Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2500 - How They Ask the Radiance Federation for Help?

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Chapter 2500 - 2500 How They Ask the Radiance Federation for Help?

2500 How They Ask the Radiance Federation for Help?

Vine Source was terrified that danger would befall Shiny while it was in the marsh world. He could not afford the consequences of Shiny being put at risk or becoming injured.

Vine Source was well aware that he had offended Lin Yuan.

If he allowed Lin Yuan’s fey to befall danger now, he would not even be allowed to continue watching over the marsh world.

Hornless Dragon Source and Vine Source were on good terms. Although he did not try speaking up for Vine Source after Lin Yuan punished him, he did tell Vine Source all that had happened in the water world.

Vine Source learned that an emperor-class mermaid had angered Lin Yuan for an unknown reason, leading to her losing her emperor scale and being demoted to the Turning Wheel Realm.

That emperor-class mermaid had possessed pinnacle Samsara Realm power and shared the same bloodline as Lin Yuan.

If Lin Yuan was even willing to do such a thing to his own kind, Vine Source knew that he could not expect mercy from him.

To put it nicely, Lin Yuan had given him the job of watching over the marsh world. However, Wen Yu was in charge of organizing all of the power in the marsh world, and there was nothing that Vine Source needed to do.

Now, every Samsara Realm Dictator in the marsh world commandeered an army. If he tried to interfere in another Samsara Realm Dictator’s territory, he would have to deal with the backlash, and this would inevitably lead to trouble.

Since Vine Source had nothing to do, he spent his time accompanying Shiny and ensuring its safety.

This was the best way to ensure that nothing went wrong. Even if there was a slip, Vine Source would be able to fix it immediately.

After organizing the Spirit Lock spatial zone and ensuring that the space was used in the most efficient manner, Lin Yuan began absorbing the water world’s treasure.

Eternal Source was still silent and unmoving as he focused on observing the Earth Ancestral Palace.

After waiting for more than a week, he counted the arrivals of only around 120 Turning Wheel Realm Dictators.

This was an extremely small number. There were many more Turning Wheel Realm Dictators in the marsh world, and the gap was even larger when compared to the water world.

Eternal Source thought, There are nine Samsara Realm Dictators in the Earth Ancestral Palace. Three of them have reached pinnacle Samsara Realm. Even if there are Turning Wheel Realm Dictators out there who are unhappy with them, it’s unlikely they will outright ignore a summons from the Earth Ancestral Palace! So why have there been so few of them entering the Earth Ancestral Palace?

Unlike Sweet Vanquish, Evening Crystal, Lhalu, and Ice Forest, these were Turning Wheel Realm and not Samsara Realm Dictators. Hence, they would not be able to protect themselves if the Earth Ancestral Palace targeted them.

When the day came that there were still no new arrivals of Turning Wheel Realm Dictators, Eternal Source immediately started questioning Lhalu and the rest.

This was when he learned that there was actually a large number of Turning Wheel Realm Dictators.

It was not that they were ignoring the Earth Ancestral Palace’s summons but that the battles in the subterranean world were too intense. Each fight would lead to injury or even end in death. There were many Turning Wheel Realm Dictators who died during the process.

Almost all the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators who were left had already arrived.

The answer that Eternal Source received did not sit right with him.

There was nothing wrong with the number of experts in a world decreasing due to continuous battles. Those that were left would definitely become stronger after all the fighting that they had gone through.

Alas, the subterranean world’s overall power did not increase despite the falling number of experts.

This was not right.

If almost all of the subterranean world’s Turning Wheel Realm Dictators had arrived at the Earth Ancestral Palace, it meant that its plan was about to be kicked into high gear.

Although Eternal Source had not sent Lin Yuan any messages, Lin Yuan had received about seven or eight other messages through the Thoughts Letter Paper. These all came from the Moon Empress.

She had just finished participating in two imperial meetings. However, another imperial meeting was about to begin due to the message that had just come from the Freedom Federation. The atmosphere in this imperial meeting would be much more austere than before.

In order to attend this imperial meeting, Night Leaning Moon had not even had the chance to take a break in Ascending Dragon City after handling an outbreak of carcinoma feys.

After being warned by Cicada Song, Iron Prison had become much more restrained. He no longer offended people on the fly during the imperial meetings.

If he did not want to offend anyone during the imperial meetings, the best decision would be to speak cautiously and less.

He would wait for others to express their opinions. If their opinions opposed his, he would bring up his own thoughts instead of forcing them right from the beginning.

There were many times Iron Prison did not need to express his own opinions as others would express them before him.

This allowed him to clash with and offend others less.

After taking in Cicada Song’s suggestion, Iron Prison had been doing well for some time.

However, Iron Prison was especially headstrong during this imperial meeting, even more so than he used to be.

“I don’t agree with the Freedom Federation’s request to form an alliance! During a time when we could have gotten along peacefully, the Freedom Federation never ceased to cause trouble. The Radiance Federation has suffered in both seen and unseen ways.

“If not for the Spacetime Elder, the Freedom Federation might have even invaded the Radiance Federation. But now that they are having problems, they are asking us for help in cleaning up their mess.

“If you agree to the alliance, it means that you have decided to make an enemy out of me. Let’s cross swords, and the one who survives gets to decide!”

All the Spacetime Elder did was explain the situation, but that was enough to cause Iron Prison to explode with rage and even fly into a stubborn fit of fury.

In the past, Cicada Song would have kicked Iron Prison under the table and told him to watch himself instead of rushing into things.

But he did not do so now. Instead, he looked at Iron Prison approvingly.

The Radiance Federation always carried themselves with kindness and never bullied other federations. However, they were not stupid enough to continue to extend their aid when they were already being taken advantage of.

Cicada Song was curious about how the Freedom Federation had come to have such an image of the Radiance Federation.

Cicada Song was always the calmest and most rational of the members of royalty.

But in this case, Cicada Song felt that there was no need for rational thinking.

Tian Feng rarely spoke during imperial meetings, especially after his falling out with the Bamboo Monarch.

Now, Tian Feng looked around at the faces of the rest before saying seriously, “Everyone here is an elite. None of us is the type to endure silently when we are being taken advantage of. Even if one of us is suddenly struck by idiocy and is willing to swallow such injustice.”