon made out of heavenly flames, a stronger version of white dragon flames which opened its jaws and gnawed through the Demonic Beast's several necks!


With an agonizing scream, the three-headed beast fell into the ground, its Demonic Energies and Blood erupting from its wounded body, as it tried to knock out both Nadia and Mina.

However, a third, much smaller figure jumped off Nadia's head, descending into the eruption of blood and demonic energies with his sword.

"The hero always arrives in the last moment!" Jamar said. "[Divine Dragon Blade Arts]: [Divine Blazing Dragon's Wrath]!"


A powerful blazing slash pierced through the attacks of the Demonic Beast's desperate onslaught, as the slashing attack reached its neck connecting into all three of its heads, Nadia and Mina continued unleashing their attacks, until the three finally beheaded the Demonic Beast!

"DIE!" Nadia roared furiously, her axe unleashing an explosive strike that shook the Demonic Beast and completely took it down!


As the beast perished, the other Demonic Beasts noticed that something was really wrong now. Their strength had been slightly weakened, and that was enough for our combined efforts to take them down!

"Puny mortals… Know your place."

The Giant Oni King had enough, quickly beginning to move towards us, his giant axe, made out of Demonic Beast Bones, gained blazing demonic flames, his titanic, muscular body beginning to overflow with evil energies.

"I'll take you down in name of my King, Lord Pandemonium!"

"You'll have to get through me first."

I confronted him without hesitating.