Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 3097 The Eating Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake!

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Chapter 3097 The Eating Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake!

"On the contrary, if the City Lord wants to gain a foothold here, he needs to cooperate with many powerful local factions.

"However, the current City Lord of South Face City has not been replaced for tens of thousands of years. Hence, he must have already established himself in South Face City.

"If Zhao Chen possessed the influential network similar to that of the City Lord of South Face City, it would be considerably easier for him to secure the top grade blessed land. Moreover, if our intention is to vie for ownership of this top grade blessed land, relying solely on intelligence from Zhao Chen's faction would be insufficient.

"Before the blessed land opens, I suggest that Winter and I split up and let Autumn guard you.

"Winter and I will use our own methods to help you gather more information about South Face City.

"When the time comes, the two of us will contact the City Lord of South Face City. It's best if we can learn about the strength of the factions participating in the competition for this top grade blessed land from him."

It had been a while since Spring had been by Lin Yuan's side. Now that she had the chance to travel with Lin Yuan, she could not help but want to show off.

Autumn and Winter nodded at Spring's suggestion. Winter nodded because he approved of Spring's suggestion, while Autumn nodded because he was very satisfied with Spring's suggestion that he could continue to stay by Lin Yuan's side and protect him.

Lin Yuan knew very well that he could not rely on Zhao Chen for everything. He and Zhao Chen had a cooperative and competitive relationship. Lin Yuan could not be certain that Zhao Chen would have any bad intentions after he obtained a large amount of resources from this top grade blessed land.

Lin Yuan wouldn't automatically assume that Zhao Chen would always remain supportive just because of Zhao Chen's warm demeanor towards him.

"It's good that Autumn is by my side. Spring, when you and Winter are in action, you should be a little more high-profile and let Winter maintain a low-profile.

"Even if one party engages with a faction, the other party can still establish contact with the same faction.

"It's unlikely that this top grade blessed land will open up so quickly. We'll probably need to stay in South Face City for quite some time, which provides us with ample opportunity to strategize."

Upon hearing this, Spring and Winter nodded seriously. Even experts like Spring and Winter still felt some pressure when exploring this top grade blessed land.

If this news spread, even the factions of the East and the North Universes would also head to South Face City to fight for it.

The opening of this top grade blessed land could be said to have drawn together all the powerful factions in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

In addition to competing for this top grade blessed land, both Spring and Autumn, as well as Winter, were determined to do everything in their power to ensure Lin Yuan's safety and spared no effort to prevent any harm from befalling him.

Just as the three of them were discussing, trouble had already come knocking on their door.

This place was less than 500 kilometers away from South Face City. With Lin Yuan and the others' speed, they could reach the city's entrance in the blink of an eye. In theory, a radius of 500 kilometers surrounding a major city would typically be considered within the jurisdiction of that city.

Generally speaking, the official factions of the various cities in this area needed to maintain the security of this area. Even if this area wasn't entirely peaceful, the presence of a star pirate group alliance shouldn't be expected.

This star pirate group alliance formed by the coalition of five or six star pirate groups possessed the capability to plunder the vast majority of factions. There were more than three Holy Spirit experts in this star pirate group alliance, and such a configuration was rare.

Upon witnessing these star pirate groups targeting Lin Yuan, Autumn was prepared to intervene, but he was halted by Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan said loudly to the manager of the star pirate group alliance, "We've just arrived and don't want to cause trouble in our lives, but you took the initiative to surround us. It seems that we've been treated as prey. It's just that there's a price to pay for treating others as prey."

Upon hearing Lin Yuan's words, the leading man with gray hair and vertical-slit pupils laughed out loud, "Why? Is this because you're afraid of threatening us? If you kneel and beg me for mercy, I might consider teaching you a gentle lesson later. An outstanding little fellow like you can fetch a handsome price. If you end up being kept as a plaything in the future, don't blame me. Blame yourself for venturing into a place like this."

After saying that, the black-haired man with vertical-slit pupils let out a hiss, and right on the heels of that, all the members of this star pirate group alliance responded to the man with a hiss.

