Fate's Little Feral Consort-Chapter 1566_End - 1566 The end

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1566 The end

Long Yan, Yun Qianyu, and Feng Wuya were all seriously injured, but fortunately, they were fine.

If he was injured, he only needed to take medicinal pills.

The people from the major forces quickly went to Long Yan’s side to ask for instructions.

“Emperor, your wedding with the celestial Empress was interrupted earlier. Should we temporarily suspend the wedding and hold it another time?”

Before long Yan could speak, Yun Qianyu spoke.

“Let the wedding continue.”

She had married Long Yan twice, and both times had problems. This time, she had to carry on with the wedding no matter what.

Long Yan knew what she was thinking, so he walked over and held her hand.

“Alright, let’s continue with the wedding.”

The previous wedding ceremony had already reached its final stage, so this time, the wedding ceremony would continue from the previous one. The most important thing was that the last couple’s ceremony had been completed.

Finally, they were sent to the bridal chamber.

After everything was done, the Emperor and the celestial Empress went to the nuptial chamber.

The others stayed behind and began to clean up the mess.

In the nuptial chamber, Long Yan and Yun Qianyu washed up, changed into a set of clean clothes, and took a healing pill.

The two of them were not in a hurry to get intimate. Instead, they snuggled up to each other.

Yun Qianyu sighed.”We’ve finally gotten married. I’m really afraid that something will happen again. So, I don’t want to experience another wedding.”

Long Yan leaned over and kissed Yun Qianyu’s cheek. In a gentle voice, he said,””No, no one will ever be able to separate us again.”

Five years later.

A young and cute voice came from the back garden of the Western land’s Imperial Palace.

“Long Tianyi, come and greet your sister.”

In the back garden, a little girl in a pink dress with a bubble made of lotus flowers was blocking a beautiful little boy with her arms crossed. She was putting on an imposing manner as if she was the big sister.

Unfortunately, the little boy simply ignored her. With a straight face, he gave the little girl a side glance and said,””Long xiyi, you’re the younger sister. Imperial mother said that you were born later, so you’re the younger sister.”

The two little kids were the precious children of Long Yan and Yun Qianyu.

The boy was the older brother, long Tianyi.

The little girl’s younger sister was called long xiyi. 𝒇𝔯e𝚎𝘄𝑒𝑏𝙣𝑜𝚟𝗲𝑙.c𝘰𝚖

However, the little princess was very dissatisfied with her younger sister.

Because every time her brother encountered trouble, he would put on the attitude of an older brother and lecture her.

Therefore, long xiyi had a serious protest against his brother’s identity.

She felt that she should be the older sister.

“Long Tianyi, stop right there. Let’s have a fair competition. Whoever wins will be the boss.”

Long Tianyi stopped and looked at his younger sister, who was obviously shorter than him. In fact, he really liked his sister. She was his little princess.

However, the younger sister insisted on being the older sister. How was that possible?

The corners of long Tianyi’s mouth twitched. His cool expression was indescribably similar to his father ‘s.


Long xiyi thought for a moment, then suddenly revealed a sly smile and said,””I just saw Imperial father pulling Imperial mother into the room to take an afternoon nap. If you dare to enter Imperial father and Imperial mother’s room, you’ll be the older brother and I’ll be the younger sister. Otherwise, I’ll be the older sister. Hmph.”

After the little princess finished speaking, she crossed her arms in front of her chest, showing that she was definitely going to be the big sister.

This was because father and mother would kiss each other every time they took an afternoon nap. If someone disturbed them, they would definitely be in trouble.

When the little princess thought of this, she pursed her lips and laughed secretly.

This time, the older brother would definitely be the younger brother.

Thinking that her brother was going to call her sister in the future, the little princess’s heart bloomed with joy, and her eyes narrowed into slits.

Long Tianyi looked at the little princess’s smiling face, his eyes full of adoration.

His stupid sister always showed her thoughts on her face, thinking that he didn’t know.

In order to make his sister give up, long Tianyi nodded seriously.”Alright, let’s go.”

The two little ones, one tall and one short, walked out of the back garden and went to their Royal father and Imperial mother’s Palace.

In the palace of Long Yan and Yun Qianyu.

Long Yan took Yun Qianyu’s hand and whispered softly, his eyes full of affection.

Five years had passed, and their feelings for each other had grown stronger and stronger.

Now, he had to take time out every day to accompany Yu ‘er.

However, at this moment, light footsteps were heard in front of the hall door.

Long Yan’s face turned cold. Yun Qianyu pushed Long Yan away and looked at the little guy who came in with a smile.

Long Yan glared at the man who had just walked in. This son of his was so hateful that he wanted to steal his wife.

“Long Tianyi, is your skin itching? why didn’t you take a nap? what are you doing here?”

Long Tianyi’s beautiful facial features were very similar to Long Yan ‘s. His expression was also very similar. However, when he looked at Long Yan, his expression was gentle. He smiled at his father and said,”Royal father, Tianyi has something to tell you.”

“Speak. If it’s not something urgent, I’ll spank your butt.”


“Father, my sister and I want a cute little brother. Can father and mother give birth to a cute little brother for me?”

Long Tianyi’s face was full of “I want a little brother.” Long Yan looked at his son and instantly felt that he was a good son.

His originally cold face suddenly softened, and a smile flowed out of the corner of his lips like water.

“Fine. Since Tianyi and your little sister both want a little brother, then your Imperial mother and I will definitely work hard.”

“Good son, go play with your sister.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Long Tianyi walked out with a straight face. Long Yan’s evil voice was heard behind him.”Ayin, did you hear that? both our son and daughter want a little brother. Let’s work hard.”

In fact, since Yun Qianyu had given birth to a child five years ago, Long Yan had no intention of getting Yun Qianyu pregnant. He was just using his son’s words to make things difficult for Yun Qianyu.

Yun Qianyu reached out to push him away, but unfortunately, she couldn’t push away the person beside her.

Time really passed by quickly. Their son and daughter were already five years old. However, Yun Qianyu had been very happy in the past five years.

Long Yan doted on her, and her children were obedient. She was truly blessed.


“Dragonflame, I feel so blessed.”

Long Yan bent down and kissed her cheek.”I’ll make you happier in the future.”

In the garden outside. The little princess looked at her brother in disbelief. He was perfectly fine. More importantly, she heard her father telling her brother,”good son, go and play with your sister.”

Shouldn’t brother be beaten up by father? And then she happily became an older sister?

The little princess’s dream was shattered so quickly. The little princess was so sad.

Just as long xiyi was grieving over his sister’s dream, long Tianyi’s gentle voice rang out,””Little sister, do you want to eat a strawberry cream cake? Big brother will take you to eat. ”

“Sure, sure.”

The little princess was only sad for five seconds about her broken dream of being an elder sister.

For a glutton, what was more moving than eating?

The brother and sister went to eat the strawberry cream cake happily.