Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 1118 - Nine Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent!

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1118 Nine Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent!
Zhou Zhou looked at the Lord Talent information carefully.

First of all, its Super Construction Engineering IX was renamed to Great Country Project.

It wasn’t that bad, most importantly, the effect of “His” talent had increased from one to a total of seven!

The first was the increase in construction efficiency from 90,000% to 100,000%, which was from 900 times to 1,000 times.

Which meant…

A building that took 1,000 years to build could be completed in only one year with the help of this building.

The second talent effect was not bad. It could allow the Professionals involved in building construction to obtain an additional 1,000% promotion energy.

The third Lord Talent could provide a large number of Building Blueprints for “His” territory, and it could also create better and better Building Blueprints.

With a large number of blueprints, the large number of buildings in Zhou Zhou’s territory that did not have blueprints could be put back into the blueprints to restore their original construction effects.

The fourth Lord Talent could increase the defense strength of “He”‘s defensive buildings by an additional 1,000%. The attack strength of offensive buildings would also increase by an additional 1,000%.

This was also a very practical improvement.

Especially in war, it would be even more obvious.

The fifth Lord Talent effect was that when the territory’s Subjects underwent construction-type Extraordinary-Tier profession training, it was easier for them to step onto the Extraordinary-Tier path and become Lifestyle Professionals.

This effect could allow “His” territory to produce a large number of construction-related Lifestyle Professionals. Coupled with the 1,000-fold construction efficiency bonus, it could completely increase the construction efficiency of “His” territory to another level.

The sixth Lord Talent effect could attract more construction-type Lifestyle Professionals to “His” territory. It might also attract some high-level construction-type Lifestyle Professionals.

The effects of the seventh Lord Talent surprised “Him” the most.

It could actually allow “He” and “His” Territory Subjects to obtain more Building Blueprint Loots from the enemy when they went out to battle. There was also a chance of obtaining Special Building Blueprints.

Zhou Zhou had already tasted the benefits of special buildings.

For example, the Imperial Ancestral Temple, the Triumphal Arch, the Dragon Transformation Pool, the God of Death statue, and so on…

There were also special buildings seized from other races, such as the Water God Tower, the Holy Flood Dragon Trial Tower, the Myriad Water Mirror Palace, and other unique race buildings.

Compared to ordinary buildings, these buildings had extremely practical and outstanding architectural effects.

If “He” could use the effects of the seventh Lord Talent to obtain more special buildings, coupled with the 1,000 times increase in construction efficiency, it would guarantee that “His” territory would have more diversity and development potential. The development speed would definitely increase greatly.

“As expected of the Mythical-Tier One and Only Lord Talent.”

“You didn’t disappoint me.”

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

Then, “He” looked at his remaining Lord Talent Crystal Fragment.

The number of Lord Talent Crystal Fragments of other grades did not change.

Only the number of Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Crystal Fragments had decreased to 210,046,724.

“It will probably take another day or two before I can upgrade to the next Mythical-Tier, the One and Only Lord Talent.”

Zhou Zhou sighed.

“He” could not help but feel a little dazed.

There was a time when the Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent was something that “He” could only dream of.

As the owner of the King of Loots, he only had one or two Mythical-Tier Lord Talents.

During this period of time,

The number of “His” Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent began to explode.

Almost every day or two, a new Mythical-Tier One Lord Talent would be born.
This was a quantitative and qualitative change in strength, causing a quantitative and qualitative change in the growth speed!

This allowed “His” Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent to increase by leaps and bounds.

“I really want to stay in the High Continent for the rest of my life.”

“The feeling of being protected by the Supreme Will is so comfortable.”

Zhou Zhou thought.

However, “He” also knew that his thoughts were fantasies. He couldn’t help but shake his head in self-deprecation.

Then, “His” expression turned solemn.

“He” looked at the sun in the sky and thought about something.

Recently, “He” had a faint sense of danger.

Recently, “He” had a faint sense of danger.

“He” had to work hard to accumulate strength in the final days of “His” leisurely days.

“This premonition…”

“It should be referring to the new event that the Supreme Will will announce after the King of Ten Thousand Kings event ends, right?”

Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.

Only the new activities of the Supreme Will could give “He” such a feeling.

“The new activities in the Higher Continent will definitely not give me this feeling.”

“That leaves only one possibility.”

“The Supreme Will’s next event will begin in the myriad worlds, and not only in the High Continent.”

“Only a possible crisis after leaving the Higher Continent can give me such a premonition.”

Zhou Zhou thought.

Even so, “He” wasn’t too worried.

After all, he had the Mythical-Tier’s only Lord Talent, the Ten Divine Protection—War Master God Terrence’s Protection.

If a Master God-Tier powerhouse appeared, the Master God-Tier would personally protect “Him” without him needing to do anything.

Furthermore, “He” had the Lord Talent of the Shadow Realm Gate. “He” could enter the myriad worlds through the Shadow Realm Gate silently and develop in a low profile manner.

Thinking of this, “He” stopped thinking and looked at all the Mythical-Tier Lord Talents he currently had.

Currently, “He” had a total of nine Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talents.

They were:

Currently, “He” had a total of nine Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talents.

Scarlet Broodmother (Mythical-Tier—Unique)!

Ten Thousand Spirit Saint (Mythical-Tier—Unique)!

Ten Sacred Blessings—Master God of War, Terrence’s Protection (Mythical—Unique)!

Life Ark (Mythical-Tier—Unique)!

Supreme Conquest (Mythical-Tier—Unique)!

Lord Shop (Mythical-Tier—Unique)

Ultimate Algorithm (Mythical-Tier—Unique)!

King (Mythical-Tier—Unique)!

These nine Lord Talents all had top-notch effects.

It was hard for outsiders to imagine that they could all gather on one person.

Zhou Zhou gazed at his many Mythical-Tier Lord Talents and felt a sense of fulfillment.

Then, “He” closed the Lord Talent information interface and entered the Time World to continue comprehending the Lord Talent.

More than two hours later, Zhou Fight flew towards the Blood Moon Clan’s territory on 5,000 Galaxy with more than 400 billion Blazing Sun Kingdom soldiers.

In the territory of the Blood Moon Clan, when Zhou Fight led his army here, he saw a blood moon hanging high in the sky. The blood-colored light illuminated the entire territory of the Blood Moon Clan.

A deranged True God-Tier, who was dressed in blood-red armor and looked like a fox god, stood quietly in the blood moon.

It gazed strange and solemn.

Zhou Fight gazed at the blood moon and narrowed his eyes.

“He” could tell that the blood moon was not Regal Great Lunar’s Lunar Star, but a nomological creation created by a Master God-Tier Bloodline Law Skill.

“Is this a legacy left behind by the ancestors of the Blood Moon Clan for their descendants?”

Zhou Zhou recalled the information about the Blood Moon Clan and pondered to himself.

Then, “He” gazed at the crazy True God-Tier in the blood moon.

It was the Blood Moon Tribe’s current Patriarch—Xue Wuming!

At this moment, “He” had a stark contrast to his crazy image in the past. His eyes were actually clear.

Zhou Zhou narrowed his eyes slightly.

This was because “He” could actually sense a sense of danger from the other party.


“Looks like this fellow has become the true ancestor of the Blood Moon Clan.”

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue in wonder.