Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment-Chapter 994 False Alarm

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Chapter 994 False Alarm

No matter how unwilling the man was, he had indeed lost this match.

According to the rules, when the competition time was over, even if the winner only won one dollar, the winner would take all.

And Ye Feng relied on the last round. Not only did he win back his capital, he even won 200,000 chips.

Many people were speechless. This guy was addicted to transporting dog poop.

He had won 1.6 million at the last minute in the last round and barely entered the top 64.

This round was also a win at the last moment.

This luck was really extraordinary.

Perhaps only Hong Jiajun knew how strong Ye Feng was.

If he really came to participate in the competition today, then he might not be able to keep his position as the Gambling King.

Ye Feng raised his head and glanced at him, nodding with a smile.

This time, Hong Jiajun had helped him. If he had not provoked that man, he might have stopped here.

Although he wasn't that concerned about this match, he still owed the other party a favor.

After this round of screening, there were only thirty-two contestants left on the field. The others left one after another.

The next round of thirty-two to the top sixteen would be a 21-point competition. It would also be a two-versus-two fight.

This time, they weren't free to choose their opponents, but drew lots to decide.

Everyone prayed that they would draw Ye Feng. After all, he had advanced in the first two rounds due to luck. He was obviously a lucky weakling.

Just as the drawing of lots was proceeding in an orderly manner, a commotion suddenly sounded from outside.

"I've already finished the competition. Why can't you let me leave? This is imprisonment. If you stop me again, I'm going to call the Office of Personnel…"

From the sound, it was Ye Feng's opponent from the previous match. It seemed like he had a conflict with the staff.

All the contestants looked at each other in bewilderment.

"What's going on? From the sound of it, he can't leave even after the competition? What kind of rule is this?"

"I've never heard of it. I've participated in the Gambling King Tournament several times, but there's never been such a rule."

"That's right. He's finished the competition. Why can't he leave? What right do they have to restrict his personal freedom?"

"Is he here to compete or to be a prisoner?"

The discussions at the venue grew louder and louder. It was obvious that everyone was angry at the organizer's actions.

Hong Xiaotian couldn't sit still anymore. He hurriedly got up and walked to the stage. "Everyone, please calm down. It must be because the staff didn't communicate well."

"Everyone, continue the competition. Don't be affected by anything."


"Mr. Hong, we believe in the fairness of you and the competition. We hope that you won't disappoint us."

"Yes, the Gambling King Tournament has been going on for so many years, but there has never been such a problem. I hope you can give us a satisfactory explanation."

"Does the competition have restrictions on personal freedom? If there really is, then it will be a disgrace to the Gambling King Tournament."

"You must not allow this to happen, or we will withdraw from the competition."

"That's right, we're withdrawing from the competition collectively..."

Everyone's faces were filled with indignation and they were all clamoring to withdraw from the competition.

Hong Xiaotian quickly wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He stole a glance at Ye Feng. "Everyone, don't worry, the competition will be fair and just. It will not restrict anyone's freedom."

"I'll go check it out immediately and give everyone a satisfactory answer."

With that, he quickly walked out.

Xiao Changqing hesitated for a moment and quickly followed.

The match was thus suspended. Everyone was waiting for Hong Xiaotian's reply.

Ye Feng took the opportunity to observe the scene. Most of the people were discussing this matter indignantly.

However, a man in a black tuxedo and a mask in the corner did not communicate with anyone. He looked around as if nothing had happened, as if he was looking for an escape route.

Ye Feng immediately became suspicious. He wanted to go over and test him.

At this moment, the man's gaze coincidentally swept over. When he met his gaze, he was a little stunned at first, but then he revealed a friendly smile and nodded.

Ye Feng could only suppress the urge to go over and test him. He nodded at him.

Before he was 100% sure, he couldn't act rashly.

This would not only alert the enemy, but it would also disrupt the order of the competition, putting the Hong and Xiao families in danger.

Soon, Hong Xiaotian and Xiao Changqing walked back, the man who fought with Ye Feng in the previous round was behind them.

"Hahaha, this is all a misunderstanding. Please come and explain it to everyone personally." Hong Xiaotian first smiled at everyone, then turned his head and nodded at the man.

The man immediately walked forward and smiled apologetically at everyone. "Sorry for troubling everyone. It's all a misunderstanding."

"I was in a bad mood because I lost the game. There was a small misunderstanding with the service staff."

"Everyone, please don't delay the competition because of me. Otherwise, I'll be guilty."

When everyone heard his explanation, they were relieved.

If it was just a misunderstanding, then it was nothing.

If the competition really restricted personal freedom, then they would really have to withdraw from the competition.

Hong Xiaotian once again cupped his hands at the crowd. "No matter what, this is all because our organizer didn't think it through. I hope everyone can forgive us."

"The competition will continue now. Don't let this affect your mood."

After saying that, he glanced at Ye Feng as if nothing had happened.

Ye Feng understood what he meant. Everything was under control.

Although he didn't know what method Hong Xiaotian and the others used to make that man shut up, it was really thanks to him and Xiao Changqing this time. Otherwise, it was very likely that they would alert the enemy and make the plan fail at the last step.

After this false alarm, the match continued.

From this match onwards, the participants could use their own funds, and there was no upper limit.

The atmosphere on the stage was much more intense than the previous two games. There were tens of millions of bets at every turn.

In the end, Ye Feng won this round without any danger. He successfully advanced to the top sixteen.

He had won more than 30 million chips in this round, and the total number of chips in his hands had reached more than 40 million.

Now, no one dared to underestimate him anymore.

It could be said that he was lucky if he did it once or twice, but now that he had already entered the top 16, anyone who said that he relied on luck would really be a fool.

None of the people who could enter the top 16 were weak.


After successfully entering the top sixteen, Ye Feng pretended to glance at the man in the tuxedo. He was indeed in the top sixteen, and it seemed like he was quite strong.

However, he did not dare to observe for too long. The King of Thieves, Ah Can, was very vigilant. Once he realized that the situation was not good, he might take the opportunity to escape.

Of course, since he had already locked onto the suspect, he wasn't afraid that the other party would escape.

Under his inescapable net, if the other party could still escape from under his eyes, then he might as well find a piece of tofu and kill himself.

In the following matches, Ye Feng continued to work hard and won all the matches.

He had won nearly 60 million in chips in the round of 16 to 8, and the chips in his hands had directly exceeded 100 million.

And for the top four of the eight, the chips doubled again, breaking through 200 million.

At this moment, there were only four contestants left in the hall.

Other than Ye Feng and Hong Jiajun, there was also a contestant from Japan and the man in the tuxedo.

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