General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For Farming-Chapter 962 - : Exposing the Secret (2)

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Chapter 962 - 962: Exposing the Secret (2)

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After the guards walked away, the two of them returned to the ground.

But before they could take another step, someone else came over.

This time, he was not coming at them head-on, but from the direction of the entrance.

The two of them could only return to the tree.

To the couple’s surprise, the person who came was the head of the Xue family, Xue Ping.

Xue Ping’s martial arts attainment was not weak.

The two of them restrained their auras in time and even held their breaths.

Xue Ping passed by the tree and headed southeast.

That was where the abandoned mine was.

Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Ting exchanged glances.

Xue Ping was also going to check that secret.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Xue Ping’s departing back and whispered, “This Xue Ping is really capable. Has he guessed our goal?”

Wei Ting also looked at Xue Ping. “I more or less guessed it, but I don’t have evidence. He’s also worried that we will secretly go to the mine to dig for secrets.”

Su Xiaoxiao touched her chin. “So he went to check if the secret had been exposed?”

“Probably,” Wei Ting said. “Let’s find a place to hide first. We’ll go after he’s done checking. ”

The two of them found a col nearby.

After waiting for almost an hour, Xue Ping returned from the abandoned mine.

After Xue Ping disappeared, Su Xiaoxiao opened the map and said, “We’re here now. The mine shouldn’t be far away. Why did he go for so long? Could it be that there’s only a passageway? The real secret is hidden in a faraway place.”

The two of them thought of the secret room of the previous dynasty at Broken North Pass.

Su Xiaoxiao muttered, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid it’ll be troublesome.”

Wei Ting said, “Let’s go in and take a look.”

The two of them walked forward cautiously.

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the mine.

This place was locked by an iron fence.

Wei Ting used his internal force to pull open the iron fence.

After the two of them entered, he used his internal energy to restore the iron fence.

From the outside, it was almost no different from before. The passageway was deep and dark.

Su Xiaoxiao took out a small flashlight from her pouch.

Wei Ting was already used to such strange things.

He took it and led the way.

The two of them walked along the passageway.

They came to the first fork.

“Left or right?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

“Right,” Wei Ting said.

Soon, they encountered a second fork.

Wei Ting said, “Left.”

The third fork was to the right.

That was how Cheng Sang drew it.

After entering the last passageway, they walked for a full half an hour.

“We’re at the end,” Wei Ting said. “There’s no way out at all.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “How’s it drawn on the map?”

Wei Ting said, “After drawing three forks on the map, she stopped.” Su Xiaoxiao looked around. “In that case, it should be nearby.”

Wei Ting patted the end wall. “It’s solid. There’s nothing behind it.” The two of them began to pat the side wall.

Su Xiaoxiao patted and knelt, her ear pressed to the ground.

After a while, she waved at Wei Ting. “Wei Ting, come over and listen!”

Wei Ting came over and knelt down to listen.

“It’s the sound of water.” Wei Ting remarked.

There was running water behind the corner.

“Get up first.” He helped Su Xiaoxiao stand behind him.

He bent down again and tapped the corner of the wall with his hand.

“It’s hollow. There must be a way in.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes trembled. “Be careful!” An arrow suddenly shot at Wei Ting.

Wei Ting raised his hand and grabbed the arrow that almost hit his forehead.

Wei Xu had just used this move in the morning.

He had learned.

However, the danger was not over.

Countless mechanisms suddenly appeared on the passageway they came from. Arrows that covered the sky shot towards the two of them.

Wei Ting blocked Su Xiaoxiao behind him, pulled out the sword at his waist, and slashed down the arrows!

When the last one flew over, he stepped onto the wall and sent the arrow flying with a roundhouse kick.

After landing steadily on the ground, he turned around and asked Su Xiaoxiao, “Are you injured?”

Right after Su Xiaoxiao put on her silver silk gloves, a second wave of hidden weapons attacked.

This time, it was not arrows, but poisonous darts.

They were attached from the front and back.

Wei Ting blocked most of it.

Su Xiaoxiao caught one with her bare hands.

She narrowed her eyes. “That Xue guy stayed here for so long just now. Could he be setting up a mechanism?

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the poison on the dart that had yet to dry. There was still the faint fragrance of osmanthus cake. freew

It seemed that the guards were pretending to pack food and transporting poison.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “We clearly didn’t do anything. Why is Xue Ping so guarded?”

Wei Ting said, “It shouldn’t be our relationship. It’s Cheng Sang. Cheng Sang is related to the secret in the mine. Xue Ping and the others are worried that she remembered something and can’t sit still.”

“There shouldn’t be any hidden weapons left.”

“Don’t move!”

Wei Ting suddenly said in a low voice.

Su Xiaoxiao froze.

Wei Ting calmly held his sword tightly. “There’s a poisonous snake.”

He slashed.

The poisonous snake was killed on the spot.

“It’s a Gu.”

Su Xiaoxiao.

She sensed the Gu’s aura.

How strange. She had never noticed it in the past.

“If it’s a Gu, I’m not afraid.”

Su Xiaoxiao untied a sachet from her waist and smiled. “Yin Xiaodie gave it to me. It’s three feet in radius and is invulnerable to hundreds of Gu!”

Wei Ting said, “Oh.”

Su Xiaoxiao muttered, ” Why do you sound a little disappointed?”

Next, the two of them did not encounter any danger. Instead, Wei Ting discovered a mechanism on the wall.

After pressing it, the wall on the right suddenly moved, revealing a stone door.

There was a strange groove in the middle of the stone door.

The shape of the groove looked familiar to Su Xiaoxiao.

She paused and looked down to find an irregular piece of iron in her pouch.

The Head of the Secret Service gave her three keys in the third brocade bag.

One of them had been used in the secret room of the Holy Maiden Temple’s Qionghua Hall.

This was the second one.

When she put the key in, the stone door opened with a bang.

Wei Ting looked at her with surprise.

However, not long after, the two of them encountered something even more shocking.

In the secret chamber that looked like a palace in front of him, night pearls were scattered, dispersing layers of clear light.

Before coming, Su Xiaoxiao had guessed what secrets were hidden in the mine.

Was it countless treasures? Or was it a treasure left behind by the previous dynasty?

Or was it like the White Lotus Society which had secretly raised an army.

In the end, it was neither.

In the middle of the empty hall, it was bright.

She and Wei Ting only saw one person.

A living person who was breathing, had a heartbeat, and was painting..

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