Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2862 - Shadow Feather Butterfly!

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Chapter 2862 Shadow Feather Butterfly!
Fan Lou put on an exaggerated show of realization and gave a reason that anyone would find ridiculous, as though he thought Feng Qing was a moron.

However, Feng Qing had no choice but to believe Fan Lou because he had already aligned his story with the Dark Pufferfish. Later, they would find a way to relay the same reason to Feng Qing.

Feng Qing was still suspicious of him now, but once he heard the same story from the Dark Pufferfish, his suspicion would turn into deep trust.

Now that Fan Lou had become the bridge between the Dark Pufferfish and Bloodians, he could exit from Feng Qing’s protection. However, he chose not to do so because he knew that he would only be able to freely tap into the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves’ power by gaining Feng Qing’s trust and staying by his side.

Otherwise, with his sole power, it was unlikely that he would be able to convince the Bloodians to help him. He would not command much authority in front of the Bloodians with just his status as the liaison to the Dark Pufferfish. He needed an opportunity for the Bloodians to take him seriously.

For now, the best choice for Fan Lou would be to stick with Feng Qing.

Feng Qing did not react to this.

This reason seemed ludicrous to Feng Qing, but he believed Fan Lou. Feng Qing was aware of Fan Lou’s situation. He was nothing more than a Boundary Patrol Envoy who used to be supported by Kong Huan. He did not have any ties to any factions from the Lonely River.

The only reason Fan Lou could catch the eye of the Dark Pufferfish was the one he had mentioned. When Fan Lou saw Feng Qing’s expression soften, he knew that Feng Qing had been mostly convinced by what he said.

Fan Lou knew that he needed to perform properly to ensure that he secured Feng Qing’s trust and support. As long as he did this, Feng Qing would never suspect him again, regardless of what happened.

“Lord Feng Qing, from the moment I joined you, you have done so much for me, and I am indebted to you. The Chaos Wind Demon Wolf bloodline currently running through my veins was given to me by you. How could I ever lie to you?

“The truth is that I just never thought much of that incident. There are many water crocodiles in the Lonely River. They are very dumb and will fill their stomachs with anything they can get their hands on. If the Dark Pufferfish are truly doing this to thank me for saving that youngling,0it means that it definitely has an impressive status! I will use this opportunity to obtain benefits for you from the Dark Pufferfish!”

Feng Qing had heard many declarations of loyalty from his subordinates. Feng Xuan was skilled at this.

Feng Qing liked to hear such declarations of loyalty. Normally, he would not pay much attention to them.

However, Fan Lou’s speech touched Feng Qing and caused him to feel as though he had wronged Fan Lou. The Dark Pufferfish recommended Fan Lou and gave him the chance to attend the Bloodians’ banquet. Yet, even in such circumstances, Fan Lou was able to think of him. It was rare to come across such a character.

Feng Qing felt lucky to have a servant like that who was willing to think for his sake.

In the past, Feng Qing only supported Fan Lou within the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves. But now, Feng Qing felt compelled to do something to help Fan Lou catch the Bloodians’ attention!

With Fan Lou’s loyalty, he would definitely help Feng Qing once he was connected to the Bloodians!

In order for Fan Lou to catch the Bloodians’ attention, he needed to use this opportunity to become even closer to the Dark Pufferfish!

Fan Lou did not actually know much about the Dark Pufferfish, but the latter’s gratitude toward Fan Lou was evident from their willingness to do this much for him.

The Chaos Wind Demon Wolves had always been stuck in the vicinity of the Wind Ringing Mountain and Roaring Plains and were unable to expand.

The Chaos Wind Demon Wolves’ neighbors were all stronger than them. Otherwise, they would not have to seek protection from the Bloodians!

Feng Qing felt that the arrival of the Dark Pufferfish envoy was an opportunity for the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

Feng Qing said seriously, “Fan Lou, your chance is here. Apart from allowing you to attend the Bloodians’ banquet, the Dark Pufferfish must be here to express their thanks to you. The Dark Pufferfish are just as strong as the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves. Since you know how to think for my sake, I have to do something for you, too! Remember to only accept the gifts that the Dark Pufferfish envoy insists that you accept. Don’t make any other requests of them. Once you make any requests, you will lose their gratitude. If you find the opportunity, help to connect me to the Dark Pufferfish envoy.”

