Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 1128 - : True God Of Massacre! Six Stars Across The Sky!

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Chapter 1128: True God Of Massacre! Six Stars Across The Sky!

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Just as “He” was carefully sensing the effects of the Moonfiend talent on “Him”…

“He” suddenly sensed something. With a thought, “He” looked up into the distance.

“His” gaze seemed to pass through the Divine Kingdom world and see the vast starry sky outside the Divine Kingdom.

A billion light-years away from “His” Divine Kingdom star, a huge Divine Kingdom star with a diameter of about a million light-years slowly appeared. Its entire body emitted a scarlet glow and had a ferocious and desolate aura.

Its golden flames illuminated the myriad worlds and began to spread the inheritance of its master.

Zhou Zhou calculated in his heart and smiled.

It turned out that Guo Qiao had become a True God-Tier.

Even though such a phenomenon of advancing to the True God-Tier was far inferior to “He”, it was considered a rather good phenomenon of advancement among True Gods.

“He” flew out of the Divine Kingdom world and looked at the sky.

The clouds in the sky within a radius of ten million miles turned blood-red, emitting the powerful power of the Original Sin. “Using the Law of Killing to become a True God-Tier.”

“What A God of Death.

“From today onwards, there will be a True God of Slaughter in my territory.” Zhou Zhou smiled.

Among the God Spirits, the God Spirits who walked the most infamous path did not dare to be provoked by other God Spirits.

He was not a Law of Extermination God Spirit, nor was he an instant death God Spirit, nor was he a Law of Death God Spirit…

He was the Killing Law God Spirit!

The deities who walked this law would live their lives on killing. They were truly fearless.

Even if you were a high-level bloodline race, if you dared to provoke a God Spirit of the Law of Killing, even if the other party was temporarily tolerant on the surface, the first person to take revenge would definitely be the person who had provoked “Him” in the future! 𝒇𝒓𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝓫𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝓵.𝓬𝒐𝒎

It was a perfect execution of what was known as the revenge of a lunatic. It was never too late!

Such God Spirits would even enjoy the process of taking revenge and killing. During this process, their nomological comprehension would continuously increase, and they would be closer to the origin of the nomological laws of killing!

If there was a God Spirit with the Law of Killing in a Lord’s faction in a Lord’s War, the other Lord’s faction would be afraid before the war began!

There was no other way!

Killing God Spirits not only killed decisively and bore grudges, but their

combat strength was also much higher than God Spirits of the same level.

Not only was the probability of defeat extremely high when fighting a Killing God Spirit, but the other party would also not hold back. If they could kill him, they would definitely not let him live.

Who would dare to provoke such a crazy God and Lord faction?

Zhou Zhou stopped thinking and continued to watch the scene in front of him.

“He” had a premonition.

This did not stop.

And just as Zhou Zhou was watching Guo Qiao become a True God-Tier…

The Gods of the entire High Continent and the myriad worlds had also observed the star projection of the new Divine Kingdom that had just been born. Sensing “His” brutal and murderous Divine Kingdom’s starlight, their hearts immediately turned cold.

“Another True God of Massacre has been born!”

“The appearance of the True God of Massacre. This already chaotic world is about to be filled with the smell of blood.

“Hahaha, the True God of Massacre has appeared! Let the True God of Massacre make this world even more chaotic!”

“Let me see which faction this True God of Massacre belongs to… Tsk, it’s the Blazing Sun Kingdom of the Common People’s Regal. Another True God-Tier expert has been born under the Common People’s Regal!?”

“As expected, it’s the Common People’s Regal again. I’ve gotten used to it over the past few days. I might be surprised if a True God expert doesn’t appear under the Common People’s Regal on any given day.”

“The Common People’s Regal is the Common People’s Regal! Now that a True God of Massacre has appeared, who in the High Continent can still stop the rise of the Common People’s Regal?”

“Old man, your information is outdated. Now, all the races have long thought that the development of the Common People’s Regal in the High Continent is no longer hindered. Even those top-notch bloodline races don’t intend to deal with ‘He’ before the Common People’s Regal leaves the Supreme Continent. As long as the current Common People’s Regal doesn’t foolishly provoke the forces of Divine Kingdom Lords, ‘He’ can rest easy in the High Continent.” “It’s already at this level?”

“It can actually force a top-notch bloodline race to such a state. Ridiculous!” freewebn(o)

The Gods of the High Continent and the myriad worlds either had their own thoughts or discussed among themselves.

The speed at which the Common People’s Regal rose exceeded their imagination. Some of their God Spirits still found it hard to accept that the Common People’s Regal was almost invincible in the High Continent.

At this moment, another brand new Divine Kingdom starlight descended from the starry sky and shone on “Them,” causing their discussions to stop abruptly.

This was not the end.

The third Divine Kingdom light that was filled with blood-colored sword energy shone down again!

The fourth Divine Kingdom light that was filled with the aura of military formations and the aura of archery immediately shone on the gods.

The fifth golden Divine Kingdom light that was faintly filled with the furious roar of the Eastern Divine Dragon also shone down.

The sixth black-gray Divine Kingdom light that was filled with the aura of the Ghost Realm descended from the sky and enveloped them.

They looked at the distant starry sky and saw six Divine Kingdom stars standing in the starry sky.

Six stars soared through the sky!

Even though the laws revealed by the six Divine Kingdom stars were different, their auras were vaguely similar.

This situation meant that the True God -Tiers behind the six Divine Kingdoms were in the same Lord’s camp and were deeply influenced by that Lord. That was why the gods felt this way.

All the God Spirits in the high continent and the myriad worlds watched this scene in a daze.

There was only one thought left in their minds.

Has the world gone mad?

How could a Kingdom-level Lord faction have six True God -Tiers born at the same time in a day?!

“Could this Common People’s Regal really be loved by the Supreme Will?”

“This is too shocking. I’ve roamed countless worlds, but I’ve never encountered such a ridiculous thing in the countless eras!”

“Six True God-Tiers were born at the same time. The Common People’s Regal actually broke his own record. How long has it been?”

“I have a feeling that this record will be broken by the Common People’s Regal.’

“Stop joking. It’s already ridiculous enough for six True God-Tiers to be born at the same time. If we break this record again, I… I’ll directly bring my disciple to join the Common People’s Regal!”

The Gods were all shocked by this scene.

Meanwhile, in the distant Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou flew high in the sky and watched the scene in amazement.

The stars of the six Divine Kingdoms lay across the starry sky, illuminating the myriad worlds and evolving into billions of myths and legends.

In the Blazing Sun Kingdom, the clouds within a radius of ten billion kilometers all emitted various divine lights, announcing the birth of many True God-Tiers.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Figures emitting astonishing divine might appeared behind Zhou Zhou as they looked at the phenomenon in the sky in shock and surprise.

They were the Yellow Emperor, Chi Xuantian, Yuan Cong, and more than 100 True Gods.

“Another True God has been born in our kingdom!” “Gasp, six True Gods at once. I’ve never even heard of it.”

“The Supreme Will protects our Blazing Sun Kingdom!”

The True Gods discussed happily..

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