Foreign Land Reclamation By a Vegetable-growing Skeleton-Chapter 171 - 131 Your Dragon Egg is Saved_3

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Chapter 171: Chapter 131 Your Dragon Egg is Saved_3

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Just then, Negris felt a powerful aura appearing ahead.

Bang! Luther, who was pursuing with great eagerness, suddenly felt this powerful aura pressing down from the front and instinctively struck with his sword.

The aura ahead didn’t back down either, going head-on and threw a punch in retaliation.

Bang! The punch landed on Luther’s sword, causing a blast sound due to the impact. The force sent Luther flying, while the opponent remained unmoved.

Alarmed, Luther raised a warning, “Everyone, be careful!”

Luther was utterly shocked. The weapon in his hands was the Dragon Pattern Steel Core Two-handed Sword, imbued with a piercing enchantment. Combined with his own strength, his full-force swing was easily knocked back by the opponent’s bare hand. How was that possible? Was the opponent’s fist made of metal?

Even when he was sent flying, the opponent remained unscathed. Who was this person? Was this the power of the Sword of Truth?

Despite being slightly taken aback, Luther didn’t hesitate. After issuing the warning, he pulled out a beet and began chewing. He initially thought it was going to be an easy chase but unexpectedly ran into a tough opponent, thus he had not wasted the beet.

Ange rushed over, creating row after row of explosive fireballs in front of him that streaked through the dark night towards the enemy.

The enemy swung his fists continuously, blasting one exploding fireball after another. The exploding fireballs illuminated the dark night, as well as the enemy’s figure.

It was a strange-looking middle-aged man. His cheekbones bulged, his chin was elongated, his eyes were narrow, almost invisible, and his nostrils faced directly at the man, looking even larger than his eyes.

He was dressed in a simple outfit resembling that of a fisherman, with fine grains of salt still clinging to the clothing. It seemed as if he had been out at sea and directly came here without washing, leaving behind salt residues after the seawater evaporated.

Although his appearance and attire were odd, his strength was anything but ordinary. After blasting a dozen exploding fireballs, he probably got a bit annoyed and stopped swinging his fists, electing to let the fireballs explode on him instead. The flames from the explosion seemed to simply die on him like a light breeze, disappearing quickly.

“A powerful magic resistance!” Luther called out loudly, invoking his energy and wrapping it around his two-handed sword, ready to go forward.

Just then, Naeli came rushing over, flapping her wings and stepping erratically onto the sandy ground like a mother hen, exclaiming, “Stop, Brucek!?”

The strange man turned his head to look; his eyes, which were initially narrowed, now widened in shock and revealed vertical pupils. “Grandmother Naeli?! How is this possible? Didn’t you die? How come…how come…you’ve shrunk?”

On hearing the name Brucek and noticing the vertical pupils in the opponent’s eyes, Negris quickly shouted, “Stop, stop, he’s one of us!”

Luckily, he shouted quickly. The angel skeleton had already spread its wings, and Ange was preparing to drag Petersburg out.

“This is the Dragon Clan Transformation Art. This is my great-nephew, Gold Dragon Brucek, the current Dragon Clan Chief. What are you doing here?” The last sentence was directed to Brucek by Naeli.

Brusk’s eyes darted back and forth between Negris and Naeli in disbelief and finally, he said,

“I received the bloodline message from you, grandmother, and was about to bring everyone to collect your remains, but we were held up by a human Truth master at the outer sea. I secretly sent Yulanda to check, but she was captured by a human master midway. With no choice, I had to come myself. What’s happening here?”

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you – I was resurrected. Ange created a new body for me. Oh, I remember now. What happened to that dragon egg in your house? Has it been stuck for a long time? If you use my method, it can solve the problem of a stuck egg.”

Naeli replied quickly in an excited tone, “Brusk, your dragon egg, there’s hope!”