When Fan Lou heard what Feng Qing said, he knew that he had earned Feng Qing’s full trust.

Feng Qing trusted him in the past as well, but before anything serious happened, that trust was only superficial.

Now, Feng Qing’s trust in him was cemented.

Nonetheless, introducing the Dark Pufferfish envoy to Feng Qing was already part of Fan Lou’s plan.

The Dark Pufferfish envoy should have already delivered the news to the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

With the Thoughts Letter Paper, he could communicate with the Dark Pufferfish envoy anytime. This was much too convenient!

Fan Lou was struck by the Thoughts Letter Paper’s value and usefulness. He had no idea that the Thoughts Letter Paper was actually something that Wen Yu’s source-type lifeform could produce at any time.

Fan Lou looked forward to Lin Yuan arriving within his range and contacting him.

While Fan Lou was thinking about how to reply to Feng Qing, Feng Xuan briskly walked in.

Even after Fan Lou entered his life, Feng Qing did not fully ignore Feng Xuan. He acknowledged Feng Qing’s abilities as well.

Feng Xuan’s behavior told Feng Qing that something serious must have happened!

“Feng Xuan, what happened? Go ahead and spit it out. Don’t beat around the bush!”
Feng Xuan cast his gaze on Fan Lou. He wondered just what Fan Lou had done to earn him such treatment from the Dark Pufferfish. Not only had they invited him to the Bloodians’ banquet, but their envoy was even making a personal trip to come to meet Fan Lou. This unquestioningly skyrocketed Fan Lou’s status!

In Feng Xuan’s opinion, Fan Lou was a small character who came from nothing and did not deserve such treatment.

He wondered if Fan Lou had cast a spell over the Dark Pufferfish to convince them to make such a decision.

Feng Xuan felt deeply regretful.

If he was the one who had gone to the Lonely River, he would be the one receiving all the benefits now. Fan Lou would not even be able to lift his head up!

In spite of the boiling rage within him, Feng Xuan dared not express how he was feeling for fear that doing so would displease Feng Qing or cause Fan Lou to form a grudge against him.

Now, Fan Lou was someone he could only watch and admire from afar.

“Lord Feng Qing, the Dark Pufferfish envoy is about to arrive at the Wind Ringing Mountain. A few Dark Pufferfish have come in advance to our territory to inform us of this! I am sure that the envoy is here because of Big Brother Fan Lou.”

Fan Lou’s expression of shock was an act, but Feng Qing’s one was genuine.

Feng Qing thought, I underestimated Fan Lou’s importance to the Dark Pufferfish. Just who did Fan Lou save? Was it really one of the Dark Pufferfish’s young leaders? But how did one of their young leaders end up on the banks of the Lonely River and almost eaten by a lowly water crocodile?

Since the envoy was there to see Fan Lou, the latter would definitely be able to introduce him to the envoy.

At that time, he would also learn about how Fan Lou managed to earn such treatment from the Dark Pufferfish.

Feng Qing raised his hand and patted Fan Lou’s shoulder. “Let’s go and prepare. I will go with you to meet the Dark Pufferfish envoy.”

If Fan Lou and the Dark Pufferfish only became acquainted due to fate and not because of Lin Yuan, Fan Lou would take this matter extremely seriously.

But now, the Dark Pufferfish were nothing but his assistants. The envoy would have to cooperate with him, regardless of what he was told to do.

Lin Yuan had provided him with the opportunity. What he managed to accomplish would be up to his own effort!

Fan Lou is currently working hard for the sake of his own development.

The Bloodians had yet to make a move on the mermaids, so he had no reason to contact Lin Yuan.

Fan Lou hoped that the Bloodians would attack the mermaids soon.

Lin Yuan, who was far away in Treasure City, did not know how Fan Lou and the Dark Pufferfish’s collaborative plan was going.

Presently, Fan Lou was not a very important tool to Lin Yuan.

Fan Lou’s greatest value to Lin Yuan was still the protection he could offer the main world as a Boundary Patrol Envoy.

