Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 3002 The Surprised Zhong Zhiyu!

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Chapter 3002 The Surprised Zhong Zhiyu!

It wasn't just Zhi Ling, the Insect Queen, but the entire Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies were Lin Yuan's core unit. The value of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies to the management of the faction was actually not inferior to the Hundred Questions Beasts.

There was nothing wrong with letting the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Zhi Ling received the message from Genius. Not only did she know that the outside world was rich and fantastic, but she also became aware of the dangers of the outside world.

If it wasn't necessary, Zhi Ling didn't want to bring unnecessary trouble to the species. Its safety was the primary concern for Zhi Ling as the manager.

As an intellectually gifted individual with a frail physique, Zhi Ling inherently disliked being in the limelight.

"Lord, I'll listen to your arrangements and let you make the decision. I'll gather the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies immediately. You only need to give me a few minutes."

At this point, Zhi Ling paused for a moment before continuing. "Lord, our Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies have many new members who can only grow in the blessed land. Without the nourishment of the blessed land's environment, I'm afraid that they won't be able to successfully leave their embryo state."

Upon hearing her words, Lin Yuan muttered to himself, "When the time comes, I'll use the Palm of Blessed Land to carry this mid-grade blessed land. Those embryonic Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies can just stay in the blessed land and hatch themselves.

"The environment I provide for you is better than this mid-grade blessed land. It's more beneficial to your entire species. There's no need for you to stay in this mid-grade blessed land!"

There was only pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. However, the composition of energy in this blessed land was extremely complex. Lin Yuan was not sure if pure spirit qi alone could induce the hatching of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonfly embryos.

Lin Yuan did not want to take this risk. Not to mention that if Lin Yuan forced Zhi Ling to bring the unhatched embryos into the Spirit Lock spatial zone, causing them to be unable to hatch, it would affect the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies' expansion and would be detrimental to Sky City's development. Lin Yuan would also lose trust in Zhi Ling because of his decision.

Lin Yuan, who was used to being in a superior position, would consider all aspects of the problem and would not do such one-sided things.

While Zhi Ling gathered the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies, Autumn went outside the blessed land to investigate the situation of the factions that had been subdued and returned to Coiling Dragon Mountain.

There were indeed some factions that had returned to Coiling Dragon Mountain, but these factions that had returned were bustling with activity.

As a Grade 5 Creator, Zhong Zhiyu had already arrived at Coiling Dragon Mountain with his men.

After investigating the situation, Autumn said, "Young Master, I don't know how long it will take for the whole species to return. Zhong Zhiyu has already arrived. Young Master, why don't you bring Zhong Zhiyu back to Sky City first? I'll wait here for a while and bring the various species back to Sky City before returning to Treasure City."

Upon hearing his words, Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows. Zhong Zhiyu was really fast and had returned within less than five days.

Lin Yuan was in a hurry to return to Sky City to hold the Astronomical Parliament. Ever since Wen Yu had contracted the Hundred Questions Beast and continuously nurtured it with the help of the Star Vastness Peony, the Astronomical Parliament had been open for more than 20 minutes.

The Astronomical Parliament was of great strategic importance to Lin Yuan's development in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. He did not want to delay it.

"Autumn, I'll have to trouble you to stay here. If a sudden situation or special problem arises in some factions, you can resolve it yourself!"

While Lin Yuan and Autumn were talking, Zhi Ling had already brought the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies to stand beside Lin Yuan.

Upon seeing that Lin Yuan and Autumn had finished their conversation, Zhi Ling said, "Lord, including me, a total of 824 people are already standing in front of you, not counting the 93 unhatched embryos in our Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies!"

Before Lin Yuan controlled Zhi Ling, the other members of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonfly were full of hostility toward Lin Yuan. Now, these Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies were fearful, respectful, and curious toward him.

Lin Yuan brought Zhi Ling and the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies into the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Zhi Ling was very curious about the better environment that Lin Yuan mentioned. According to the knowledge that Lin Yuan had transmitted to her, mid-grade blessed lands were already the best environment in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

Now that she had entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Zhi Ling could not help but tremble when she sensed the extremely pure spirit qi pervading the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

It wasn't just Zhi Ling, the other Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies also shared the same feelings. Since becoming Lin Yuan's subordinate, it was the one time when Lin Yuan had given her a huge shock.

