Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 1992 Quarrel

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Chapter 1992 Quarrel

However, according to the official statement of the Central Federation, the plan had been shelved many years ago.

The reason why it was shelved at that time was that the project experiment was exposed to require the use of demi-humans as a medium, which was considered inhumane.

A few years ago, Miyamoto Teru completely took control of two mid-tier game worlds and completed the main mission of the mid-tier game world. He had successfully obtained a reward that made people jealous, and his overall strength had increased greatly.

He even applied for the Central Federation's independent research and development authorization as well as the Central Federation's gaming department's transfer authorization.

Such authorization was not easy to obtain.

As for whether Miyamoto Teru was still secretly conducting research related to demi-humans, Lei Yu was not sure.


Lei Yu felt that this old fellow would not stop.

After the incident at Haines School, they had vaguely investigated Miyamoto Teru and asked his secretary about the situation. However, the other party said that they had no information to provide.

Now that something had happened, they still did not give any indication. Instead, they blamed the attack on them.

It was very much in line with this old fellow's style of doing things.

"Captain, what should we do now?" after adjusting his emotions, the team member said, "Our tracking of Fang Heng and Gu Qingzhu is already very weak. I'm afraid we can't continue to locate them."

"There's no need to continue following her. If we want to find Gu Qingzhu, we have to start with Miyamoto Teru."

Lei Yu had an idea. He rubbed his fingers gently, like a hunter weaving a trap waiting for his prey to enter. His eyes flickered with a sharp light.

"Gather our men first. Last time, we underestimated Gu Qingzhu and Fang Heng's abilities. This time, it won't be so easy for them to escape."


Zombie Apocalypse Teleportation Zone No. 3.

After two hours of hard work, Fang Heng finally completed the construction of the simulated signal alchemy magic array.

Fang Heng retreated to the side of the magic array, sighed deeply, and shook his dizzy head.

He could be sure now.

The player who set up the original alchemy magic array was at master-level alchemy!

If he hadn't memorized the details of the magic array on the portal and had a rough idea, it would have taken him at least half a year to figure out the digital signal conversion of the magic array.

Due to the lack of time, the magic array had been destroyed after his modifications. The overall area had also expanded by more than ten times, so it could only be set up on the ground.

It was already very good.

And this was with the help of the omniscient eye.

Carl, the prince of the vampires who had been waiting at the side, reported, "Your Majesty, the construction materials you requested have been prepared. There are still a few special materials that are on the way. They should be delivered within five hours."


Fang Heng glanced at Carl, who was waiting at the side, and nodded at him, saying, "You stay here first. If Mr. Victor needs anything, do your best to help him."

"Yes, sir!"

Fang Heng closed his eyes and went offline again.

"Ding dong! Ding-dong!!"

A dozen notifications popped up on his phone.

In the past few hours, several pieces of news had been released on the official website, one after another, setting off a storm on the internet.

The Central Federation's demi-human tribe experiment plan was completely exposed, and most of the information was uploaded to the internet and made public.

The reaction of the people was extreme.

Some of the photos in the information that used demi-humans to conduct experiments were too cruel and unbearable.

The public was almost one-sided in their denouncement, demanding that the Central Federation conduct a thorough investigation of the matter and immediately stop the project.

But soon, the direction of the wind changed slightly.

Some experts and players objected.

Now that everyone was struggling in the game, if the game migration project was successful, would they be able to find a new game world to survive in?

Fang Heng frowned.

It seemed that someone was adding fuel to the fire and leading the way, whitewashing the Federation's actions.

"Miyamoto Teru..."

Soon, an interview with Central Federation member Miyamoto Teru caused the forum to explode again.

In the interview, Miyamoto Teru claimed that he was the person who approved the migration plan. He was the one who collaborated with CXX Company on some of their research projects. He was very disappointed with what happened to the demi-human tribe and believed that it was caused by lax control during the implementation of the plan.

However, no matter what, the demi-human tribe's violent destruction of the research institute was an extremely terrifying act.

Miyamoto Teru severely condemned this behavior and said that his migration project would never stop. He was doing it for the progress of mankind! For the development of mankind! freew(e)bnovel

For this, sacrifices were necessary. 𝘧𝘳ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝑏𝑛𝘰𝓋ℯ𝓁.𝘤𝘰𝓂

The reason why the players were so enthusiastic was partly because of Miyamoto's unyielding attitude and partly because of the apocalypse migration plan that was revealed by Miyamoto.

Many players had vaguely realized this. The so-called apocalypse might really be coming.

In the past, it was just a rumor, but now, the popularity of the vampires invading the world had not subsided, making the players feel that the environment they were in was becoming more and more unsafe.

The apocalypse rumors were becoming more and more real.

The rumors from the outside world and Miyamoto Teru's clamor made the entire online forum lively.

There were many discussions and votes online.

Books such as "The Migration Plan, the Last Shelter," "The Entrance Fee Is 100 Million, Do You Have the Capital to Enter?" "Either You Die, or the Demi-Human Tribe Dies. Which One Do You Choose?" "Apocalypse Survival Guide" and so on were appearing everywhere.

However, at this time, another international scientific researcher, Dr. Wayne, reported on the internet, claiming that he was threatened and forced to participate in Miyamoto's secret research experiment on Frostmist Island.

Dr. Wayne even confirmed that just a week ago, a group of about 50 demi-humans had been escorted to Frostmist Island through illegal means and forced to participate in secret research experiments related to the migration plan.

This move caused a huge uproar among the players.

Miyamoto Teru immediately released the news to the public.

However, many forces posted information on the internet, announcing the demi-human tribe-related research and experiments that Miyamoto Teru had done on Frostmist Island.

Dr. Wayne even posted some of the videos that he had taken privately on the internet. The content of the video caused the netizens to feel extremely uncomfortable.

A single stone caused a thousand ripples. For a time, the direction of the internet changed again. It was all denouncement of Miyamoto Teru.

This felt like beating a drowning dog.

Regardless of the dispute, the Federation had issued a new statement that inhumane research on the demi-human tribe was against the rules. They had stopped all inhumane research and organized a joint investigation team to thoroughly investigate Frostmist Island and the demi-human research.

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