Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2728 Crimson’s True Bloodline!

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Chapter 2728 Crimson's True Bloodline!

Third Page Violet Light Green, Fifth Page Falling Rainbow, Second Page Warbler Candle, and the rest let out five grunts.

They had remained silent when the Red Lotus Hellfire burned them. But now, it seemed that the bright red tentacles had touched their limit of restraint.

Dead dimensional lifeforms were different from lifeforms in that dead dimensional lifeforms used death aura to temper their souls and manipulate their bodies.

Their bodies would only show signs of aging if their souls were unable to move their bodies, causing death aura to leak out from their bodies.

It looked as though the tentacles were emerging from their bodies, but the tentacles were not absorbing the energy in their bodies but the energy in their dead souls.

After the bright red tentacles appeared, they wrapped around the bodies of the Pages of Tower Canon.

It was as though the tentacles had a life of their own as they dragged Warbler Candle, Violet Light Green, Falling Rainbow, and the rest over to Falling Rainbow.

The blood mist emanating from Crimson's body had the same roots as the bright red tentacles.

At that moment, Warbler Candle, Violet Light Green, Falling Rainbow, and the rest knew that they had fallen for Crimson's scheme.

Falling Rainbow felt unbelievably wretched.

She had betrayed Tower Canon to save her life which was under Lin Yuan's control.

But in actuality, without her realizing, her life had already fallen into Crimson's hands.

It turned out that Crimson only ever saw them as tools.

Apparently, they had woken up after 6,000 years because Crimson was frightened by Epoch God Palace and felt pressed to hide himself.

Crimson was exposing himself now because Lin Yuan's display of power had forced him into a corner.

If he did not attack them, he would be attacked by Lin Yuan.

Warbler Candle was feeling just as troubled as Falling Rainbow.

She had been furiously devastated over Falling Rainbow's betrayal. Yet, unbeknownst to her, Crimson had already been plotting against her for some an unimaginable amount of time.

She had not picked up on the tentacles' presence at all before they started absorbing the death aura from her soul.

Warbler Candle yelled, "Crimson, what is the meaning of this? We have been together for thousands of years and built Tower Canon together. Are you going to take our lives?"

Soon, Violet Light Green, Sixth Page Wave Glow, and Seventh Page Concubine Winding's angry cries echoed that of Warbler Candle.

Falling Rainbow had already lost all hope.

If Lin Yuan ignited the imprint on her soul, he could help her to tackle the tentacles.

Yet, he did not do so.

This meant that he had no intention of letting her go free.

There was no reason for Crimson to be bothered by the screams and questions of his previous companions. Instead, he looked at Warbler Candle and the rest mockingly.

Soon, the blood mist that had emerged from Crimson's body completely swallowed Warbler Candle, Falling Rainbow, Violet Light Green, and the rest.

When Crimson acted, Lin Yuan suddenly sensed Eye Shadow and Fourth Page Cavity Orchid's bodies changing.

It was as though something had come alive in Eye Shadow's body. However, she had lost her soul, and the Red Lotus Hellfire had fully tempered it.

Moreover, there were many layers of Hellfire Lotus Imprints on her body. Hence, whatever had come alive did not manage to exit her body and remained stuck even after struggling intensely for some time.

Lin Yuan sensed a strange bloodline power from the entity within Eye Shadow's body.

The bloodline power had a very similar level to the mermaid bloodline, meaning that it belonged to a powerful species.

This bloodline also had a powerful persistence.

Lin Yuan hurriedly summoned Eye Shadow and re-placed the Red Lotus Hellfire in her body before adding more layers of the Hellfire Lotus Imprints to strengthen his seal on Eye Shadow's body.

Cavity Orchid, who was stuck inside the lotus coffin, was reacting much more violently.

The bright red tentacles had protruded from his body and restrained him. The Red Lotus Hellfire was already burning his soul and it was eventually destroyed as the struggle continued.

Normally, once a dead dimensional lifeform's soul was destroyed, it would no longer be able to move.

