Esper Harem in the Apocalypse-Chapter 975 Harem Situation

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Chapter 975  Harem Situation

As Lucy stepped through the portal, she found herself on the grand balcony of Rudy's castle. The view that greeted her was breathtaking, with a sprawling estate extending below, its grounds now home to a diverse community of superhumans and beings from various realms. It was a sight unlike anything she had ever seen.

Wide-eyed and awe-inspired, Lucy couldn't contain her amazement. Her gaze wandered across the bridges connecting towering structures, the mystical gardens, and the central courtyard bustling with superhumans and beings training together. It was a vibrant and harmonious world she had only heard of in stories.

Rebecca had been to Rudy's castle a few times in the past three years, witnessing the remarkable changes that had taken place. Still, every visit left her with a mix of emotions. This time, as she entered through the portal with Lucy and the girls, she couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness.

Elena, Lilim, and Rias exchanged knowing glances, having already witnessed this transformation. They watched as Lucy took it all in, understanding the impact it had on her.

Lucy finally spoke, her voice filled with wonder, "This place... it's incredible! I had no idea."

Elena, wearing a warm smile, replied, "It's Rudy's legacy, Lucy. He saw the potential in everyone he saved, and this place stands as a testament to that vision."

Rias added, "Indeed, Lucy. Rudy believed in unity and strength, and he brought these people here for a reason."

Lilim, nodding in agreement, said, "This dynasty has become a stronghold, especially during the waves of monsters. They don't dare to emerge from the portals here anymore."

Lucy, overwhelmed by the transformation and the sense of community, whispered to herself, "It's like a different world."

The girls settled in the lounge area, and one by one, Rudy's harem members approached Rebecca and Lucy, offering warm smiles and heartfelt greetings. Their faces radiated a mixture of relief and concern, knowing that the world outside had become a perilous place.

Rebecca's brows furrowed with concern as she inquired about Angelica's whereabouts once more. "Where is Angelica?" she asked, her gaze searching for any hints or reactions among the girls.

There was a moment of silence that hung in the air, making the question even more poignant. No one seemed eager to respond, but Rebecca's persistence led her to ask again, her voice tinged with worry, "Please, tell me. Where is she?"

Lilim finally spoke up, her expression grave. "Rebecca, we haven't seen Angelica for a while now," she admitted, her crimson eyes showing traces of worry. "The last time we saw her was six months ago."

The news hit Rebecca hard. She hadn't realized that Angelica had been missing for such a long time. She listened intently as Lilim continued, "A few days ago, Angelica called me. She asked how everyone was doing here, especially you, Rebecca. She wanted to know if anyone had managed to bring you to the castle yet."

Rias nodded in agreement with Lilim's words. "That's right," she added. "I'll make sure to let Angelica know that you've agreed to stay here now. Maybe, once she knows her sister is here, she'll consider returning to the castle."

As the evening sun bathed the lounge in a warm glow, casting long shadows, a hush settled over the room. The group had been discussing Angelica, and the atmosphere was heavy with concern and anticipation. In the midst of their conversation, a soft sound broke through, barely audible at first.

Then, like a whispering breeze, the sound grew closer. Footsteps, delicate and quick, echoed through the hallways. The large double doors had swung open, and then, into the lounge, stepped a small figure. A little girl, no more than two years old, with big, bright eyes and chubby cheeks.

She stood there for a moment, taking in the sight of the people gathered in the room, her curious eyes darting from one person to another.

Then, as if a radiant sunbeam had illuminated her face, the girl's expression transformed when she looked at Rebecca. Her eyes sparkled with recognition, and she let out a joyous giggle. She pointed a tiny finger and exclaimed, "Granny is here!"

With unsteady steps, she took off running, her tiny feet pattering on the marble floor, heading straight for Rebecca.

  "Granny, Granny!" She reached out her arms, jumping in joy, eager to be held by Rebecca.