Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start-Chapter 1106 - Defeat! Run!

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1106 Defeat! Run!

Chu Feng was shocked!

So fast!

Before Chu Feng could react, the Imperial Cloud Falcon had already arrived in front of him!

As expected of the Guardian Star Beast of the Wind. Perhaps it was already the ultimate representative of the speed!

Facing such an opponent, with Chu Feng’s strength, he was simply unable to react in time.

Fortunately, the Beamon Giant Beast beside him was not useless.


He suddenly roared.

In its haste, the Beamon Giant Beast only had time to hold Chu Feng in its hand.

Then, it wrapped its arms around its head to protect its vital points.

And then… nothing.

To be able to do these actions in such a short period of time was already an extraordinary performance of the Beamon Giant Beast.

All that was left was… to resist it head-on!

There was no other way!

The other party was much faster than him, so the initiative in the battle would definitely be in the other party’s hands.


The next moment, there was a violent explosion.

The Imperial Cloud Falcon’s sharp claws mercilessly entered the Beamon Giant Beast’s right shoulder. Then, with its extremely fast speed, it suddenly pulled.


After a crisp sound, blood gushed out from the Beamon Giant Beast!


The intense pain made the Beamon Giant Beast cry out in pain.

It suddenly raised its head, its eyes filled with anger.

As the noble King of Astral Beasts, it had never suffered such grievances!

Looking at the Imperial Cloud Falcon that was about to spread its wings and soar into the sky, it did not hesitate to activate the Earth’s Gift and Explosive Charging at the same time!

In an instant, the Beamon Giant Beast’s speed also soared again, and its strength and energy fluctuations doubled.

It suddenly exerted strength in its limbs and shot into the sky like a cannonball!


The Beamon Giant Beast’s huge body was rapidly chasing after the Imperial Cloud Falcon!

At this moment, the speed of the Imperial Cloud Falcon had yet to reach its limit. Perhaps it was the best chance to catch up.

Chu Feng was placed on the ground by the Beamon Giant Beast. His eyes were filled with seriousness.

Success or failure might depend on this!

The next moment!

Under Chu Feng’s concerned gaze, the Beamon Giant Beast did not disappoint anyone. It actually jumped onto the back of the Imperial Cloud Falcon.


Chu Feng was overjoyed.

Then, the Beamon Giant Beast suddenly threw a punch!

Its target was the head of the Imperial Cloud Falcon.

If this punch landed, even if the Imperial Cloud Falcon was a middle-level lord, it would be severely injured even if it did not die!


Clearly, the Imperial Cloud Falcon had also realized that it had been careless and it had really been approached by such a big fellow!

It suddenly hissed.

At the critical moment, its body actually turned completely around.

The huge Beamon Giant Beast was almost sent flying because of its terrifying weight.

If it fell down at this moment and had nothing to rely on in midair, it would only become a target for the Imperial Cloud Falcon!

Therefore, the Beamon Giant Beast had no choice.

He could only change the violent punch at the last minute and grab the wings of the Imperial Cloud Falcon. Only then did it stabilize itself and not fall directly.

But at this moment, when the Beamon Giant Beast wanted to attack again, the Imperial Cloud Falcon had clearly made sufficient preparations.

The countless feathers on its back suddenly stood up like spikes with a sharp light.

The spikes were like sharp blades that pierced directly into the feet of the Beamon Giant Beast.

At the same time, a large number of feathers fell off the main body and turned into arrows that charged towards the Beamon Giant Beast from all directions.

Roar roar!

The Beamon Giant Beast could only punch crazily and send the incoming arrows flying.

However, the continuous waves of pain beneath its feet still deeply distracted the Beamon Giant Beast.

There was nothing it could do.

The Beamon Giant Beast could only get closer and suddenly punch the Imperial Cloud Falcon beneath its feet.

While the Imperial Cloud Falcon was falling from the punch, with the help of the recoil, the Beamon Giant Beast jumped down without looking back.


He landed steadily on the ground.

Only then did he feel more at ease.

After all, it was not the Sky King like the Azure Divine Dragon. The main battlefield of the Beamon Giant Beast was the ground!


The moment the Beamon Giant Beast landed, Chu Feng made a prompt decision and jumped onto the shoulder of the Beamon Giant Beast.

“Run! When the Imperial Cloud Falcon reacts, it will be difficult for us to escape again!”

Chu Feng saw it very clearly.

With the current strength of the Beamon Giant Beast, it was impossible for it to be a match for the Imperial Cloud Falcon!

After all, the other party was a genuine mid-level lord!

Coupled with his lightning-fast speed, even if the Beamon Giant Beast was lucky enough to get close, it was not strong enough to kill the other party.

Unless it was extremely lucky. But the chances were too low!

There was no need to risk his life!

If he did not take the opportunity to escape now, when the Imperial Cloud Falcon recovered from the Beamon Giant Beast’s heavy punch, he would not be able to escape!

“Damn! You can do anything you’re fast enough!”

Chu Feng could not help but curse inwardly.

But there was nothing he could do.

Standing on the shoulder of the Beamon Giant Beast, he quickly fled.

It was only when he could not see the Wind God Valley from afar that Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

“It shouldn’t be able to catch up with me, right?”

Just as Chu Feng finished muttering, he heard the angry cry of the Imperial Cloud Falcon from afar.

Clearly, it was very dissatisfied that Chu Feng had escaped.

It was mainly because before it left, the Beamon Giant Beast had beaten it up badly, making the Imperial Cloud Falcon furious!

However, there was no way to continue chasing now.

It didn’t even know the direction in which the intruders had fled. How could it chase after them?

No matter how fast it was, it was impossible!

“Have a rest.”

Chu Feng looked at the injured Beamon Giant Beast and said with a pained expression.

He opened the pet beast interface.

He began to use the Astral Beast Souls to heal the Beamon Giant Beast.

To these Astral Beasts, the Astral Beast Soul was an omnipotent divine medicine. Not only could it help them advance, but it could also heal their injuries.

However, ordinary people did not dare to be so extravagant as to consume hundreds of thousands of Astral Beast Souls per second.

Originally, if he let the Beamon Giant Beast recover on its own, it would probably recover completely in a day and night.

However, Chu Feng could not wait.

“I have to think of a way. This won’t work out!”

Chu Feng muttered.

He had thought that with the strength of the Beamon Giant Beast, dealing with a mid-level lord would not be a big problem. If there was really no other way, with the Tara Hallucinogen, he would probably be able to take it down.

Coincidentally, the mid-level lord this time was an extremely troublesome speed-type lord.

In this way, the difficulty soared!

It was definitely impossible to rely on the current Beamon Giant Beast.

However, Chu Feng could not help much.

The strength of a peak Greater God was definitely a powerful existence in the periphery.

However, once he entered the central core area, Chu Feng felt that he had become very insignificant.

The battle of Lords was not something he could participate in at all!

One could imagine the frustration in his heart.

Therefore, was there any way to kill the Imperial Cloud Falcon and obtain the Wind Secret Key of Laws…