But at that moment, a bright red tentacle took hold of Cavity Orchid's body and began using bloodline energy to sustain movement in Cavity Orchid's limbs. Cavity Orchid's body started to flail violently.

Luckily, the Hellfire Lotus Imprint could also seal away bloodlines.

As the layers of Hellfire Lotus Imprints sealed away this bloodline power, Cavity Orchid's body could not break out of the lotus coffin.

When Lin Yuan saw this, he gained an understanding of the strength of the bright red tentacles.

As long as there were enough Hellfire Lotus Imprints, they would be able to lock the bloodline power. This meant that the Abyss Red Lotus' bloodline was on the same level of Crimson's bloodline.

This gave Lin Yuan confidence.

Lin Yuan poured a bottle of fire-elemental energy that had been purified in the Element Well on the Abyss Red Lotus' flower core.

The Abyss Red Lotus activated Everything to Ashes and used it to burn the bright red tentacle manipulating Cavity Orchid's body.

Lin Yuan would eventually have to burn up this bright red tentacle!

He thought, 800 ml of fluid fire-elemental energy that has been purified in the Element Well should be enough to remove the bloodline power in Cavity Orchid's body.

This bloodline power was of a relatively high level, and Lin Yuan could not assuredly allow Red Thorn to come into contact with it.

Control and cooperation were interlinked. Red Thorn used its own bloodline to cooperate with and control the bodies of other lifeforms. Once this bloodline's controlling abilities were stronger than that of Red Thorn, the latter might end up as the one being controlled instead.

Once the Hellfire Lotus Imprint was placed on a target, it was very difficult to remove. The only way to remove it was to use energy to dissolve the seal.

Given that the Abyss Red Lotus' bloodline was more elite than that of Crimson, it would be extremely difficult for Crimson to remove the lotus imprint!

Lin Yuan who was controlling the lotus imprint could sense that Crimson was absorbing the energy of the other members of Tower Canon.

Due to the bright red tentacles, Crimson was able to directly fuse with the flesh of the other members of Tower Canon, and he began rapidly absorbing their energy. As he continued to absorb their flesh, his body underwent accelerated transformations.

This could only be bad news for Lin Yuan.

Once Crimson absorbed the bodies of the other Pages, along with the energy in their souls, his power would undoubtedly evolve.

This transformation could become a threat to Lin Yuan.

But luckily, Lin Yuan had his own secret weapons.

Although Crimson could become a threat to Lin Yuan after consuming the other Pages, Lin Yuan did not try to stop Crimson's actions.

This was because after absorbing them, all the Hellfire Lotus Imprints on their bodies would be transferred to Crimson.

Even if Crimson was able to sense the presence of the Hellfire Lotus Imprints, he would not consider them too much of a threat before Lin Yuan instructed the Abyss Red Lotus to activate them.

Crimson used his soul to envelop the souls of the other Pages and forcefully combined them.

The seal that Lin Yuan placed on Falling Rainbow's soul would also be absorbed into Crimson's soul.

Once he confirmed that all the Hellfire Lotus Imprints had been transferred, Lin Yuan used the energy in his body and used Lotus World Law again to steal some of the energy that Crimson had extracted from the main world.

Next, he used Cleansing Aura Lotus Flames to form more than 20 lotus coffins, forming a circular shape around Crimson.

The crimson flames in the lotus coffins ferociously burned the blood mist.

The Red Lotus Hellfire and blood mist crashed together, resulting in an ear-splitting explosion.

Meanwhile, the Red Lotus Hellfire depleted most of Lin Yuan's energy.

The blood mist was able to resist the Red Lotus Hellfire. However, the blood mist also depleted faster than the Red Lotus Hellfire did.

Since Lin Yuan's only remaining opponent was Crimson, this would be his final battle against Tower Canon. He needed to attack his opponent while ensuring his own survival.

At that moment, Lin Yuan entered combat mode and put all thoughts of Epoch God Palace out of his mind.

Even if he was truly Epoch God Palace's target, he did not care if this battle allowed them to see through his methods.

In truth, the members of Epoch God Palace were watching his battle against Crimson. However, their mindsets were completely different from what he was thinking.