Previously, Lin Yuan had used martial force to subdue Zhi Ling. Now, Lin Yuan had used resources to shock Zhi Ling and make her understand more clearly the benefits of following by his side. The benefits that could be seen and touched were often more captivating.

"How is it? The environment here can allow the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies to grow quickly, right? From now on, I can promise that every member of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies that has been hatched will be able to enhance their strength to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom here before working as a manager for me."

Zhi Ling said happily, "Lord, thank you for your reward. I will take good care of the members here!"

Lin Yuan contacted Hu Quan and asked him to arrange accommodations for the 800 Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies. After doing all this, Lin Yuan left the Spirit Lock spatial zone and took out the Palm of Blessed Land that Yi He had given him to store the mid-grade blessed land.

Lin Yuan looked at the Palm of Blessed Land in his hand and inwardly thought that he had gained a lot from this trip to Coiling Dragon Mountain.

When he returned to Sky City this time, Lin Yuan's gains would allow Sky City to undergo a revolution. With two Grade 5 Creators in his hands, Lin Yuan could be considered a powerful faction in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

Autumn waited for the factions under Lin Yuan's control to return to Coiling Dragon Mountain while Winter followed Lin Yuan to see Zhong Zhiyu.

Zhong Zhiyu had changed into a set of clothes. He was as low-key and luxurious as before.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan, Zhong Zhiyu greeted him.

Previously, it had been very difficult for Zhong Zhiyu to act like a subordinate in front of Lin Yuan. However, in the past few days, Zhong Zhiyu had already adjusted his mentality and obtained an endless lifespan to resolve one of his worries. Moreover, to have his life and death held in someone else's hands left him with little dignity to uphold.

Zhong Zhiyu had not interacted with Lin Yuan for long, but he could sense that Lin Yuan was not a difficult person to interact with. Moreover, Lin Yuan had not displayed a lofty and arrogant attitude when facing him previously.

Zhong Zhiyu had just returned to Coiling Dragon Mountain and upon learning that Lin Yuan had entered a mid-grade blessed land, he went to investigate the current situation in Coiling Dragon Mountain.

When Zhong Zhiyu realized that the major factions of Coiled Dragon Mountain had either been killed or controlled by Lin Yuan, he could not help but sigh inwardly. Lin Yuan was truly bold. He actually dared to attack numerous factions at the same time.

What kind of confidence did he possess to do such a thing? Even Zhong Zhiyu, a Grade 5 Creator, did not dare to do so!

Lin Yuan smiled when he saw Zhong Zhiyu greet him, "It will take some time to settle the matters here. There's no need for us to wait here. Follow me back to Sky City. I'll introduce the core members of Sky City to you when we return."

Zhong Zhiyu had heard Lin Yuan mention Sky City before and was very curious about it. He had already gathered from Lin Yuan's words that the Sky City was a faction established by him, who hadn't even lived for fifty years. This meant that Sky City had only existed for a few decades.

Zhong Zhiyu was very curious about how far a faction that had been around for decades could develop.

"Young Master, when I meet the core members of Sky City, I promise to get along well with them. For the past two to three months, the people from Faerie Institution have been harassing me, asking me to help investigate the information of a lower faerie. Once I leave this time, I can finally hide in peace."

When he mentioned Faerie Institution, Zhong Zhiyu's tone was clearly filled with disgust. It was clear that it must have something to do with the overbearing behavior of Faerie Institution.

Faerie Institution didn't usually operate in the East Universe. This place wasn't far from the place where the Emerald Lady appeared. Could it be that the lower faerie Faerie Institution sent Zhong Zhiyu to investigate was none other than Emerald Lady? Lin Yuan believed this was highly probable.

This place was very far from North of Lonely River. The people from Faerie Institution should not be able to reach it. Moreover, even if they really found North of the Lonely River, Spring and Summer would not let Faerie Institution cross it.

Winter brought Lin Yuan, Zhong Zhiyu, and Zhong Zhiyu's retainers along.

Zhong Zhiyu originally thought that the Sky City that Lin Yuan mentioned would be located in a prosperous place, but to his surprise, the destination he rushed toward seemed to be so remote that it could already be considered a barren land. Any factions with dreams should not have set their sights on developing in this place.

