Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2521 - Facedown With the Spirit Mother!

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Chapter 2521 - 2521 Facedown With the Spirit Mother!

2521 Facedown With the Spirit Mother!

With Liu Jie’s help, Bei Xu should be able to search for information easily.

Once he confirmed that the city had records of the Ten Thousand Caves, Eternal Darkness, and Gray Mist Federations, he would immediately be able to meet with Lin Yuan and the other members of the Astronomical Parliament.

This caused Bei Xu, who had only ever lived in the Grotto Continent, to feel as though he was about to return home and see his family.

After helping Peace and Bei Xu to settle their issues, Lin Yuan moved his gaze onto Bu Po. He pondered for a moment before saying, “Bu Po, the Spirit Mother will probably reach out to you soon. At that time, you can choose to engage the Spirit Mother in a facedown. With someone protecting you, the Spirit Mother won’t be able to do anything to you!

“This is just my suggestion for you. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make when the time comes. I have confidence that you will be able to handle the situation effectively.”

Bu Po nodded seriously after hearing what Lin Yuan said.

When he first became the Spirit Mother’s reserve disciple, he was often nervous and panicking because he knew that he spent each moment walking on thin ice. If he took even one wrong step, he might never be able to recover.

But a few months ago, Lin Yuan had provided him with assurance and told him he would be able to protect him regardless of what problems he encountered in the Spirit Mother Federation. He did not even have to worry about his sister’s safety anymore.

As a result, Bu Po did not have to fear regardless of what he did, even if he had to clash against the Spirit Mother!

Bu Po did not feel even a hint of a sense of belonging to the Spirit Mother Federation. If not for Lin Yuan, Bu Po knew that his sister would have died an awful death long ago.

“Leo, if the Spirit Mother reaches out to me, I’ll work with him but won’t share anything about the Astronomical Parliament. If he is unwilling, I will just replace him. This will enable me to unleash my greatest value in the Spirit Mother Federation!”

Bu Po’s included a fair amount of his selfish desires.

Although the Astronomical Parliament was akin to a kind family, the members were always in competition with each other. This rivalrous relationship could not be erased because every member was trying his best to prove their worth. Once he left the Spirit Mother Federation, he would become useless.

Bu Po did not want to experience such a negative psychological state, nor did he want to waste everything that Lin Yuan had invested in him.

Additionally, Bu Po was aware there was a chance that his suggestion would be taken up on.

As long as whoever Lin Yuan sent was able to kill the Spirit Mother, he, the only person who had passed the Spirit Mother’s nine tests and was thus the Spirit Mother’s successor, would have every legitimate reason to assume the position and rule over the Spirit Mother Federation.

Lin Yuan frowned when he heard what Bu Po said before shaking his head.

Lin Yuan was not alone. Wen Yu, Liu Jie, Su Yiren, and the others with experience and knowledge all made the same movements that he did.

Bu Po had indeed managed to pass the Spirit Mother’s nine tests with Lin Yuan’s help and was now the Spirit Mother’s successor.

However, the legacy of the Spirit Mother Federation was not as simple as Bu Po imagined it to be.

The Spirit Mother Federation’s legacy was shrouded in secrecy. Every potential Spirit Mother had to become a Class 5 Creation Master before assuming the position. Thus, the one who could truly rule over the Spirit Mother Federation and lead the federation to glory had to be a Class 5 Creation Master. He could not just be the Spirit Mother in name.

Su Yiren pitied and cared for Bu Po after learning of his background. Thus, she took this opportunity to explain the Spirit Mother’s true meaning to the Spirit Mother Federation.

“I think that it’s best if Bu Po remains in the Spirit Mother Federation because the Spirit Mother Federation is only passed down through Class 5 Creation Masters. The Spirit Mother is a Class 5 Creation Master. Thus, with his knowledge and foresight, he is definitely able to see the big picture.

“Bu Po, I’m sure you see what I’m getting at now. Leo wants you to face the Spirit Mother because he wants you to receive the Spirit Mother position while the Spirit Mother is suspicious of you. You must let the Spirit Mother know that whoever supports you won’t harm the Spirit Mother Federation. Rather, they will only help the Spirit Mother Federation to shine even brighter! That is what you should do!”

Su Yiren explained the situation to Bu Po in a thorough manner so that he would gain an understanding of the pros and cons and see where his way of thinking had gone wrong. It would also tell him what he needed to do next.

Bu Po seriously thanked Su Yiren before apologizing to Lin Yuan.

“Leo, I know what to do now!”

Lin Yuan nodded gently.

He saw Bu Po’s realization as a type of growth.

Bu Po was still young and would need to grow step by step.

After confronting the Spirit Mother, Lin Yuan could help Bu Po become a Class 4 Creation Master.

If the faction behind Bu Po helped him to increase his Creation Master level, it would show the Spirit Mother just how powerful this faction was! After all, there were almost no factions in the entire world that could enable a regular person to become a Class 4 Creation Master.

Soon, the Astronomical Parliament came to an end, and Luo Lan and Su Yiren immediately went to the Class 6 subterranean dimensional rift to meet with Lin Yuan and Wen Yu.

Ever since Lin Yuan took over the Class 6 subterranean dimensional rift, Luo Lan was never worried about it again. She trusted that it would be handled to perfection once Lin Yuan took over the issue.

This event did not affect the Iron Hammer Federation’s development thanks to Lin Yuan.

The Iron Hammer Federation was in the midst of accumulating power. They sent group after group of experts with feys that were about to break through to Thick Soil City.

Luo Lan intended to tell Lin Yuan about the Iron Hammer Federation’s accomplishments.

It was not just the Iron Hammer Federation. The Divine Wood Federation and Great Lush Federation were also sending large groups of experts to Thick Soil City.

The three federations had started competing with each other with regard to this matter of sending experts to Thick Soil City.

Su Yiren had also been accumulating power for the past two months.

She had finished the preparation she needed for her conquest of the Dark Continent and intended to tell Lin Yuan about her plan.

Su Yiren had been closely watching the Dark Continent and had asked Yin Lin to help her investigate its situation.

Lin Yuan learned from Yin Lin that Seventh Page War was no longer in the Dark Continent and that she had probably betrayed Tower Canon.

The Freedom Federation had been trying its best to communicate with the Azure Federation, and this piece of information had come from the Freedom Federation.