Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 832 - New Wind Kingdom's Treasure Vault! Kingdom's Golden Monument!

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832 New Wind Kingdom’s Treasure Vault! Kingdom’s Golden Monument!
Zhou Zhou looked at the two fog monsters in front of him.

The King of the New Wind Demon Kingdom—Li Anlan!

The New Wind Demon King Queen—Yang Lan!

Both of them only had the strength of a Legendary-Tier Advance Grade. Facing Zhou Zhou’s army and experts, they naturally had no resistance and were easily taken down. Then, they were bewitched by a Legendary-Tier hero under his command and brought here.

As for the three original New Wind God Spirits who had been transformed into scarlet God Spirits, they were also easily destroyed by his subordinates.

However, they only had Legendary-Tier weapons and equipment, as well as a few inferior-level materials.

After being extracted by Zhou Zhou, he only obtained a few divine artifacts at the Low-Tier Deity Level and Mid-Tier Deity-level divine materials.

It was better than nothing.

At the side, Li Huiyue watched this scene in a daze.

She had thought that Her Majesty would take down the New Wind Demon Kingdom very quickly.

However, she did not expect it to be so fast.

But thinking about it, it made sense.

There was already a huge difference in strength.
Under her persuasion, the Wind God Dragon did not attack the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom. Of course, even if it did, it would probably be useless.

His Majesty used the Incite Defection again and directly incited 50 million soldiers to engage in internal strife. With the help of the 10 God Spirits, in addition, the soldiers of the New Wind Demon Kingdom whom had almost forgotten how to use the war machines in the armory after being turned into fog monsters, the New Wind Demon Kingdom’s counterattack was as laughable as a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

“Teacher Li, my idea is to temporarily imprison the King Father and Queen Mother of yours.”

“When the Alchemist Union develops a higher quality Sacred Redemption Medicine in the future, we will be able to restore your King Father and Mother to their normal life form. Then, we will release them and reunite them with Teacher Li.”

“What do you think, Teacher Li?”

Zhou Zhou said.

Just now, the moment he took down this couple, he had already received a mission notification regarding the mission to conquer the New Wind Demon Kingdom, a Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade hidden mission that had been completed.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“I can accept it!”

Li Huiyue immediately knelt down and greeted Zhou Zhou respectfully.

This was already the best outcome for her.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he gently raised his hand. Li Huiyue stood up uncontrollably, causing her to look surprised.

Then, he turned to look at the Wind God Dragon.

It was a dragon that was about a thousand meters long.

Its entire body was greenish-blue, and there was a sky-blue dragon horn on its forehead. Its entire body emitted dense wind elemental energy, and at the same time, its body was covered in a layer of light green dragon armor.

At this moment, it was communicating with the Extreme Dragon and Nezario in a low voice.

He could tell that Nezario and the others accepted this new dragon very quickly.

Under the gazes of many of its clansmen, this Wind God Dragon was a little nervous and uneasy. It didn’t look like fear. Instead, it looked like… social phobia?

Zhou Zhou walked over and stood in front of it. His body emitted the bloodline pressure of the Light Sacred Dragon.

“Cessier, you are the guardian of the New Wind Kingdom’s treasury. Bring me to the New Wind Kingdom’s treasury.” He said.

In the face of the Light Sacred Dragon’s gentle and dignified bloodline pressure, Cessier was not so nervous. He was even a little close to Zhou Zhou.

It nodded obediently and lowered its body, indicating that Zhou Zhou could climb onto its back.

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly. Then, he flew onto its back.


Cessier’s dragon wings flapped, and the Wind Elemental energy was like a docile child. It carried Cessier and Zhou Zhou into the sky and flew towards the center of the New Wind Demon Kingdom.

Nezario and the Extreme Dragon looked at each other.

Nezario: “Roar! (I didn’t expect this kid with thick eyebrows and big eyes to be a bootlicker.)”

Extreme Dragon: “Roar! (I also want to be ridden by His Majesty!)”

Nezario: “… Hoho! (… His Majesty’s aura really makes the Dragon God fall for him!)”

The treasury of the New Wind Demon Kingdom was located in an invisible space in the middle of the New Wind Demon Kingdom.

As the guardian of the Kingdom’s treasure vault, Cessier used the energy in its body to carve an opening seal and easily opened the Kingdom’s treasure vault. Then, it brought Zhou Zhou in.

After entering the treasure vault, Zhou Zhou took a closer look and was immediately shocked.

In the huge kingdom’s treasury, there were as many as ten mountains piled up with high-level Mist Cores.

The total value was probably 40,000 to 50,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.

It was a hundred times better than the Beginner Kingdom!

Zhou Zhou even saw more than a hundred Divine Crystals and five Divine Spark Fragments containing Law Skills placed in the treasure box.

There were all kinds of high-level armor, high-level potions, rare Class Change Certificates, rare materials, territory fusion certificates, special treasures, high-level Elemental Gems…

There were all kinds of treasures, and the amount was huge.

Zhou Zhou looked at them one by one, but he did not put them into his King’s Treasure Box. Instead, he planned to transport all the soldiers back to the Blazing Sun Kingdom and store them in his kingdom’s treasury for the territory’s Subjects to exchange for.

He would treat it as increasing the kingdom’s finances.

As for his King’s Treasure Box, Zhou Zhou had already decided that unless it was a top-grade treasure, such as a God-Tier treasure, a True God-Tier treasure, or even a Master God-Tier treasure, or a treasure that he urgently needed, he would not easily put it in his “small vault.”

He looked all the way.

Zhou Zhou unknowingly arrived at the last row of the kingdom’s treasury.

Then, he saw a dark golden kingdom golden tablet.

He didn’t even look at the endurance. He directly took out the Sword Of New Dimension Creation and poured his Chaotic Sacred Power into it.


Under the infusion of the Chaotic Sacred Power, the Sword of Spacetime immediately emitted intense spatial fluctuations in all directions, evolving into countless spatial illusions, making the realm where Zhou Zhou was seem to have entered a spatial flux.

Fear appeared in Cessier’s eyes.

However, when it saw that these spacetime illusions and spacetime fluctuations did not harm it, it heaved a sigh of relief. It even felt that this space time illusion was a little fun.

Zhou Zhou ignored Cessier.

He took a deep breath and slashed the kingdom’s golden tablet.


Under this sword, one-third of the kingdom’s golden tablet turned into a large number of fragments and fell to the ground.

Surprise flashed across Zhou Zhou’s eyes.

Even though he did not use the King just now and only used his Chaotic Sacred Power and the Sword of Spacetime, the power of his sword was comparable to the full-strength attack of an ordinary High-Tier Deity-level God Spirit.

He did not expect that he would not be able to shatter this high-level kingdom’s golden tablet with a single strike.

If a Legendary-Tier expert came, they probably wouldn’t be able to break the skin of this kingdom’s golden tablet even after a year.

“The Supreme Will is indeed not simple.”

Zhou Zhou did not mind and slashed twice more.

With a loud bang and the sound of the kingdom’s golden tablet shattering, three tokens appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

They were the Legendary Intermediate Grade Territory Token, the Legendary-Tier Regional Token, and the New Wind Kingdom’s Epic-Tier Advance Grade Kingdom Token!