Flash Marriage: He is a Wife-pampering Addict-Chapter 151 - : Is it because of Wen Ran?

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Chapter 151: Is it because of Wen Ran?

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After MO Xiuchen ended the call with Wen Jin, he sat on the sofa, calming his emotions for a moment before standing up and heading upstairs.

He pushed open the door to the master bedroom and saw Wen Ran, dressed in her pajamas, sitting in front of the vanity table brushing her hair. The residual emotions in his eyes faded away, replaced by a glimmer of warmth in his deep, pool-like eyes.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Wen Ran turned her head to look at him.

As their eyes met in the fresh air, Wen Ran offered him a gentle smile, speaking softly, “You must be tired after a long day of work. Go take a shower quickly. I have picked out your clothes for you.”

A trace of light flickered in MO Xiuchen’s eyes as he walked over, picking up a hairdryer from nearby. His voice was soft, yet devoid of any discernible emotions. “Let me help you dry your hair first.”

“No need, I can do it myself.”

Wen Ran reached out for the hairdryer, believing that he must be more tired than her after work. She didn’t want him to do these little things for her.

MO Xiuchen grabbed her hand, looking deeply into her eyes.

Wen Ran blinked in confusion, glancing at her reflection in the mirror before asking doubtfully, “What’s wrong?

MO Xiuchen pursed his lips, silently watching her for a while before putting down the hairdryer. He then reached out, cradled her head in his large palm and suddenly leaned in for a kiss…

After the shared passion and a shower, MO Xiuchen dried Wen Ran’s hair. Carrying her to bed in her drowsy state, he noticed it was already late into the night.

That night, MO Xiuchen was haunted by dreams throughout.

The fragmented scenes in his dream were chaotic. One moment, his mother jumped from a building in front of him and he cried out in agony. The next, he suddenly found himself tied to a cold examination table in a laboratory filled with the strong smell of medicine. fre ewebno vel.com

Just as he was resigned to his fate, the room’s door was unexpectedly pushed open. A little girl tip- toed inside and, without daring to switch on the light, quietly untied him.

“The people outside are unconscious, you should run quickly.”

The girl’s hand was cold to the touch, but when she grabbed his hand, he felt a warmth he had never experienced before. He asked her how the two people outside had passed out.

The girl, holding his hand, emerged from the lab with him and ran in the darkness. As they ran, she told him that she had drugged those two people.

A decade passed but the scenes in his dream remained as vivid as ever. It was as if he was reliving them. They hadn’t run far before they were pursued. The girl released his hand, pointed out an escape route for him, and told him to run. She would stay back and delay their pursuers.

He wanted to take her with him, but she refused. She explained that they wouldn’t be able to escape together, and assured him that they wouldn’t harm her.

Unwilling to abandon her to her fate, he hesitated. But the people behind them were getting closer and closer. The girl was near tears. After two or three minutes of stalemate, he promised he would come back for her. Turning around, he ran off into the darkness.

The scenes in his dream shifted once more.

He stood before a thick white mist, a young woman barely visible through the haze. Her face was obscure, but she asked if he remembered the little girl who saved him. She questioned why he had not returned for her and why he had mistaken another for her.

MO Xiuchen was stunned. As he approached her, she retreated step by step, eventually disappearing into the vast whiteness…

“Don’t go!”

He woke with a start, seeing Wen Ran’s peaceful sleeping face next to him. Her sweet scent of shower gel lightly infused the air. His tumultuous emotions slowly calmed down.

Outside the window, dawn was breaking.

MO Xiuchen was no longer sleepy. He gazed at the delicate features of the girl in his arms in the soft light of the bedroom. Her skin was smooth and fair, flawless and as white as jade beneath her soft pink lips.

There was not a single blemish, let alone the tinny mole the size of a soybean on her face!

He felt a sudden pang in his heart. Although the girl’s face in his dream was obscured, her sorrowful eyes were clear in his mind.

The girl’s accusatory tone implied that he had mistaken Cheng Jia for her…

MO Xiuchen furrowed his brows, shaking off the absurd thoughts in his mind. He gently withdrew his arm, which Wen Ran had been using as a pillow, got up and left the bed. fre(e)webno(v)el

That morning, after driving Wen Ran to the factory, MO Xluchen didn’t head to his company or to the construction site, but directly to Kangning Hospital instead.

Gu Kai was about to head to the ward when he noticed MO Xiuchen’s early morning visit. He squinted his eyes, perplexed, “Xiuchen, what brings you to the hospital early in the morning? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Are you busy right now?”

MO Xiuchen didn’t look too good. There was undeniable fatigue between his brows, which was an uncommon occurrence considering his usual noble and chilly demeanor.

After briefing his assistant, Gu Kai returned to his office, gesturing towards the sofa a few steps away, “What’s the matter? Speak up.”

MO Xiuchen sat down on the sofa, his brows slightly furrowed, his voice conflicted. “Last night I dreamt of my mother again, and that little girl.”

Gu Kai was taken aback for a moment, then took a seat across from him. He gazed at the man who looked gloomy, speaking in a light tone, “You’ve been preoccupied with these two things for years. It’s normal to dream about them occasionally. I’ve never seen you react like this before. Is it because of Wen


In the past, MO Xiuchen had occasionally dreamt of his mother and the little girl as well. But his emotions were not like this. Even if dreaming about his mother made him feel sad, dreaming about the little girl should have made him happy.

A flicker of emotion flashed past MO Xiuchen’s eyes before he added, “I dreamt of her again, but this time she was grown up.”

“You dreamt of the grown-up girl? What did she look like? Could it be… Cheng Jia?”

Gu Kai stared intently at MO Xiuchen.

“It’s not Cheng Jia. I already have evidence to prove that she’s a fraud.” It was precisely because he had found out the truth that he dreamt of the girl questioning him, asking him why he had mistaken Cheng Jia for her, and why he hadn’t gone to find her for all these years.

“You have evidence?”

There was a flash of surprise in Gu Kai’s eyes. He knew that MO Xiuchen had been investigating, trying to find evidence to prove that Cheng Jia was not the girl from his past.

MO Xiuchen nodded, his voice sounding slightly restrained. “It was something Wen Jin inadvertently discovered. I was right all along. Cheng Jia was a stand-in deliberately found by Xiao Wenqing.”

“Wait, you’re saying… it was Wen Jin who told you? How would he know? I’m getting more and more confused.”

Gu Kai leaned forward on the couch, a puzzled expression on his face as he stared at MO Xiuchen. If he remembered correctly, Wen Jin didn’t exactly harbor warm feelings towards MO Xiuchen.

MO Xiuchen’s lips twitched into a faint smirk, although he didn’t quite laugh, he explained simply, “He was investigating Zhou Mingfu and happened to overhear a conversation between Zhou Mingfu and Wu Tianyi. That’s how he found out about Cheng Jia’s true identity.”

Gu Kai’s gaze shifted a few times, surprise registering on his face. “He overheard Zhou Mingfu talking to Wu Tianyi? You mean… He tapped Zhou Mingfu’s phone?”

It wasn’t unexpected that Gu Kai would be taken aback. After all, Wen Jin, with his modest, gentlemanly, and gentle jade-like exterior, didn’t seem like someone who would resort to such measures.

He was merely surprised by Wen Jin’s approach and not by his capabilities..

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