Spring sent a voice transmission to Lin Yuan, "Young Master, I didn't expect this star pirate group alliance to be entirely made up of snake-species feys. Under normal circumstances, pirate groups are composed of feys of various species and hence such a situation rarely happens.

"This star pirate group alliance is most likely formed by one or more snake species. A pirate group operating near South Face City undoubtedly holds a wealth of information about happenings within the city itself.

"Compared to killing them all, Young Master, you can first obtain more information from them. If we can gather more information about South Face City, we can enter the city and portray ourselves as a faction expanding from the surrounding areas.

"Knowing the secrets of South Face City will also facilitate our communication with the local factions within the city. Otherwise, if the local factions in South Face City are not sure of our identities, they're unlikely to feel comfortable engaging in communication or cooperation with us."

During Lin Yuan's time in North of the Lonely River, apart from strengthening Blackie, the Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom, and Purple Afterglow, he had also nurtured the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake.

Under Lin Yuan's nurturing, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake had also successfully stepped into the Holy Spirit level. Even if the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake was still at the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom, its abilities alone could influence this star pirate group alliance formed by snake-species feys.

Lin Yuan had never used the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake in battle before.

During this period, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake had been transforming those star pirates into sub-snakes before devouring them as its nutrients.

The Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake harbored some resentment in its heart for continuously consuming these sub-snakes that had their bloodline forcefully transformed without having the opportunity to consume the outstanding snake-type bloodlines.

In Lin Yuan's care, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake behaved like a pampered noble who was unable to suffer any grievances.

Especially in the Scarlet Territory, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake had taken a fancy to the Vine Snake and Ancient Water Python experts.

However, because these two species were related to the Bloodians and were partners of the Bloodians, and there was a faction behind the Ancient Water Pythons that was eyeing the Bloodians covetously. Lin Yuan would not share the Vine Snake and Ancient Water Python experts with the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake as food.

Now, with over 400 members in this star pirate group alliance, all possessing snake-species bloodlines, they could conveniently serve as sustenance for the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake.

Apart from eating them, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake could also control these snake-species feys from their bodies to their minds, souls, and bloodlines through Snake Eyes. There was no need to even interrogate these snake-species feys that had joined forces with the star pirates.

With the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake's ability to control snake-species feys, this star pirate group alliance would tell Lin Yuan all the information they had.

Lin Yuan did not waste his breath on these star pirates. These star pirates treated Lin Yuan and the others as prey and were preparing to attack Lin Yuan, but then the situation suddenly took a surprising turn. The identities of prey and hunters were swapped in an instant, not giving the members of the star pirate group alliance a chance.

Lin Yuan summoned the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake that was less than half a meter long.

Seeing that there were so many outstanding snake-species feys, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake let out a happy roar. It immediately used its Snake Eye ability, and began to control the members of the star pirate group alliance one by one.

During this process, Lin Yuan used Morbius' True Data to investigate the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake.

[Fey Name]: Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake

[Fey Species]: Snake Pupils/Illusion Snake

[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Soul

[Fey Quality]: Holy Spirit

[Divine kingdom grade]: Medium


[Snake Eyes]: Controls other snake-species feys through its eyes. When its soul energy is enough to suppress other snake-species feys, it can induce them to contract or sacrifice it (Contract allows control over the snake-type lifeforms. As long as the targeted snake-type lifeforms' spiritual power does not exceed its own, it will not escape its control. When sacrificing the targeted snake-type lifeforms, it can obtain the energy from its body and use its flesh to strengthen its own physical fitness).

[Snake Coiling Defense]: Coiled its body together, allowing the entire snake body to become one. When it is attacked, it can shrink its body and increase its defense to the greatest extent.

[Soul Forging Armor]: When the soul energy is combined with the snake-species fey's bloodline, it will form an armor that interweaves with the bloodline on the surface of the body. Not only can it resist physical attacks, but it also has a certain resistance to elemental damage.

