Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2870 Silver Blue Fairy Shark!

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Chapter 2870 Silver Blue Fairy Shark!

Jin Chen did not hesitate to release his Holy Spirit aura and suppress the short-haired girl. Consequently, she resembled a small boat being tossed about in the sea.

The seated girl never expected one of Fortune Treasure Palace's special honor guests to have such a violent temper!

He immediately attempted to suppress them! They hadn't even done anything.

"Ling might be a little playful and curious about everything, but she has no intentions of provocation. She might have been a little rude, but it doesn't warrant such a reaction!" ๐‘“๐˜ณ๐‘’๐‘’๐˜ธ๐‘’๐‘๐“ƒ๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐“.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐“‚

Yin Ruo also aimed to establish her might and take control of the situation. After all, she had brought more than one Holy Spirit expert with her.

Although she had yet to reach the Holy Spirit level, the two elders behind her had attained it some time ago.

To respond to Jin Chen's aggressive provocation, Yin Ruo softly instructed the two elders behind her, "I will leave this to the two of you!"

The moment Yin Ruo finished speaking, the two elders simultaneously released their auras, which soon clashed with Jin Chen's aura.

Jin Chen had absorbed the bloodlines of other members of his species to increase his power, so his strength had significantly risen since reaching the Holy Spirit level. Hence, he was not at a disadvantage at all!

However, the backgrounds of the two elder Holy Spirit experts prompted Jin Chen to speculate about Yin Ruo's identity.

Alarm bells rang in Jin Chen's head.

Neither Yin Ruo nor Lin Yuan were individuals he could afford to offend. Both of them were far more powerful than he was, yet he was attempting to gain the upper hand over them!

He appeared as a joke now.

The two elders behind the girl were genuine Holy Spirit experts. However, they were only regular Holy Spirit experts and were a far cry from Spring.

Jin Chen thought, Is Lin Yuan going to take control of this girl?

This sudden confrontation frightened Ling.

Ling looked at Yin Ruo in a panic, terrified that she had disrupted Yin Ruo's plan.

Yin Ruo addressed Jin Chen with a solemn expression, "We are all here to confront the star pirates together. We're friends, not foes. If the star pirates decide to attack, we'll all be comrades and must protect Fortune Treasure Palace together. So, we should calmly discuss our plans rather than fight amongst ourselves. What do you think?"

Yin Ruo spoke righteously, but Jin Chen didn't buy a word of it. Everything was determined by power!

If he were stronger than this girl and her group, she wouldn't even be speaking at this moment!

Jin Chen retorted with a hint of amusement, "So what if I don't agree with your opinion? There isn't anyone else here but us. If our opinions match, I will definitely work with you. We are all here because we respect Zhan Lu. We have the same goal. We're just trying to determine which of us is stronger and should call the shots."

Jin Chen was now Lin Yuan's follower, so he and Lin Yuan were on the same side in everything. Hence, he laid everything out on the table to save Lin Yuan time.

Jin Chen could already tell that this girl wanted to take the lead in this situation.

From the moment the girl took a seat, Lin Yuan received a message from Spring through his soul and learned of the girl's true identity.

This girl had blue patterns on her face that were not very noticeable. They were only evident when the light hit her face at certain angles.

The Silver Blue Fairy Sharks were an elite species in the sea. They were neither below nor above the mermaids and had at least ten Holy Spirit experts.

Based on the fact that this girl had two Holy Spirit experts accompanying her, it showed that she held a certain status among the Silver Blue Fairy Sharks.

Lin Yuan was not as interested in Yin Ruo as he was in Jin Chen.

However, she dared not underestimate Lin Yuan because the aura Spring released had already proven the power of Lin Yuan's group.

This was the first time Jin Chen was hearing of 'Sky City' as well. He thought, I must be the first member of Sky City!

After pausing for a moment, Zhan Lu smiled and walked in.

However, Lin Yuan, Jin Chen, and Yin Ruo could all see the anxiousness behind Zhan Lu's smile.

Since Lin Yuan was now the leader, he took the initiative and asked, "Mr. Zhan, has something happened again?"

Zhan Lu said in a low voice, "Treasure City's City Lord has dispatched people to begin building the defenses. They are going to see if using a large amount of Solid Void Stones will have an effect on the two void passageways. They are trying to reduce the impact of the two void passageways on Treasure City. But during this process, they discovered World Emperor/Divine Kingdom Abyssal Beasts beneath the void passageways!

"The void passageways have already reached the extremely difficult-to-combat class, Class 3. If the two void passageways reach pinnacle Class 3, it's possible that Domain Mountain/Holy Spirit Abyssal Beasts might appear!

"The star pirates aren't holding back at all. They want to completely destroy Treasure City! The City Lord contacted me in the hopes that we will be able to work with them. I am holding this meeting to ask what all of you think of this."

Lin Yuan's expression did not change, but Yin Ruo and Jin Chen's expressions turned stern. Simultaneous expressions of astonishment appeared on their faces.

Zhan Lu would never scare his special honor guests when it came to such matters.

If what Zhan Lu was true, the issue was now beyond Jin Chen and Yin Ruo's control. It would be difficult for the two of them to even save themselves!

Yin Ruo and Jin Chen instinctively looked at Spring, who was behind Lin Yuan. She was likely the strongest expert currently present in Treasure City.

Zhan Lu knew Jin Chen and Yin Ruo well. He was on close terms with both of them. He had intentionally arrived late because he knew they would fight over the position of leader.

But when he walked in, Lin Yuan had been the first to speak, not the two of them.

Yin Ruo and Jin Chen did not express any opposition, meaning that Lin Yuan had secured the position of leader.

Yin Ruo had two Holy Spirit experts!

Based on their reactions, it was as though the female expert standing behind Lin Yuan was a source of support.

Lin Yuan knew that Zhan Lu did not initially intend to work with the people from the City Lord's side. Otherwise, he would have led people there right from the onset. He only accepted their invitation because he had no other choice.

However, Lin Yuan still asked Jin Chen and Yin Ruo for their opinions as a show of respect to them.

Jin Chen explained brightly, "Young Master Lin, I will accompany you throughout this matter. You don't have to ask for my opinion. Please go ahead and make all the decisions."

What a joke. How could a follower give his opinion to Lin Yuan? He had no right to do so!

It was likely that Yin Ruo would make the same choice that he had.

Now that the issue had blown up beyond their expected proportions, the people of Treasure City needed to come together to overcome this crisis.

Yin Ruo was silent for a moment before she said, "That's right, Young Master Lin. I will follow your lead in everything, too! Since you're our leader, you should be the one to make the decisions!"

Lin Yuan nodded in agreement with what Yin Ruo and Jin Chen said.

But instead of saying anything, Lin Yuan went on to ask Zhan Lu, "There will be many factions who will want to leave Treasure City at the beginning. Have they done so?" novelbuddy.(c)om

Lin Yuan's words caused Zhan Lu to freeze. He thought, Is Lin Yuan going to leave Treasure City now that he knows about what's happening below the void passageways?

Zhan Lu hurriedly shook his head.

If Lin Yuan wanted to leave Treasure City, he would not have stayed till now.

The thought of what would happen to Treasure City once numerous factions departed caused Zhan Lu's chest to tighten.

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