Major factions needed resources to develop, so it was impossible for Lin Yuan not to be aware of such common sense.

Although he was curious, Zhong Zhiyu did not ask further. He thought that his curiosity would be easily resolved when they arrived. However, Winter continued to lead them to an even more barren area, the barrenness there could already be described as desolate compared to the outside world. Usually, only those who were ostracized or targeted by powerful enemies would come to such a place to hide.

Zhong Zhiyu could not help but ask Lin Yuan, "Young Master, how far are we from Sky City?"

Lin Yuan replied with a smile, "We're almost there. Have you heard of the Lonely River? Sky City is in North of the Lonely River!"

Zhong Zhiyu was shocked when he heard Lin Yuan's words.

What?! North of the Lonely River?! It was not a place where a faction could stay!?

Zhong Zhiyu harbored no doubts about Lin Yuan's strength, but he could not approve of North of the Lonely River. Could there be something special about North of the Lonely River?!

Thousands of years ago, Zhong Zhiyu had visited North of the Lonely River. In his impression, there was nothing special about it.

When the retainers behind Zhong Zhiyu heard Lin Yuan's words, they could not help but start discussing.

Upon hearing the discussions of the retainers, Zhong Zhiyu glared at them.

If any of his retainers offended Lin Yuan and jeopardized the relationship between him and Lin Yuan, Zhong Zhiyu did not mind getting rid of them. In Zhong Zhiyu's eyes, these retainers that he had nurtured were just tools.

Lin Yuan did not pay much attention to Zhong Zhiyu's retainers' discussion. He believed that his arrangements in North of the Lonely River would shock Zhong Zhiyu.

Back then, Lin Yuan had chosen North of the Lonely River because it was the most suitable place for the faith country plan as building a faith country in a remote corner of North of the Lonely River would not attract the attention of other factions. If it had been anywhere else, the news of Lin Yuan building a faith country would have spread.

Even if Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter were around, who knew how many factions would harass them every day. Once something happened, it would affect the output of faith power in the faith country. It was not as stable as this area in North of the Lonely River.

Moreover, Lin Yuan had many higher faeries. Coupled with legendary treasures like the Breath Soil, the environment in North of the Lonely River was not as bad as Zhong Zhiyu had imagined.

The moment he arrived at the Lonely River, Zhong Zhiyu narrowed his eyes when he saw the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds planted at the edge of the Lonely River. Zhong Zhiyu had never seen a plant-type fey like Thriving Summer Rising Cloud before.

Its growth power was different from ordinary plant-type feys and it was more like a carcinoma fey. However, it was not as chaotic as the energy in the carcinoma fey's body.

Lin Yuan's face also showed a surprised expression upon seeing these Thriving Summer Rising Clouds.

Before Lin Yuan left, Summer started to plant the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds.

He had only walked for a short while, but these Thriving Summer Rising Clouds were climbing towards the sky from underground. Each of them used the branches of other Thriving Summer Rising Clouds as support, winding upwards as if they could touch the sky in the next moment.

Clusters of orange and pink buds bloomed on the tough tree canopy. These flower buds had yet to bloom into gorgeous five-petaled flowers. Once the flowers bloomed and scattered pollen, this Thriving Summer Rising Cloud's pollen would be able to completely cover the area of North of the Lonely River, allowing North of the Lonely River to hide its figure.

With the growth speed of Thriving Summer Rising Cloud, the flowering should be completed in a few days.

The resources in North of the Lonely River were not enough to nurture these Thriving Summer Rising Clouds.

Zhong Zhiyu thought inwardly that Lin Yuan must have invested a lot in nurturing the Thriving Summer Rising Cloud!

It seemed that Lin Yuan must have modified North of the Lonely River after Sky City took root there.

Just as Zhong Zhiyu was exclaiming in surprise, a beautiful short-haired woman appeared out of thin air in front of Lin Yuan. Zhong Zhiyu had not sensed the aura of this short-haired woman at all, which indicated that she should be an expert of the same level as Autumn and Winter.

Lin Yuan actually had more than two such experts under his command!

At that moment, Zhong Zhiyu felt he had not fully understood Lin Yuan

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