First Demonic Dragon-Chapter 529 Happy Birthday, Abaddon Tathamet!

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Chapter 529 Happy Birthday, Abaddon Tathamet!

It was only around ten or so in the morning when Abaddon woke up, but immediately closed his eyes once again.

Today was one day that he absolutely had to sleep through at any and all cost.

It was his birthday.

Normally, people are extremely excited during this time and immediately think of ways to make things all about themselves.

But Abaddon was a bit different from most people.

The black dragon was a bottomless wellspring of generosity and attentiveness reserved for those he loved and cared about.

But in the same breath, he had never really learned to accept large amounts of goodwill from others.

It was just something he never really got used to, no matter how large his family grew, or circle of friends became.

Perhaps this was one of the last lingering remnants of his time as Carter on earth.

Subconsciously, he just didn't think such large efforts should be wasted on him.

Though he was appreciative of everything done on his behalf, he just didn't know how to accept it.

So today, he was going to spend all of his time asleep in bed in the hopes that he could skate right over the whole ordeal.

'I wonder... Just how long can I actually sleep for anyway..?'

"We know you're awake, dear."

"..." At the sound of Erica's voice, Abaddon turned his head so that he could lie face down into his pillow.

He could feel all of his wives staring at him without hiding their excited gazes, but he still pretended to be asleep in the hopes that he hadn't actually been discovered.

Lisa: "You aren't fooling anyone, you know?"


Valerie: "Oh dear, how will we ever attend to our husband's morning wood if he's lying in such a bad position?"


Abaddon rolled onto his back, his eyes still closed and his breathing even.

Audrina punched their husband hard in the ribs and he finally cracked open his golden eyes.

*Yawn* "Oof, good morning my loves? Are you just waking up as well?"

All of the wives rolled their eyes and started showering the groggy dragon with kisses and well wishes.

Lillian: "Happy birthday, darling."

Audrina: "Happy birthday!"

Seras: "Here's hoping you have many more, husband."

Underneath the relentless onslaught of affection, Abaddon blushed and accepted it all with a grateful expression.

"Thanks, girls... I hope you don't have anything special planned for today."

A few of his wives were worse liars than others, so a few simply turned their heads away and began whistling inconspicuously.

"We just have a small dinner planned, darling. Nothing to make you too uncomfortable." Lailah said as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Thank you... I appreciate it."

"What would you like to do until then?" Lillian asked.

Abaddon thought about it for a second, but he realized that there was only one real answer in his mind.


For the first time since being reincarnated, the dragon had no enemies to face, no timetable of destruction looming over his head.

He, just like the rest of the mythological factions, was simply waiting for the seven seals to be broken so that the end war could begin.

And who knew when that would happen? Especially with the funny way that time worked at the bottom of creation.

So for now, Abaddon just wanted to indulge in some much deserved rest.

"Sounds like a good plan to me!" Bekka catapulted herself over the rest of her sisters to land directly on Abaddon's chest.

She got comfortable in her favorite spot and pulled the covers over the both of them in dramatic fashion, sealing them from the outside world.

The rest of the wives laughed and started to get out of the bed to make some kind of preparations for the day.

As Abaddon allowed Bekka's warmth to soothe him into drowsiness, he had one final thought before he drifted off to sleep.

'I wonder... just how much rest will I actually get today..?'

- Seven Minutes Later.

The door to Abaddon's bedroom came flying open with a bang and a stampede of individuals came flying in.

One by one, they all somersaulted into the bed to dogpile on top of the sleeping dragons.


"Ugh! T-Thanks kids... You all want to get off of me now?"

Gabbrielle: "No."

"Ah.. What was I expecting?"

Abaddon's bed was suddenly filled with not only his children, but his daughter-in-laws as well.

One by one, they all took turns to embrace him before presenting a gift.

After yesterday, a change that occurred was that five out of his eight children had become Nevi'im.

As expected, the only reason that Thea, Belloc, and Apophis had not was because they still wanted to travel to an alternate reality and whoo the human girls they saw.

And truthfully, Abaddon was a bit on the fence about it.

For starters, he believed them to be fundamentally incompatible.

Dragons aren't made to lie with humans, and for those of his blood that was even more true.

He shuddered to think of the damage that he could have done if he had tried to sleep with a human at any point in his life.

'I hope they get over these crushes of theirs soon. I'd hate for them to get their hearts broken.'

- 20 Minutes Later

After the kids all left, Abaddon and Bekka were finally able to get back to sleep.

This time, the door did not fly open, but Bekka sat up in bed immediately when she smelled something coming.


One of her top three loves of all time beside sleep and sex with her husband.

She sed telekinesis to wrest open the door before the visitors even got to it, and she fought hard to prevent her stomach from grumbling audibly.

"Hm..?" Abaddon realized that he was no longer as warm as before, and he opened his eyes to investigate why.