Spring and Summer's eyes twinkled with amazement. Both of them knew that Lin Yuan had risen up within the short span of three years. For him to grow from a regular person to the person he was today in just three years, he truly lived up to being Lord Saint!

The two of them felt extremely disdainful toward Crimson's bloodline.

"Summer, this illegitimate seed of the Blood species actually has the opportunity to meet with Lord Saint face-to-face. This is truly the highest honor he could ever receive! I never expected the illegitimate seed of the Blood species to be able to fuse so perfectly with the dead dimensional lifeform bloodline!"

Summer said softly, "Aren't the people from Supreme Heavenly Abode always saying that the Blood species should be relegated to the same category as death energy? When the Blood species bloodline is fused with death aura, the bloodline level is not only maintained but will even be nourished by the death aura.

"Aside from the Blood species bloodline, that member of Tower Canon also possesses a hint of the Abyssal Beast bloodline. The Blood species on its own could never have such parasitical abilities!"

At that point, Summer's voice turned stern and serious.

"Spring, regardless of what happens, I am always ready to step in to help Lord Saint. Aside from parasitical abilities, the Abyssal Beasy bloodline probably also allows Crimson to use void teleportation. I don't want Lord Saint to suffer or be injured! As Lord Saint's followers, how can we watch him become injured?"

When she saw that Spring was about to speak, Summer continued with her serious tone. "Spring, I know what you want to say. You have your considerations, but I also have my own determination.

"Lord Saint needs to have his own path of growth. With his current power, his growth won't be significantly affected even if we interfere. If you are worried, you don't have to act when I do."

Summer had a gentle disposition. But once she made her decision, no one aside from Lord Saint could change her mind.

Summer had been punished in the past by the Totem God after speaking out of turn.

The two of them had walked their journeys together. If Summer wanted to step in, she could not stand by and watch.

With this thought in mind, Spring said softly, "You go and protect Lord Saint. I will keep an eye on Crimson and prevent him from fleeing. No matter what happens, we will end up showing ourselves to Lord Saint today! Falling Rainbow's words have caused Lord Saint to mistakenly think of Epoch God Palace as the enemy. We should assuage this concern of his!"

The two of them came to their decision while the blood mist around Crimson fully disappeared.

Previously, Crimson's body had been fully enveloped in his rose-red robe. But now, he revealed it.

Lin Yuan was stunned when he saw Crimson's face.

He assumed that Crimson's body would become monstrous after he absorbed the other members of Tower Canon. Yet, the body he revealed from under the robe was extremely handsome.

The long golden hair that framed his face billowed in the wind and had faint blood-colored specks. This did not make the long golden hair seem strange. Rather, it added an air of dignity!

He also had long narrow eyes, bloodless lips, and a tall body that wore an attire intricately adorned with gems.

This made Crimson the appearance of a prince in an ancient castle from Lin Yuan's previous life.

The bright red and transparent tentacles sprouted from Crimson's back and danced around wildly in the air.

The tentacles' aura was fully suppressed by Crimson's elite arrogance.

Lin Yuan saw Crimson's lips curl slightly, and sharp fangs slid out from Crimson's lips, shining like diamonds under the sunlight.

Lin Yuan was not shocked because Crimson had revealed his body but because Crimson's facial features bore some similarity to the images Lin Yuan had seen when he received the New Thearch's Scale's legacy.

Lifeforms that looked like Crimson had ruined the mermaids and killed a mermaid thearch.

Those lifeforms were called the Blood species.

Lin Yuan was slightly confused. How did a member of the Blood species become mixed up with a dead dimensional lifeform?

Based on Crimson's aura, the death aura in his body had already fully changed into blood energy.

Crimson had spent all his time with the other members of Tower Canon. How could they not have realized the change in the root energy in his body?

While Lin Yuan was working through his suspicions, Crimson said mockingly, "I don't think you anticipated your actions to turn out to be helpful to me. In truth, I noticed you long ago. You were making use of Falling Rainbow while I was making use of you. I buried seeds in Falling Rainbow and Eye Shadow's bodies so I could use them as my eyes."