Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World-Chapter 323 Hallucinated Florida Man Feeds Youth a Vial of Alligator Blood to Make Him Mutant Ninja Version of John Wick

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?Chapter 323 – Hallucinated Florida Man Feeds Youth a Vial of Alligator Blood to Make Him Mutant Ninja Version of John Wick

A year quickly passed.

Under Leo's guidance, Tang San managed to ascend to the deity realm. However, he only managed to condense 11 stars in his dantian universe.

On the other hand, Leo spent the year fighting Tang San's clones in simulation mode, enhancing his foundation as a transcendent being. Although he couldn't defeat the clones even once, his combat sense drastically improved.

Both men came out from the time chamber. When they got out, Gao Yan, Jin Yong, and Yao Qiqi rushed to meet them.

Upon seeing Tang San's new look, the group was taken aback, especially Jin Yong. The guy blushed as Tang San's pretty face and valiant demeanor were his type.

Tang San forgot that he had the appearance of a woman. He crossed his arms and smiled, "It has been a year, guys."

Gao Yan snickered as he knew how Tang San felt as the time chamber experience was addictive. He also wished that he could stay inside that room for a month to train.

"You look FINE!" Jin Yong whistled.

"Welcome back," Gao Yan ignored Tang San's appearance as he also got the antler horns after Leo helped him.

Yao Qiqi glanced at Tang San's chest and pouted. She wished she could grow up soon.

Leo looked at the trio. Although he had promised that he would take one of them to the time chamber next, he decided to postpone the schedule due to personal reasons.

"Come back tomorrow. I'm taking a day off."


The group was dejected, but they dragged Tang San with them. The gang planned to ask the ladyboy about his progress.

Leo returned to his bus. Upon coming back, he went straight to Esen.

Esen was on the upper deck of the bus, relaxing on the beach. As Ivy, Beatrice, and Marc weren't there with her, she lay on the beach naked, enjoying the sunbath.

Sensing her husband's presence, Esen raised her head and looked at Leo.

"Oh, you're back."

Leo gazed at his wife's body and her stomach. Although she claimed that she was pregnant, it was still somewhat flat.

After ogling his wife's body, Leo's nostrils flared. He removed his clothes and got on top of her.

"I miss you."

Esen raised her eyebrows, "You only went out for a day. What's wrong?"

"You have no idea what kind of torture I've been through."

Because of Tang San's new sexy body, Leo had been suppressing his desire for a year. He kissed his wife and did his thing.

Esen was surprised, but she embraced him nonetheless. After all, they had dual-cultivated a dozen times before, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about anymore.

The morning of the next day, Leo ended the session, satisfied. His wife was also pleased with all the love and care.

"Let's do this again tomorrow." Leo proposed.

Esen giggled, "I might die at this rate. You're a monster!"

"That's one year's worth of saving. Anyway, get some rest."

After taking a bath, Leo returned to the time chamber to train another youngster.



In front of the time chamber, Tang San, Gao Yan, Jin Yong, and Yao Qiqi waited for Leo. They wondered what Leo would teach them next.

Leo arrived and fulfilled his promise. He pointed at Gao Yan.

"You're up next, Gao Yan. Come with me!"

Jin Yong raised his hand as he was curious. "Lord Florida Man. The time chamber supports five people at a time. Can we enter the room together with you?"


Everybody was surprised and curious, "Why, sir?"

"Do you want me to disclose your cultivation secrets to your colleagues? Do you know that every cultivation method, dao, or technique isn't compatible with everybody? If you accidentally learn someone else's technique by accident, your dantian might become unstable because of the foreign incomplete daos. Do you want to experience those complications?"

"…No, sir."

"Then, stay out of it. One person at a time!"

Jin Yong and Yao Qiqi sighed and gave up entering the time chamber along with Gao Yan. Meanwhile, Tang San was grateful for the privacy.

As the youngsters had nothing else to do, they left the area and visited the bookstore to play.

Leo dragged Gao Yan to the time chamber and began his scheme.

Inside the time chamber, Leo repeated what he did to Tang San. First, he evaluated Gao Yan's status and biography.


Name: Gao Yan

Alias: None

Age: 17

Race: Yan Human

Cultivation Base: 202-Star Deity

Bloodline: Thunder Elemental Bloodline

Biography: Gao Yan was born a commoner, and raised by a family of farmers. After his parents died, he joined the Life Sword Sect as an outer disciple to survive. He learned the ways of the swords and fell in love with the sword dao. However, he lacked funds and cultivation resources to grow as a cultivator, so he always visited the local landmark site 'Sword Saint Boulder' to learn sword techniques.

