Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start-Chapter 1252 - Two Armies Fighting!

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1252 Two Armies Fighting!
Chu Feng took a deep breath.

In front of him was a grand scene like the ancient Roman battlefield.

The armies of both sides lined up at the side. On the chessboard in the middle, the warriors of both sides fought each other!

Realization dawned on Chu Feng.

It was indeed the two big shots playing chess with each other, but the chess pieces… were actually countless soldiers!

Upon closer inspection, there were many familiar faces in the army on the Green Emperor’s side.

Her Excellency Bing Yao was looking at the center of the chessboard with a solemn expression.

Beside him was Daoist Quicksand, one of the Vice Directors of the Heavenly Book Academy.

Other than that, there were also some top-notch experts from the Heavenly Book Academy.

Those who had arrived at the Imperial Court Divine Continent early were basically all here.

Other than Bing Yao and the others, the rest of the army were all phantoms. Their entire bodies were covered in armor, and their faces could not be seen clearly. However, the different colors of armor seemed to represent different levels.

These soldiers seemed to have existed here to play chess with the two supreme experts.

As for Bing Yao and the others, they joined the chess game later.

Of course, this was all Chu Feng’s guess.

He looked at the other side.

There were also many soldiers under the Nameless statue.

However, most of the soldiers were still phantoms.

Without guessing, everyone with physical bodies knew that this was the other kings of the Sacred Land, right?

Soon, Chu Feng verified his guess.

Because he had discovered Li Yuan in the other party’s crowd.

Behind Li Yuan, a burly man with purple golden hair should be the so-called leader of the Eight Kings, the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

Other than that, he had quite a few acquaintances.

Huangpu You was also here!

He was sneakily approaching some soldiers. No one knew what he was doing.

There was also one of the three patriarchs of the Human Race and Spirit Race, Ji Changfeng!

However, this guy seemed to have suffered some serious injuries. His snow-white robe had also become disheveled.

“Good lord, everyone is here!”

Chu Feng sighed with emotion.

The next moment, he suddenly heard Shu Wanjuan’s shout again.

“Master! Is there any way for me to escape? Our army is really miserable…”

Only then did Chu Feng suddenly remember that he was here to save someone!

However, when he got closer, he could also discover that the soldiers fighting in the middle of the chessboard did not seem to be very strong.

On Shu Wanjuan’s side, this fellow had actually improved. He was already an early-stage Divine Lord. His other teammates, the phantom soldiers, were all below the Divine Lord realm.

On the other hand, the other party was indeed stronger.

They were all Divine Lord-level experts.

However, they were all ordinary early-stage Divine Lords. Occasionally, there would be one or two powerful ones. At most, they would have the strength of an ordinary mid-stage Divine Lord.

With such strength, wouldn’t Bing Yao be able to save him with a wave of her hand?

Why did She leave them in the lurch?

She was just going to watch her disciple die?

Had Shu Wanjuan lost favor?

The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth twitched.

Only Shu Wanjuan, who was much stronger, was not killed by the other party’s concentrated fire by relying on his agile movements.

However, the enemies were all at the Divine Lord level. As for them, there were only a few early-stage Divine Lords. The difference in strength was too great. It was only a matter of time before they lost.

It was hard to say if he could escape.

This was probably why Shu Wanjuan kept asking for help.

Just as he was thinking, Chu Feng had already landed in the middle of the chessboard.

He did not think too much about it.

If that b*tch Bing Yao didn’t save him, Chu Feng would!

Shu Wanjuan had fought alongside him many times and they had some feelings for each other.

He couldn’t just watch him die, right?

After all, a group of early-stage and mid-stage Divine Lords was nothing to him.

However, Chu Feng vaguely felt that something was amiss.

He first sent a voice transmission to the people behind him to not act rashly. It was enough for him to go alone!

The next moment, in an instant, Chu Feng flashed to the center of the chessboard, where the battle had converged!

This sudden figure stunned everyone.

Daoist Quicksand was shocked.

“Where did this guy come from? He actually dares to barge into the chessboard in a game of chess? Isn’t he afraid of being struck to death by the lightning?!”

However, Bing Yao suddenly widened her beautiful eyes.

The more she looked at this sudden figure, the more familiar he became.

“It’s that lecher?!”

“It’s only been half a year since we last met, but your aura is already so powerful? Divine Lord realm?! How can you be so fast!”

“However… Why did he rush in without even knowing the rules?! Is he courting death?!”

Opposite him, Huangpu You had also stopped what he was doing. He looked at Chu Feng with a helpless expression.

“This guy… is really haunting me! Why is he everywhere?! He’s really my nemesis!”

“Fortunately, I’ve already accumulated quite a bit this time. The Green Emperor’s Palace… is really my blessed land!”

Beside him, Ji Changfeng suddenly frowned.

“Chu Feng? He actually came in? Where did he get the right to enter?”

Not far away, Li Yuan’s lips curled up slightly.

“That interesting little fellow. But does Fifth Brother’s death have anything to do with you?”

The one who reacted the most was undoubtedly Shu Wanjuan, who was fighting a bitter battle.

Seeing Chu Feng’s familiar face, Shu Wanjuan almost cried.

“Brother! Are you here to save me?!”

The next moment, Shu Wanjuan suddenly woke up and hurriedly shouted, “Chu Feng! Leave quickly! Don’t get close!”

“We’re in a chess game now. If anyone dares to interfere, they will be punished by the lightning! You won’t be able to withstand it!”

The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth twitched.

“Damn! Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

However, with Chu Feng’s speed, he had already rushed into the battle.

This was the first time Chu Feng felt that it might not be a good thing to be too fast… He sighed.

However, since he was already here, who cared if it was lightning or not? He had to save them first.

As he pondered over this, he gently turned around and suddenly drew out the Demon Slayer!

The next moment, everyone saw a black saber beam instantly cut through the sky.

Like a dragon in the sky, it soared into the sky and suddenly swooped down!

Wherever the blade passed, plants began to take root in the air and grow rapidly. In an instant, they covered the entire world!

Right on the heels of that.

Countless winding vines slashed sharply at all the enemies around Shu Wanjuan like countless flying snakes!


Deafening explosions kept sounding!

The six early-stage and mid-stage Divine Lords who had surrounded Shu Wanjuan were all killed by countless blades of vegetation almost at the same moment!

The phantoms dissipated, and their life auras were completely absorbed by Chu Feng’s Soul Summoning Boots and the Undead Charm!

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

“These phantoms are actually real life?! And there’s actually quite a bit of life force contained in them? What’s going on?”

But there was no time to think.

Thunderclaps could already be heard from the clouds above.

The punishment was probably about to descend!

Chu Feng immediately attacked. With a light flick, he threw Shu Wanjuan at Bing Yao and sneered.

“Old woman, watch your own disciple!”

Bing Yao frowned coldly.

But before she could speak, not far away, rolling lightning had already smashed down on Chu Feng!

Under everyone’s gaze, Chu Feng was about to be struck by lightning…