Asmodeus / Yara / Imani / Karliah / Kirina / Isabelle / Sei: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Hajun : "Happy birthday... daughter thief."


"I mean, just happy birthday..."

This time, stand-in the doorway were Abaddon's parents, his in-laws, and even Audrina's sister.

All of them were carrying some kind of dish, or pan covered with plastic wrap and still producing steam.

"What's all this..?" Abaddon asked with mild fear in his voice.

"Your mothers stayed up all night making all of your favorite dishes without rest." Asmodeus said proudly. "I didn't even get to lick the spoons... Or them for that matte-"

Yara and Imani elbowed Asmodeus hard in the ribs and sent him doubling over.

While his father recovered, his mothers brought forth the dishes they had made and sent them floating in front of his bed.

They really did make ALL of his favorite foods.

Half of it didn't even go together.

Steamed cabbage, beef tips and gravy over brown rice, buffalo chicken wings, candied yams, tteobokki, french toast, macaroni and cheese, the list just went on and on.

To top it off, Yara was holding one of the largest cheesecakes he had ever seen in his damned life.

"I-I.. can't possibly eat all of this..." freeweb(n)

Abaddon saw his mothers make crestfallen expressions and his heart nearly tore into two.

"...Without help."

At that moment, Bekka teleported into his lap with a fork and knife in her hands and a napkin tucked into her oversized t-


"Worry not, babe! This is exactly the kind of predicament that we took vows for! I will always be there for you in these dark times!"

"I wouldn't exactly call this a 'dark time' but I appreciate the enthusiasm nonetheless, my love."

Abaddon accepted a fork from his mother and tucked into the tray of food that was put in front of him, while silently thanking the fact that he had evolved way beyond a normal digestive system.

- 2 Hours and Forty Minutes Later

After finishing a buffet's amount of food in an absurd amount of time, Abaddon and Bekka flopped back onto their pillows for the final time.

With bellies filled with hot food, they were sleeping so peacefully that even the dead couldn't compare to them.

And yet, Abaddon could still vaguely hear something from within his dreams.

"...I'm going to touch it."

"Don't do that..! We shouldn't even be looking at him in this state..!"

"Oh? Then why are your eyes glued to it then?"

"I-I was simply worried about how something fits inside of them, but causes no agony..!"


"If the crazy lady touches it, I'm going to touch it too."


"Don't 'Discordia' me! I didn't say I was going to ride it, I just wanted to feel him up a bit."

Finally, Abaddon sat up groggily and stared at the latest intruders in his room through his curtain of red hair.

Lusamine and Discordia were kneeling at the foot of his bed, lifting up his cover so that they could peer at the sleeping dragon's sleeping dragon.

A few feet away, Demeter, Persephone, At? and Alethia were wearing huge blushes and seemingly mortified.

Lusamine: "Ah... hey, big guy... Happy birthday!"

Discordia: "Y-Yea, happy birthday!"

A vein bulged in Abaddon's head as he showed a smile that was not a smile.

With movements faster than they could see, Abaddon grabbed both women and put them in head locks with each arm.


"W-We're sorry, let us go!"

"You damned rodents! what gives you the right to come into my room, strip me, and leer at me like cretins?!"

"W-We didn't strip you! You weren't wearing anything when we came in!" Lusamine defended.

Abaddon tilted his head in confusion as he glanced at his side.

Bekka was still sleeping, but she was holding his boxers in one of her hands.

No doubt she had taken them off and started groping him to help her fall asleep.

"...My point remains the same! And Lusamine, I thought I told you not to let anyone know where we lived!"

"In my defense, I didn't think you meant your own friends! You should have clarified that better!"

"Ugh..." Abaddon bashed Lusamine and Discord's skulls together like they were old timey cartoon villains.

Rising up from the bed, he pushed his messy hair out of his face and started walking towards Demeter, Persephone, Alethia, and At?. freeweb m

"You girls could have stopped them at any point, you know?"

Demeter: "I-I tried!"

Alethia: "T-They would not listen to us!"

Persephone: "I admit that I did not try very hard to stop them due to my own interest."

At?: "I also was too interested to interfere."

As Abaddon was currently in the nude, Persephone and At? weren't even trying to conceal their below the belt gazes.

This, paired with their earlier shamelessness earned them each a swift chop on the head as Abaddon walked past them.

Reaching his dresser, he pulled out another pair of black boxers that Bekka wasn't using as a stress ball and covered himself so that the girls were no longer getting a free peep show.

"Honestly... my birthday's more trouble than it's worth at this point."

"Awe, don't say that." a sudden voice said.

Everyone looked shock to find that a very old couple had miraculously appeared in the crowded bedroom.

"And after we went through so much trouble trying to figure out what to get you. Happy birthday, Tathamet."

Yesh handed Abaddon a gift bag and a picture frame with the image of a woman that he didn't know.

"This is...?"

'It is Thea's mother. The norse goddess of grain and fertility, Sif.'

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