Flash Marriage: He is a Wife-pampering Addict-Chapter 46 - : 0 Get used to me

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Chapter 46: 046 Get used to me

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Wen Ran had just sat down in front of the vanity when the door of the study room opened, and MO Xiuchen’s tall figure appeared in the mirror.

Although she had shared a bed with him a week ago, her heart inexplicably skipped a beat at this moment.

The hand holding the comb paused slightly, then slowly began to brush through her hair.

With a graceful stride, MO Xiuchen walked towards her. Her slender figure reflected in his deep, dark eyes. The closer he got, the stronger her delicate fragrance became, irresistibly filling his lungs and spreading to every cell of his body.

His gaze inadvertently deepened.

“Let me help you.”

The man’s deep voice echoed in her ears. Wen Ran’s hand was immediately caught by his large, robust hand, and her heartbeat lost its rhythm at his touch.

Her eyes, wide in surprise, stared at the handsome face in the mirror. Only then did she understand what he meant when he said ‘let me help you.’ Without thinking, she declined, “No need, I can do it myself.”

Taking half a step forward, her back stiffened. His body was almost against her back, and even through the fabric, she could clearly feel his warmth. Her fair cheeks suddenly turned pink, and her heartbeat became even more erratic. “Do you remember what I said during the day?”

MO Xiuchen’s large hand continued to hold hers, neither releasing it nor forcibly taking the comb from her. His hand was secure, firm yet gentle, inescapable. The heat from his palm permeated her skin, leaving her feeling as if her whole body was warmed.

She hurriedly tried to calm herself down, reminding herself not to panic. After all, he was impotent; he couldn’t do anything to her.

“We are husband and wife, and we have to live together for a lifetime. We are not strangers; you need to get used to me.”

Without hearing her response, MO Xiuchen continued, his deep, magnetic voice spreading throughout the spacious and silent master bedroom. Finally, it formed an impenetrable net that ensnared Wen Ran.

Her heart filled with a warm sensation, a touch of emotion, and something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. The hand holding the comb unknowingly loosened its grip.

MO Xiuchen smoothly took over the comb, let go of her hand, and his deep gaze lingered on her flushed face in the mirror. He then slowly began to comb through her hair.

Wen Ran sat stiffly in the chair, daring not to move. Her clear eyes stared at the man in the mirror, who softly combed her hair. His large hand holding the comb slid down from the top of her head and then returned to the top, repeating this motion with a natural rhythm. Her heart felt utterly softened by his tender strokes.

Thinking of the things Nanny Zhang told her while he was away on business, she felt an ache in her tender heart. How could this perfect man, whom she admired, have been treated so unfairly by the world, enduring so much pain and hardship from a young age?

“MO Xiuchen! ”

His name tumbled impulsively from her lips.


The man’s low, magnetic voice echoed above her head. His eyes, once lowered to look at her hair, now met hers through the mirror. His gaze was deep and warm.

“Here, give me tne comD. YOU go take a Datn. 1 Imagine you didn’t get mucn rest while you were away on business. After a bath, get some sleep.”

After she called him, and not quite knowing what to say next, she randomly came up with a topic to discuss under his steady gaze. As she spoke, she reached out to take the comb from him..