Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 979 - Three Goods! Bloodline Of The Chaos Gods Race! Nine Heavens Technique! Mineral Contract!

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979 Three Goods! Bloodline Of The Chaos Gods Race! Nine Heavens Technique! Mineral Contract!

Zhou Zhou called out silently in his heart.

The following second, with the disappearance of the 100 Epic-Tier Mist Cores, the entire Gate of Summoning flashed with white light. Then, 44,000 new Subjects appeared in the open space in front of the Gate of Summoning.

Zhou Zhou glanced at the new Subjects.

What disappointed “Him” was that none of the Professionals summoned this time were rare profession owners worth paying attention to.

“It seems that the owner of a rare profession can’t be summoned every time.” Zhou Zhou thought.

He was not very disappointed.

The Subjects summoned by the Gate of Summoning every day were just icing on the cake for Zhou Zhou after all.

It was naturally better to have it but it didn’t matter if he didn’t have it.

Then, “He” strolled to the Lord Shop.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Zhou Chengmin said respectfully.

When Zhou Zhou heard this, he sized him up carefully. When he realized that he really did not discover his identity, he could not help but feel a little emotional.

This talent—Doppelganger Technique was really not bad.

Even Zhou Chengmin, a living being created by his Lord Talent, could not tell that “He” had actually come with a clone and not his main body.

Of course, it was indeed Zhou Zhou’s will that controlled this Zhou One clone.

“Bring out today’s merchandise.”

Zhou Zhou chuckled.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Zhou Chengmin took out three golden boxes from under the counter and placed them on the counter.

Zhou Zhou looked over subsequent to he opened them one by one.

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows when he saw the initial item.

This was because it was actually a chaotic-colored heart that emitted a chaotic aura. The surface of the heart was still circulating with the aura of the chaotic bloodline.

“Finally, this merchandise has arrived.”

When Zhou Zhou saw this item, he could not help but sigh.

This item was none other than the Chaos Beast. No, it should be said that it was the bloodline of the Chaos Gods Race.

[Bloodline Name: Chaos Gods Race Bloodline]

[Bloodline Level: True God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Bloodline Effect: The user can obtain the bloodline of the Original Spirit Race after absorbing it. After fusing with this bloodline, the user will gradually awaken the bloodline ability of the Original Spirit Race during their growth.]

Zhou Zhou looked at the heart that was circulating with a chaotic aura and recalled the inherited memories of the Chaos Human bloodline.

In fact, when the Chaos Humans were at their peak, when the underage Chaos Humans were about to reach adulthood, they needed to carry out a hunting activity and complete their coming-of-age ceremony. Only then could they truly be considered an adult Chaos Human who could take charge.

And the target of this hunting activity was the Chaos Beast!

“It’s time for me, a Chaos Human, to become an adult.”

Zhou Zhou looked at the Chaos Gods Race bloodline and smiled.

“He” wasn’t in a hurry to immediately buy. Instead, “He” initial looked at the other two items.

The second item was a Law Skill Skill Book called the Nine Heavens Technique.

[Law Skill Name: Nine Heavens Technique]

[Law Skill Quality: Enhanceable—True God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Introduction to Law Skills: A secret skill of flying laws mastered by the bloodline descendants of the Chaos God Clan-Kun Peng, which can grow up to the True God-Tier Advance Grade.

True God-Tier Kun Peng once used this Nine Heavens Technique. With a flap of his wings, the Nine Worlds passed in an instant. This technique was also known as the number one flying nomological secret technique of the Chaos Gods Race.]

Zhou Zhou stroked his chin subsequent to reading it.

A descendant of the Kun Peng bloodline?

He thought about it and quickly remembered that when he had previously instigated the Chaos Gods Race under the Great One Lord in the Divine Battlefield, there was indeed a Chaos Gods Race member who looked like a fish and a bird.

So “He” was the descendant of the Kun Peng True God-Tier?

Not bad, not bad.

I’ve already received your Nine Heavens Technique.

This King will definitely reward you well when you return to the Blazing Sun Kingdom one day.

Zhou Zhou thought happily.

“He” then looked at the last item.

The last item was a contract.

[Treasure Name: Mineral Contract—Mineral Space Elemental Gem Mine]

[Treasure Grade: Low-Tier Deity Level]

[Treasure Effect: After signing the deed, the owner will have a miniature iron ore with a resource reserve of 100,000 tons!]

[Treasure Description: A treasure that can make mineral resources appear out of thin air in the territory.]

“Mineral contract?”

Zhou Zhou was not surprised.

Previously, “He” had already obtained many such contracts when “He” opened the Regional Treasure Chest. They were widely distributed throughout the territory of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

What surprised “Him” was the type of mineral.

“Spatial Elemental Gem Mine…” Zhou Zhou looked at the contract and stroked his chin. “According to the Yellow Emperor and the others, this is a necessary upgrade resource for an Empire-level Lord to upgrade their territory.”

“I’m about to advance to an Advance Kingdom. After that, I’ll have to prepare the resources to advance to a junior empire.”

“This spatial elemental gem mine came at the right time.”

After a Lord’s faction rose from a kingdom to an empire, what they needed were not life elemental gems or death elemental gems, but the even rarer time and space elemental gems.

The latter was harder to collect than the former, and the area of production was extremely rare. Typically, only God Spirits had the ability and channels to collect two types of gem resources.

Zhou Zhou was still thinking about what to do when he needed these two types of gems to upgrade his territory in the future.

With the bloodline inheritance “He” currently grasped, “He” did have some means of obtaining it, but “He” had to incur a cost and might even encounter some danger. free webnov

He didn’t expect to suddenly give “Him” a mini spatial elemental gem mine for free today.

It was a pleasant surprise.

“If there are no surprises, the bloodline of the Chaos Gods Race, the secret technique of the Nine Heavens Technique, and this miniature spatial elemental gem mine should have been provided by that descendant of the Kun Peng’s bloodline.”

“The bloodline of the Chaos Gods Race, the secret technique of the Laws of the Nine Heavens, and this miniature spatial elemental gem mine should have been provided by that descendant of the Kun Peng’s bloodline.”

Zhou Zhou sighed.

He remembered that the descendant of the Kun Peng’s bloodline seemed to only be at the Extraordinary-Tier level at that time.

An Extraordinary-Tier life form could master True God-Tier nomological secret techniques and mineral resources that even an empire-level Lord faction could not wish for. This was simply unimaginable for living beings from other ordinary races.

However, to top bloodline life forms like the Chaos Gods Race, the Shepherds God Race, and the Original Spirit Race, this was probably an extremely ordinary matter.

“He” shook his head and stopped thinking about it. “He” asked,

“How many Mist Cores do these three goods cost?” Zhou Zhou asked. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑤𝑒𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

“The bloodline of a True God-Tier Advance Grade Chaos God is worth 20,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.”

“The growth limit is a True God-advance Grade nomological secret technique— the Nine Heavens Technique. It’s worth 15,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.”

“Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade Mineral Deed—Miniature Spatial Elemental Gem Mineral, worth 100 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.” Zhou Chengmin said.

“I’ll buy it.” Zhou Zhou said devoid of hesitation.

Then, “He” took out 35,100 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores and handed them to the other party.

“Thank you for your business.”

Zhou Chengmin packed up the goods and handed them to Zhou Zhou as he said with a smile.

After Zhou Zhou took it, “He” immediately turned around and went to play games.

Zhou Zhou did not say anything else and returned to his Divine Kingdom subsequent to he received the goods. Then, he took out the Chaos God bloodline from the three goods and fused it into his Chaos Human bloodline.

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