Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 854 - Changing Class To Demon Hunter! Facing The Abyss!

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854 Changing Class To Demon Hunter! Facing The Abyss!
Advance Grade Lord’s Paradise, in the pharmaceutical laboratory.

Zhou Zhou looked at the extra-large black-gold bathtub in front of him.

The bathtub was filled with a dark purple liquid that glowed with a crystalline light. It looked like a purple starry sky.

His nose twitched slightly, and he actually smelled a refreshing smell.

“This is the Hunter’s Secret Potion?”

Zhou Zhou looked curiously at Geralt, who was drinking tea at the side.

“Yes.” Geralt nodded lightly. “And it’s the top-notch secret medicine for a hunter’s job change. It’s called the ‘Dragon of the Abyss’.”

“Dragons are the symbol of the top bloodline in the myriad worlds.”

“In the name of ‘Dragon’, it’s enough to prove the top-notch effect of this top-notch hunter’s secret medicine on the development of demon bloodlines and class advancement.”

“Even if the bloodline in His Majesty’s body is the legendary Master God-Tier demon bloodline, this Abyss Dragon secret medicine can still be perfectly developed.”

“To His Majesty, it’s more than enough.”

As Geralt said these words, his gaze could not help but fall on the mysterious secret medicine that was like a purple starry sky.

A pained look appeared in “His” eyes.

Even if he was the top existence in the Demon Hunter profession, he could not produce a few of such top-notch secret medicines.

If not for the fact that his disciple Gerton had obtained a huge improvement from the King of the Blazing Sun and Geralt had no choice but to accept the favor of the King of the Blazing Sun, “He” would not be willing to pay such a huge price to prepare such a secret medicine for the King of the Blazing Sun.

Zhou Zhou was surprised and happy to hear that.

The First Demon bloodline in his body was the top-notch Master God-Tier Advance Grade bloodline!

Then this Abyssal Dragon Profession Change Potion was simply suitable for him!

He was really afraid that Geralt would take out an ordinary Demon Hunter Profession Change Elixir and let him become an incomplete Demon Hunter Professionals. However, there was no more need to worry.

“Thank you, Your Holiness Geralt.”

“When I become a Demon Hunter, I will definitely give His Majesty a generous gift!”

Zhou Zhou said as he looked at the class change secret medicine with a satisfied expression.

Geralt nodded nonchalantly.

As an Intermediate Grade Kingdom’s King, no matter how shocking his performance was among the Lords of the myriad races, what kind of gift could he bring out to tempt “Him”, a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade God Spirit?

Zhou Zhou didn’t say anything when he saw “He” like this. He only smiled.

“You only need to enter it?”

Zhou Zhou said.

“Take off your clothes,” Geralt said. “After that, I’ll activate the exclusive secret formation of the Dragon of the Abyss for His Majesty. This way, the power of the demon bloodline in His Majesty’s body can be stimulated to the greatest extent in the shortest time possible, and the Demon Hunter profession can be activated.”


Zhou Zhou did not beat around the bush. There was nothing to be embarrassed about as two grown men. He put away his clothes and entered the bathtub.

As soon as he entered, Zhou Zhou felt a violent and domineering power rush into his body from the purple liquid, wanting to activate the power of the demon bloodline in the deepest part of his body.

However, he did not know if it was because the First Demon bloodline in his body was too strong or because of other reasons.

No matter how this violent and domineering power stimulated his physical potential, the power of the First Demon bloodline in his body was like a strong adult facing a child’s fist. There was not much fluctuation throughout the entire process. Only a trace of the power of the First Demon bloodline was triggered and fused into his body, increasing his origin power by about 1/10,000, at the same time, Geralt looked at the secret medicine changing liquid that was trembling slightly and could not help but fall into deep thought.

“His” gaze landed on Zhou Zhou.

“The power of the secret medicine was actually consumed so quickly.”

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

“His Majesty’s demon bloodline doesn’t look ordinary.”

“It seems to be stronger than the demon bloodline in my body.”

When Geralt thought of this, he could not help but click his tongue.

One had to know that the demon bloodline in “His” body was the demon bloodline of a low-level Master God—Demogorgon!

This Demon Lord was one of the three famous giants of the Abyss!

But even so, this had not happened when “He” had changed his profession to Demon Hunter.

It could be seen how high the level of the demon bloodline of this human king was!

“An Intermediate Grade Master God-Tier or even an Advance Grade Master God?”

At this moment, Geralt thought of many famous Abyssal existences.

“Who is it…”

Geralt looked at Zhou Zhou, who was absorbing the power of the secret medicine with his eyes closed, and his eyes gradually lit up.

What a good seedling for a Demon Hunter!

He did not expect to meet a human junior who was so suitable to inherit the Demon Hunter profession after coming out of the abyss to meet his disciple!

An idea suddenly appeared in Geralt’s mind.

Should he accept the other party as his disciple?

With such a disciple with astonishing potential, in addition to “His” experience and legacy, as long as he taught him everything, he might be able to witness the moment when King of the Blazing Sun became a True God-Tier or even a Master God-Tier.
If the King of the Blazing Sun really became the legendary Master God-Tier!

It would be immeasurable for the human race and even for the myriad races!

He stopped thinking about it.

Geralt bit his right index finger and gently dripped a drop of black blood on the ground in front of the bathtub.

The moment the drop of black blood landed on the ground, it suddenly burned into a ball of pitch-black flames. Then, as if it had triggered a domino, this ball of black flames quickly spread in all directions with the bathtub as the center, forming a circular black fire magic array.

Geralt formed seals with both hands and chanted, instilling his divine power into the magic formation.

Then, the black fire array suddenly flared up and enveloped Zhou Zhou, who was in the bathtub.

Geralt maintained his divine power output while looking at Zhou Zhou with a grave expression.

“What kind of power you can obtain next will depend on you.”

“He” said softly.

When Geralt activated the Profession Change Magical Formation, Zhou Zhou felt that the power gushing out from the liquid of the Profession Change Elixir had suddenly increased by more than ten times!

The pressure on Zhou Zhou’s body suddenly increased by ten times or even a hundred times!

“He” took a deep breath as the powerful Chaos Will suppressed the intense pain coming from his body.

But in the next moment, a deep purple eye appeared in his mind like an abyssal sun.

This eye was like a supreme abyssal ruler, emitting a terrifying abyssal aura and pressure.

Even True God-Tier existences like the Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and Bai He couldn’t give him such a terrifying feeling.

The Master God-Tier!

This terrifying thought instantly surfaced in Zhou Zhou’s mind.

The owner of this eye was a Master God-Tier!

Only an existence at the Master God-Tier level could give him such terrifying pressure!

As for who this Master God-Tier was, Zhou Zhou didn’t need to think too much about it.

Because there was only one possibility, that was the owner of the demon bloodline in his body.

First Demon—Deep Abyss!

It was once the creation of the Abyss Will and the original Lord of the Abyss.

However, just as he was about to unify the Abyss, he suddenly had the thought of rebelling against the Abyss Will. He was a terrifying existence that was sentenced by the Abyss Will to eternal dismemberment!