Eternal Sacred King-Chapter 3045 - : Desolate Martial?

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Chapter 3045: Desolate Martial?

Translator: Legge

The Coiling Dragon Formation that protected the Dragon World was connected by the five Dragon Domains.

It was extremely important for every Dragon Domain to guard a region.

Every Dragon Domain had a gigantic star and ten ancient cities built in the starry skies.

For example, the Illumination Dragon Domain was formed by Illumination Dragon Star and ten Dragon Cities.

Be it Illumination Dragon Star or the ten Dragon Cities, they were both the formation eyes of the Coiling Dragon Formation. Their locations were special and extremely crucial.

Long Ran was in Feng City, one of the ten Dragon Cities of the Illumination Dragon Domain.

Su Zimo and Monkey followed Long Li to the Illumination Dragon Domain. Along the way, they heard Long Li recount about Long Ran. 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

This Coiling Dragon Formation can defend against Emperor experts?”

Monkey was curious.


Long Li shook her head gently. “However, if an Emperor expert appears outside the Dragon World and attacks the Coiling Dragon Formation, the Emperors of the Dragon race will sense it and appear immediately.”

“Furthermore, ever since the Emperor Battle, both parties have suffered heavy losses. Emperor experts are wary of each other and rarely attack.”

Pausing for a moment, Long Li said, “Brother Su, don’t worry. Although the army from the Parasol Tree World is menacing, it’s still as difficult as ascending to the heavens to break through the Coiling Dragon Formation. Long Ran won’ t be in any danger in Feng City.”

With Long Li leading the way, the three of them were considered unimpeded in the Illumination Dragon Domain.

Along the way, they encountered some other Dragons and indeed attracted some strange gazes mixed with hostility. However, these Dragons recognized Long Li s identity and did not say anything.

About half a day later, the three of them arrived at Feng City.

From afar, Feng City looked like a colossus standing in the starry skies.

Although it was only a city, the scale and area it occupied was not inferior to the four great Immortal Domains of the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain!

When they approached, they could clearly see scarlet boulders piled on the walls of Feng City with some traces of sabers, swords, and flames left on them. Long Li should have visited Long Ran a few times and was familiar with the way as she brought Su Zimo and Monkey towards Long Ran’s cave abode with ease. Walking on the streets of Feng City, Su Zimo released his spirit consciousness to investigate.

Each of the four great Immortal Domains of the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain had a population of billions.

As for the south of this city of the Dragon World that was comparable to the four great Immortal Domains, there were only tens of thousands of Dragons. Based on that calculation, there were only a few hundred thousand Dragons in Feng City.

The scarcity of the Dragon race was evident.

Under such circumstances, they indeed could not withstand the consumption of the world war.

Just as Su Zimo was deep in thought, his heart skipped a beat. As though he sensed something, he looked towards a Dragon race team passing by not far away.

The leader of the team was tall and had red hair. He had a rough face and a burning gaze as he surveyed his surroundings.

When he saw that person, Su Zimo stopped instinctively and smiled.

The red-haired man seemed to have sensed something as well and turned around.

Their eyes met.

The red-haired man was stunned on the spot.

Initially, the red-haired man had a blank expression and could not believe it for a moment. However, before long, he was overjoyed!


The red-haired man shouted and could not help but burst into laughter.

“Red-headed ghost!”

Su Zimo smiled and replied as well.

The red-haired man was the red-headed ghost, Long Ran!

Long Ran charged over in large strides and hugged Su Zimo, ignoring the gazes of others. His face was filled with excitement as he laughed non-stop.

“Good lad, you’re finally… O-Ow!”

Long Ran hammered Su Zimo’s chest heavily. However, his expression changed before long and he gasped in pain as the corners of his mouth twitched.

“Ahem, you’re finally here to look for me!”

Long Ran coughed gently and retracted his swollen palm without a trace. He said nonchalantly, “I heard that you’re very impressive outside. You’re the number one Perfected Spirit in history.”

Before Su Zimo could speak, Long Li suddenly interrupted and looked at Long

Ran with a frown. “What did you call him earlier on? Zimo?”

Long Ran was smart and reacted instantly.

He was merely emotional to reunite with Su Zimo and let his tongue slip in a moment of excitement.

When he heard Long Li’s question, he laughed. “Erm, his surname is Su and his name is ZhuZimo…”

That made sense. However, Long Li was not that easy to fool. She looked at Su Zimo questionably with a hint of doubt.

“My name is indeed Su Zimo.”

Su Zimo did not continue hiding and explained, “Back then, I was hunted in the Heavenly World. Helpless, I disguised myself as Su Zhu and cultivated in the Sword World.”

That was not a secret to begin with. After entering the Grotto-heaven realm, there was even less reason for Su Zimo to hide it.

Furthermore, Long Li trusted him immensely. If he continued to hide, it would be too shady of him.

Long Li was not angry because of that. However, she still clenched her fists and pretended to threaten, “You’ve already lied to me twice. If I find out that there’s a next time… Hmph!”

Su Zimo smiled and looked at Long Ran. Sweeping his spirit consciousness, he said with a smile, “Red-headed ghost, your cultivation speed has fallen and you ve only just entered the Perfected One realm.”

It had always been like this between the two of them. They often bickered at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and it was fine for them to mock each other.

If it was in Tianhuang Mainland, Long Ran would have retaliated long ago.

Now that he heard Su Zimo’s words, Long Ran seemed to be rather emotional and gradually retracted his smile. “Indeed, I’m truly weak after ascending and can’t compare to others.”

“All these years, if not for Sister Long Li’s help, I would still be in the Heaven

Essence realm.”

“Let’s not talk about that. Let’s go to my cave abode to chat and drink a few jars of good wine!”

Long Ran conversed with the few Dragons behind him before waving his hand

and turning to leave with Su Zimo and the other two.

“Commander Long Ran actually knows those two foreigners and has a good relationship with them?”

Hehe, he ascended from the lower worlds after all. That’s why he isn’t selective in who he befriends.”

There are many clansmen with higher cultivation backgrounds than him in

Feng City. I wonder what the City Lord sees in him.”

Not long after Long Ran left, some Dragons in the team began to discuss.

Even Long Ran could hear it, let alone Su Zimo and Monkey.

However, his expression was calm, as though he had not heard anything.

It was not until he brought the three of them back to the cave abode that Long

Ran sighed gently. “When I first ascended, the Dragon World was different. The Dragon race did not look down on their clansmen who ascended from the lower worlds either.”

“At that time, although the Dragon race thought that they were dignified, they did not have any inexplicable hostility towards other races or demanded to fight and kill. However, in recent years…”

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, “I’m here this time round to bring you away.”

Initially, he only had that thought. Now that he was in the Dragon World and saw the surrounding situation, he was even more determined.

All these years, Long Ran was extremely disappointed in the Dragon race and

did not have much attachment to the Dragon World.

However, he was still hesitant to leave just like that in the face of a huge battle.

Since you have the chance to leave, it’s better to leave.”

Long Li sighed as well. “At this rate, no one knows how long the Dragon World can last.”

“Is there no possibility of a truce?”

Long Ran asked.

Long Li shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Emperors from both sides have died and they’re already fighting to the death. Who has the face and ability to stop a war that involves hundreds of worlds?”

“Unless a Great Emperor descends… or Emperor Desolate Martial of the Great

Wilderness appears, that’s also possible.”

“What the hell?!”

Long Ran’s ears pricked up as he looked at Su Zimo before looking at Long Li

He glared and asked, “Desolate Martial?”