Lin Yuan had already arrived at Fortune Treasure Palace’s 14th floor.

The 15th floor was the private space of Zhan Lu, the manager of this branch. This meant that the 14th floor was the final floor where items were put on display!

Compared to the 13th floor, there were more items on the 14th floor that caught Lin Yuan’s attention.

However, the price of the items on the 14th floor could not be compared to that of the items on the 13th floor! If Lin Yuan was interested in everything and wanted to obtain all of them, he would definitely have to exchange more chips.

Although doing so would attract even more attention to himself, Lin Yuan was willing to do so for the sake of the items on the 14th floor.

Lin Yuan had always been on the lookout for feys that could produce special elemental energy.

Lin Yuan was finally looking at the items on the 14th floor of Fortune Treasure Palace.

[Fey Name]: Shadow Feather Butterfly

[Fey Species]: Fantasy-butterfly-species/Winged-butterfly-species

[Fey Grade]: Silver (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Shadow

[Fey Quality]: Legend


[Feather Attack]: The feathers on its fantasy wings will be used to attack targets. When the fantasy feathers touch shadows, double the harm will be dealt to targets.

[Shadow Bondage]: Its shadow will be used to bind the target’s shadow. The target’s movements in reality will be restricted.

[Feather Transformed Scales]: When its feathers have accumulated sufficient shadow energy, it can be turned into scale powder that contains pure shadow energy and released from the body.

Exclusive Skill:

[Wide Fantasy Wings]: Its fantasy wings will break through its limit and increase its flying speed, as well as the quantity of fantasy wings produced.

[Fey Name]: Crystal Splitting Cactus

[Fey Species]: Cactus-species/Cactus-genus

[Fey Grade]: Silver (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Sound

[Fey Quality]: Legend


[Spike Sudden Attack]: When in danger, its spike will elongate. Once the spike pierces a target, it absorbs the target’s blood.

[Long Spike Ejection]: Once the spike has transformed, it can eject it to cause significant harm to targets. The spike has extremely strong penetration effects.

[Treasure-Holding Flower Bud]: Each time the flower blooms, the energy it absorbs transforms into a special energy crystal made of earth-elemental energy. This special energy crystal benefits itself.

Exclusive Skill:

[Extreme Survival]: Even if its body is damaged, it can continue splitting and multiplying as long as it is in a positive environment. The smaller the split and multiplied bodies, the better the quality of the environment required.

The Shadow Feather Butterfly and Crystal Splitting Cactus come across as simple, and their abilities and exclusive skills were not strong. However, they are rare elemental users!

The shadow element was a mutation of dark and light elements. It is similar to the relationship between the thunder and electric elements, as well as the water and ice elements.

The elemental crystals produced by the Crystal Splitting Cactus were mutations of earth-elemental energy. Sand element could not be compared to this.

These minority elements were very difficult to find. However, the Flower Calamity Beautiful Devil needed them to evolve its own bloodline.

Lin Yuan did not have any requirements for the Crystal Splitting Cactus and Shadow Feather Butterfly’s abilities and exclusive skills. All they needed to do was reliably produce rare elements.

The Shadow Feather Butterfly’s Wide Fantasy Wings appeared as an exclusive skill that increased its speed and attacking abilities. But, in actuality, it can increase the Shadow Feather Butterfly’s production of elements.

After all, the Shadow Feather Butterfly’s method of producing elements was to store sufficient shadow elements on its wings before turning them into scale powder.

He just needed to collect this scale powder.

The Crystal Splitting Cactus’s abilities did not increase its production of crystallized elements, but its exclusive skill was interesting.

Based on the description on True Data, the strongly adaptable Crystal Splitting Cactus could be cultivated and nurtured even if its body is damaged and cut up into small pieces!

Fortune Treasure Palace had powerful Creators. They must have learned of its exclusive skill while nurturing it. There was a high likelihood that the Crystal Splitting Cactus’s exclusive skill was chosen by the Creator who nurtured it.

It was likely that Fortune Treasure Palace used this exclusive skill to nurture many of the Crystal Splitting Cacti! Setting such a high price for the Crystal Splitting Cactus despite knowing this seemed rather selfish!