Fated to My Billionaire Husband-Chapter 75 - Wife, It’s Still You Who Treat Me Well 1

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Chapter 75: Chapter 75 Wife, It’s Still You Who Treat Me Well 1

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She had taken a car from the Ruan Family to get there. The driver stopped in front of the Ruan Family’s skyscraper, smiling at her, “Young Lady, you’ll have to go up on your own. Want me to give Master a call first?”

“No need.” He had asked her to bring lunch over, so he would certainly know when she would arrive. f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

Jian Yufei walked into the lobby with the lunch box, notified the receptionist, who smiled in return, “The CEO has instructed us that if the Madam arrives, she should be allowed to go straight up without any announcement.

Having said that, she even personally pressed the elevator button for her.

After thanking her, Jian Yufei stepped into the elevator, heading for the thirtieth floor where Ruan Tianling was.

This was her first time visiting his office.

Walking on the glossy visible floor, listening to the subtle clicks her high heels made, Jian Yufei delicately took in the sights of this place.

The scene that came before her eyes could be described as plush and modern.

The high-class offices she had seen on TV weren’t over-exaggerated after all. Ruan Tianling’s place of work was even more luxurious and comfortable than what she had seen on TV.

Upon reaching the CEO’s office, Jian Yufei smiled at the secretary sitting outside and then knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Ruan Tianling’s voice sounded from inside.

She pushed the door and entered, the man, seeing it was her, put down his pen, leaned back in his chair and grinned, “You took so long, I was about to starve to death.”

Jian Yufei placed the lunch box in front of him and replied nonchalantly, “If there’s nothing else, I will leave now.”

“Wait a minute! You just got here and now you’re leaving? Have lunch with me.” The man quickly stood up, walked around his desk to her, and held her hand.

“I’ve already eaten.” Jian Yufei answered him.

Ruan Tianling chuckled, “I know you’ve eaten. I’m just asking you to sit with me. Eating alone is boring.”

“All right then.” Jian Yufei nodded reluctantly, with no intention to oppose him.

Ruan Tianling noticed that as long as he spoke to her nicely, she was easy to deal with.

He smiled, pulling her to sit in front of the couch. Opening the triple-layered insulated lunch box, he pulled out the food inside, four dishes in all.

The lunch box was partitioned in the middle, so each layer could fit two dishes.

Of the four dishes that Jian Yufei brought, they were all his favorites.

Ruan Tianling used the chopsticks to pick up a shrimp ball and pop it into his mouth, his eyes shutting in delight. “Sweetheart, you really know how to pamper me. You’ve brought all my favorite dishes.”

Jian Yufei rolled her eyes mentally.

These sorts of sappy sweet-nothings really didn’t suit him.

“Come, have one yourself.” He held up another shrimp ball for her to eat, Jian Yufei slightly turned her head away, appearing a bit uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to eat. You enjoy.”

“No, you have to eat if I feed you.” The man said domineeringly, not allowing her to disobey.

Jian Yufei felt slightly annoyed. They didn’t even love each other, why was he being so sickeningly sweet?

“I’m already full and don’t want to eat anything right now. Please eat.”

“Absolutely not. You have to eat because I’m feeding you.” The man said dominantly, not allowing her to disobey.

Jian Yufei felt slightly annoyed. They were not in love with each other. Could he stop being so disgusting?

“I’m full and don’t want to eat right now. Please eat.”

Ruan Tianling’s face suddenly darkened.

Jian Yufei inwardly cursed, just as she thought she had angered him, he once again picked up another for her.

“Don’t waste this one.” He said with a smile, seemingly very tolerant of her previous lack of appreciation.

After a moment of hesitation, Jian Yufei opened her mouth to eat it. Just a single ball, why unnecessarily antagonize him?

Upon seeing her eat it, Ruan Tianling squinted his eyes in a smile, and after gently stroking her hair once, he began devouring his lunch. Despite eating quickly, he was very graceful, not coming off as crude at all..