Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2515 - Be Good and Listen!

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2515 Be Good and Listen!
The extremely pure earth-elemental energy immediately enveloped the terrified Earth’s Sacred Fruit. It had never encountered so much and such pure earth-elemental energy.

In spite of its fear, the Earth’s Sacred Fruit could not hold itself back from absorbing the earth-elemental energy.

Lin Yuan did not stop the Earth’s Sacred Fruit and patiently waited for it to absorb the energy from the earth-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearl.

Once it was done, Lin Yuan went on to say, “Are you willing to talk with me now?”

While he spoke, Lin Yuan took out a brocade box that was filled with earth-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.

Coercion through temptation was always the best way to gain the loyalty of another. This was exactly what Lin Yuan was doing now.

When the Earth’s Sacred Fruit saw Lin Yuan take out so many of the earth-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, it could not help but stretch out its stem. However, it did not reply to him.

Lin Yuan’s eyebrow twitched. It seemed that the Earth’s Sacred Fruit was not going to be cooperative!

Since that was the case, Lin Yuan saw no need for him to continue trying to communicate amicably with it.

Apparently, it preferred to do things the hard way.

Given the Earth’s Sacred Fruit’s ignorance, Lin Yuan had no choice but to show it just how strong he was before they continued with their negotiations!

Thus, Lin Yuan told Red Thorn, “Teach the Earth’s Sacred Fruit how to be obedient. I hope that by the time you’re done with it, it will be willing to voluntarily become submissive to me.”

Red Thorn already despised the Earth’s Sacred Fruit. But it had not laid a heavy hand on the Earth’s Sacred Fruit out of consideration for Lin Yuan.

But after receiving his command, Red Thorn knew that an opportunity had just landed in its lap!

“Yuan, I am best at disciplining such disobedient fellows! I will make it obedient to you in no time!”

After making its promise to Lin Yuan, Red Thorn rushed back into the hole in the ground with the Earth’s Sacred Fruit in tow.

The moment the Abyss Great Emperor grabbed hold of the Earth’s Sacred Fruit again, a weak and pitiful voice stammered, “Lord, I’m willing to cooperate! I can give you my fruit. My fruits will indeed be able to help a pinnacle Samsara Realm expert to break through. All you have to do is continue providing me with earth-elemental energy!”

In the past, the earth-elemental energy that the Earth’s Sacred Fruit had been absorbing was not pure, and this stunted its growth and improvement.

After absorbing the earth-elemental energy that had come from Lin Yuan, the Earth’s Sacred Fruit discovered that it was capable of so much more.

However, Lin Yuan did not respond to it, and it was as though the Earth’s Sacred Fruit had not spoken at all. He still allowed Red Thorn to use the Abyss Great Emperor to bring the Earth’s Sacred Fruit back into the hole in the ground to correct its behavior.

He did not want to have a discussion with the Earth’s Sacred Fruit. He wanted it to be fully compliant and obedient to his orders.

Eternal Source pursed his lips. It seemed to him that the Earth’s Sacred Fruit was not completely unaware of its circumstances.

If it had agreed to Lin Yuan’s request right from the beginning, it would have received the best treatment out of all of Lin Yuan’s subordinates.

The Earth’s Sacred Fruit had already admitted its value to Lin Yuan. Eternal Source knew that it would not be long before two new Afterlife Realm Dictators appeared by Lin Yuan’s side. At that time, Lin Yuan would have four Afterlife Realm Dictators under him!

Due to their affiliations, it was unlikely that the two pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators chosen to receive the breakthrough would come from the water world. This was because the Dictators from the water world were usually water-type lifeforms, which did not gel with the Earth’s Sacred Fruit’s type.

Due to the Abyss Red Lotus’ influence, almost every lifeform from the abyssal world was fire-type.

Hence, the two spots would be filled with options from the marsh world and subterranean world.

However, Eternal Source was the only pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictator from the marsh world.

Lin Yuan had rejected Vine Source due to his character, so there was no way that he would receive such an opportunity.
As such, it was likely that the opportunity would go to a Samsara Realm Dictator from the subterranean world.

This was because only pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators stood the best chance of reaching the Afterlife Realm after consuming the Earth’s Sacred Fruit.

Eternal Source was very certain of this, so he would likely make his choice between Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow.

Perhaps Lin Yuan had already begun to assess them when he instructed Blue Umber to lead them away to cleanse themselves!

Eternal Source was slightly envious of Mountain Furrow, Hollow Earth, and Rock Underworld. The three of them were able to reach the Afterlife Realm using the Earth’s Sacred Fruit, unlike he, who had had to go through so much.

However, Eternal Source quickly adjusted his attitude and suppressed the feelings of envy.

He knew that among Mountain Furrow, Rock Underworld, and Hollow Earth, two of them would eventually share the same amount of power as him. He needed to form ties with them.

But it went without saying that the two of them would need to form ties with him more than he with them.

Lin Yuan had instructed the Abyss Great Emperor to fetch the Earth’s Sacred Fruit out of the hole in the ground.

Those who did not understand the situation would see it as Lin Yuan showing favor to Eternal Source.

Lin Yuan’s actions had confirmed that Eternal Source was his number one subordinate.

The Ten Thousand River Rock Willow and Mine-Birthing Well could not be moved, and Lin Yuan had no intention of moving them either.

The Ten Thousand River Rock Willow’s function was to search for mineral veins, while the Mine-Birthing Well’s function was to produce the mineral veins.

One filled the subterranean world with resources, while the other enabled Lin Yuan to easily harvest the subterranean world’s resources. The existence of the two allowed the subterranean world to become a treasure trove that would fill up Lin Yuan’s store of resources.

The Earth’s Sacred Fruit was destined to become one of Lin Yuan’s possessions.

It could be said that his venture into the subterranean world had reached a checkpoint.

He would also set his sights back on the main world once he conquered the alien insect world.

He would then begin searching for the Continent Vein Cores in the main world so as to increase the Abyss Red Lotus’ control over the main world.

Lin Yuan did not do this because he wanted to lord over the main world but to better protect it.

Lin Yuan did not have to wait for long before Red Thorn and the Abyss Great Emperor reemerged from the hole in the ground with the Earth’s Sacred Fruit.

Before Lin Yuan could speak, the Earth’s Sacred Fruit said, “Lord Lin Yuan, I’m willing to submit and listen to all of your commands!”

Lin Yuan did not know what the Earth’s Sacred Fruit had experienced in the hole in the ground.

Now, after reemerging, the Earth’s Sacred Fruit was not even trying to negotiate for resources. It was acting as though it was willing to do anything as long as it never fell into Red Thorn’s hands again!