From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show-Chapter 468 Baby June

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Chapter 468 Baby June


Coos were heard in the room as Jenny continued showing them June's baby pictures.

June had to admit that Choi Joon-ho was pretty cute as a kid. However, he didn't enjoy his members' obnoxious praises. They sounded like proud little parents on their kid's first day at school.

"Are you done?" June asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"I have one more photo to show you," she exclaimed.

The members waited in anticipation, and June, too, craned his neck to get a better look at the photo.

June's eyes widened when he saw his baby self dressed in nothing but Shrek underwear.


He tried to get the phone out of Jenny's hand, but Jisung held him back.

June, however, broke free from the younger member's hold and attempted to get Jenny's phone once more.

However, it seemed like his members made it a pact to embarrass him as they restrained him as a group.

"Delete that!" June exclaimed, trying to get away from four of his members.

"Dang, you're really strong," Akira said. "We need Casper up in here."

However, Casper was busy exchanging contacts with Jenny so she could send June's photos to him. freew

June's eyes widened, already sensing dread as Casper mischievously gazed at his phone screen.

"Stop him!" June said.

Casper turned his phone to the members and showed the posted photo on his feed.

"I posted it," he innocently said.

June slumped into his members' arms. However, they merely laughed at his misery, even praising Casper for the witty caption he formulated.

June opened his phone and went to Casper's profile.

There, he saw one of his baby photos uploaded. Fortunately, it wasn't the photo of him in his Shrek undies. Instead, it was a photo of him eating a root vegetable of some sort.

Nonetheless, the caption was still appalling.

'Baby June'

The reactions quickly piled up, and most of them were cooing at June's cuteness.

- If this was my child, I would feed him expensive food every day.

- I feel like I could never say no to this child.

- Why is June so cute?

- Everyone's talking about June being cute (he really is), but can we talk about the caption?

- Baby June? Is Casper saying June is his baby?

- What's their ship name? #JunePer

- That's an ugly ass name.

- Oh goodness. The shippers are here. I thought we'd be free for a couple more months, but I guess we can never escape from them.

- #JunePer

June slumped on the couch, placing his phone on the couch before going to where Jenny was.

He held onto her wrist and dragged her out of the dorm despite her and the member's refusal.

June pulled her in front of the elevator, a subtle glare still evident in his eyes.

Jenny continued to laugh, not even looking bothered that June's baby photos were causing yet another uproar.

"You should go home," June said, pointing at the elevator.

"Aww, is baby June upset?" Jenny continued to tease, causing June to let out a deep breath.

"You already got your objective. Stop bothering me...and stop following me around," he bluntly said.

Jenny, instead of being offended by June's bluntness, smiled widely.

June looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"Ah, it's good seeing you like this," Jenny said, nostalgia evident in her voice."Since we were young, you always let other people step on you. Now, you speak your mind. I feel very proud," she said.

"I feel like your mom and dad will be proud too." ๐‘“๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐’ท๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐˜ญ.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

June's expression softened when he heard those words.

Somehow, Jenny, insinuating that his parents would be proud, made his heart swell with joy.

A small smile appeared on his lips.

"However, I'm still worried," Jenny said, making June's smile drop.

"I wasn't being completely honest when I told you the reason why I wanted to speak with you," she started off.

"I know it's been a long time, but I still remember our last phone call," she said, softer this time.

"Phone call?" June asked, trying to recall the distant memory but to no avail.

"It was a dark...rainy day," she whispered. "And you sounded so scared."

June frowned as he observed the shift in her attitude. It was only moments ago when she was teasing him for his baby photos, yet now, she appeared to be in distress.

June could hear footsteps coming to where they were, so he quickly opened the elevator and pushed her in.

Then, he brought out one of the calling cards that Jay had crafted for him. It was filled with pink cats, cheese balls, and gummy bears. It definitely didn't look professional at all, but it was better than nothing.

"Here's my number. Save it and text me. We'll talk more about what you said," he said.

"June!" Jordan's voice resonated in the halls as he greeted the younger idol.

June threw one last look toward Jenny as the elevator doors closed before turning to Jordan with a curt smile.

Jenny let out a deep breath as soon as the doors closed.

She leaned against the cold metal and slightly smiled.

"He's changed so much," she whispered.

Then, she looked down at his calling card and smiled even wider.

"But he still likes cute things."

"I guess some aspects of him are still the same."

The elevator door opened, and Jenny felt like a huge thorn was removed from her heart.

Her relationship with June became more strained as they grew up because her relatives were not fond of June's parents.

That led June's family to become isolated from their clan.

If you asked Jenny, then she would say it was for the best.

Their family tree wasn't great anyway.

That led to Jenny's relationship with June growing even more distant, and as he became a trainee, they rarely got to talk aside from a couple of phone calls here and there.

Jenny left the building, feeling relieved. She hummed to herself, almost skipping in joy after the reunion with her dear cousin.

She was waiting for the pedestrian street light to turn green before she crossed, looking left and right.

However, she suddenly felt a push behind her, making her eyes go wide.

She was pushed onto the pedestrian lane while the light was still red, and she saw a car coming her way.

Jenny fell down to the ground, closing her eyes and shielding her head with her arms.

Dang, was she going to die on the day she met her beloved cousin? She always bashed those people who got hit by a car for no good reason in TV dramas. For her, it appeared like they still had a lot of time to escape.

However, now that she was in the situation, she realized it was definitely easier said than done.

She closed her eyes and waited for the impact, but it never came. Instead, she felt a pat on her shoulder.

"Hey, young lady, are you alright?" an old man asked, looking concerned for her safety.

There, she saw that the car had stopped right before it could hit her.

Then, she stood, looking around for whoever pushed her.

However, aside from the old man, nobody else was there.

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