[Life Prolonging Shedding]: Under the circumstances of using the Snake Coiling Defense, if the target pierces through the defense and poses a threat to its life, it will instinctively undergo a snake shedding to avoid fatal damage. Each snake shedding weakens the body and diminishes a certain amount of soul strength.

[Swift Snake Shadow]: Increases the snake-species feys under its control, allowing them to react and attack more quickly.

[Violent Venom Burst]: Activate the snake venom in the target's body, causing the slow-acting snake venom to instantly activate its poison effect and cause timely damage to the target. The poison damage to the target will be converted into healing energy to heal the army of snakes.

[Snake Devouring Rampage]: The snake-type feys under its control will devour each other and increase the strength of the main body in a superimposed manner. It will also cause the devouring main body to enter a berserk state and sacrifice itself to attack the enemy. At the end of its life, its body will explode, and the damage will be equivalent to its full strength attack at its peak.

[Fearless Snake Heart]: All the targets in the snake group will be fearless. The snake heart is as tough as iron and has a certain chance of being immune to mental, soul, and mind abilities. When facing a powerful enemy, even if the enemy uses bloodline deterrence, it can still reveal 100% of its strength.

[Snake Swarm Soul Lock]: In battle, the Brahma Flower Jade Blood Snake transfers its soul into the body of one or several snake-type creatures it controls. When these snake-type lifeforms stare at the target, if the target's soul is stronger than their own, they can interfere with the target's soul and restrict the target's movements. If the target's soul is weaker than theirs, they will directly freeze the target's soul and put the target in a state of suspended animation (Locking the soul consumes a lot of their soul energy. Every time they use it, their soul will be in a weakened state for a period of time).

[Soul Box of the Ancestral Snake]: Use its soul energy to weave the soul box and separate a portion of its soul to place in the soul box. When the enemy attacks and causes its own death, the silent soul in the soul box will revive and develop into a new individual.

Exclusive Skill:

[Six Flowers Curse]: Through the Six Flowers Curse in the eye, whenever the target's body is invaded by poison related to the target, a snake flower will grow from the wound. When the number of snake flowers reaches six, the target's bloodline will be forcefully changed, turning the target into a sub-snake.

[Control Strengthening]: When contracting a snake-species fey, the contract will be bound to the target's soul. Once bound to the target's soul, if the contract is shaken by external influences, the contract will spontaneously sacrifice the target to prevent it from breaking free from its control.

[Brahma Snake Totem]: Transform the totem into a copy on the contractor's body. The contractor will share the worship of the snake creatures. It can perfectly control the snake creatures it controls and obtain the faith power of these snake creatures.

[Totem Snake Transformation]: Every time a snake-type lifeform undergoes a metamorphosis, a portion of the snake-type lifeform's subsequent metamorphosis potential will be transferred to the contractor, helping the contractor's physique and bloodline to undergo a metamorphosis.

[Banner Snake Enlightenment]: Specify a snake-type lifeform that you control and turn this snake-type lifeform into a snake-type banner. The snake-type banner will be enhanced by the snake-type lifeforms in the range. It will increase the attack defense speed, energy recovery, and some unique abilities of the snake-type lifeform. Moreover, the snake-type banner will absorb the vitality of the dead and injured creatures in the range and then heal the snake-type lifeforms.

[Poisonous Wave]: When the target has more than three types of snake venom, ignore the target's resistance to poison and directly detonate the effect of the snake venom, disintegrating the target's body.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Snake House Spirit Tamer]: When the snake-type lifeform it controls reaches a certain level of strength, a snake spirit fruit will condense in the soul of the snake-type lifeform it controls. The snake-type lifeform that condenses the snake spirit fruit can contract and control other snake-type lifeforms, causing both sides to become symbiotic.

[Toxin Spirit Control]: The more toxins a snake-species fey contains, the stronger its defense. The units that condense the snake spirit fruit can increase its defense in terms of mind, spirit, and soul. At the same time, it can enhance its poison-related abilities and increase the durability and lethality of the snake-species feys' toxin.