At the age of 16, he encountered a rogue overlord "Florida Man" who bestowed him an opportunity and precious cultivation resources. Because of the overlord's support, Gao Yan's potential was unlocked, and he rapidly grew as a cultivator. Within less than a year, he ascended as the youngest deity.


There was nothing special about him except for his passion for the sword dao and his antler horns, aka the source of his thunder elemental bloodline. Leo wondered if he could stimulate his growth a bit.

"System, what's the best action to boost his strength and unlock his true potential?"

<As usual – Purchase an entity's bloodline and give it to him. In this case, you should bestow him another elemental bloodline to add versatility.>

"How about a better bloodline to upgrade his thunder one?"

<Specializing only one element can be a demerit in the higher realm. If Gao Yan cultivates multiple elements, such as Fire & Thunder, Wind & Thunder, or Light and Thunder, he can take advantage of the element synergy and develop his sword dao more efficiently. Moreover, he will have fewer weaknesses in the future.>

Leo was enlightened. He then explored the shopping system and explored the elemental bloodline section.

- (Deceased) Overlord Salagator Bloodline

- (Deceased) Overlord Garuda Bloodline

- Overlord Shuri Bloodline

The names varied. Leo deeply frowned as it was different from what he had imagined.

Leo pressed on the first dead overlord's name to see his details. Unfortunately, it was not something impressive as he was a dead entity, who specialized in fire element essence and flame dao. He was also a flame alligator, which was already extinct from the universe.

As he couldn't decide, Leo asked Gao Yan.

"Boy, if you have a chance to learn one special element, which one do you like the most? Fire, wind, or light?"

Gao Yan didn't understand the question, but he had a vague answer in his mind.

"I'm already good at electric and lightning. My Qi also generates heat well, but I'm not well-versed in fire manipulation. If I can choose, I would like to learn some fire techniques to go with my lightning attribute, please."


Leo picked the Salagator choice and got a vial of crimson blood. He gave it to Gao Yan.

"Here is what you want. This is the bloodline of an extinct race, Salagator! If you consume this, you might… transform again."


Before Gao Yan changed his mind, Leo immediately brought out eight heavenly fate crystals and combined seven. The seven crystals merged into one, becoming another true heavenly fate crystal.

After getting the second true heavenly fate crystal, Leo appraised it.



True Heavenly Fate Crystal

This crystal can only be created by merging seven Heavenly Fate Crystals. Any True Heavenly Fate Crystal can be used as a consumable item, a socket item for system facilities, or an imprint on a soul.

By crushing this crystal, the owner can erase all system abilities from a nearby system user who has obtained their system abilities from heavenly fate crystals or inferior crystals.

If it is equipped in a system facility or system equipment's socket, it will grant a random blessing to the facility or the equipment. In case it is used to imprint a soul, a unique system will be generated and imprinted to the karmic soul. However, it will disappear if the true heavenly fate crystal's owner is killed by another true fate crystal's owner.

Hidden Feature (1): If any sword practitioner under 20 years of age becomes the owner of this 'True Heavenly Fate Crystal', they will unlock the 'Sword God System'. Every time the fate crystal's owner kills an enemy with a sword, they acquire points, which can be exchanged to unlock new sword skills.

Hidden Feature (2): This True Heavenly Fate Crystal can boost one of the following attributes for the owner if it is imprinted on its owner's soul.

- Physical Strength (25%)

- Dexterity and Agility (25%)

- Sword Qi (50%)

Hidden Feature (3): If this true heavenly fate crystal is the only fate crystal in the owner's soul, the owner's cultivation ceiling will be capped at the Transcendent Level 10. Otherwise, the owner's cultivation base is capped at the Entity Realm or this effect is overridden by a superior true fate crystal.


The content was different from Tang San's true heavenly fate crystal. Still, Leo was surprised by its usefulness.

"I guess it's tailored for you, Gao Yan."

"What is that, senior?" Gao Yan was interested.

"Alright, come here. I'll explain."

Repeated what he had offered Tang San, Leo let Gao Yan choose between the two options – The easy mode and the hard mode.

Similar to Tang San, Gao Yan made the decision instantly, "I wish to take the long and arduous challenge, senior. I don't like the shortcut path. It sounds boring."

"If you say so."

Leo shoved the true heavenly fate crystal into Gao Yan's body and imprinted it on his soul. Afterward, he let Gao Yan digest the new information and his "Sword God System".

A system screen appeared in front of Gao Yan, informing the emergence of his sword system. He stared at it in astonishment for a while.

While Gao Yan didn't pay attention to him, Leo shoved the vial of blood into Gao Yan's mouth and poured its contents down his throat. After ensuring that Gao Yan consumed the blood properly, he let the youth manage the blood.


"Work hard for me, boy. Also, don't end up like Tang San. I don't want to suffer a whole year watching some bouncing boobas."

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