Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start-Chapter 1255 - Military Comparison!

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1255 Military Comparison!
Hearing the loud voice in his ears, Chu Feng hurriedly said.

“This round is our chance!”

“The people I just brought are all experts. Although our military merits are only at the soldier level, we are confident that we can win even if we face the enemy’s generals!”

There were dozens of Divine Lord experts!

It was an extraordinary power no matter where they were.

Among them were high-level Divine Lords like Chu Feng, Yu, Wu Yaoyang, and Daoist Zhen Yu.

It could be said that as long as they were not unlucky enough to encounter the other party’s commander, they would definitely win this round!

In that case, he just had to think of a way to win another round.

Chu Feng said directly, “On our side, plus the phantom soldiers, what’s the strength of their level?”

Shu Wanjuan looked around and said, “In the previous ten rounds, we lost quite a number of soldiers of all levels. However, roughly speaking, most of the soldiers are below the Divine Lord level.”

“The generals are all at the Divine Lord level. There are even middle and high-level Divine Lords. The difference is huge.”

“And commanders are usually extremely powerful high-level Divine Lords! They are all top-notch experts who have walked the path of Ninth-Turn Nirvana. Ordinary Third or Fourth-Turn Divine Lords are simply not qualified.”

“For example, on our side, there are a total of two commanders. One is a phantom sergeant, and the other is my master.”

“There are a total of 36 generals, and most of them are phantom soldiers. There are a total of 30 of them. There are only six of us. However, Senior Daoist Quicksand is a Fourth-Turn Divine Lord. He alone is comparable to ten ordinary generals!”

“There are many soldiers. There are hundreds of them, and only a few of them are at the Divine Lord level, including me…”

At this point, Shu Wanjuan smiled awkwardly.

It had not been easy for him to break through to the Divine Lord realm, so he had yet to accumulate military merits.

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

This strength sounded very good.

If he added the people he had brought with him, when everyone accumulated enough military merits, their general-level strength would more than double.

“What about the enemy camp?”

Shu Wanjuan smiled awkwardly.

“The number and strength of the phantom soldiers on both sides are actually about the same… It’s just that there are too many experts on their side.”

“There are a total of four commanders! Other than a phantom soldier, there’s also the eldest of the eight Heavenly Kings, the Purple Golden Heavenly King, the second Green Wood Heavenly King, and the Human Spirit Race’s Ji Changfeng!”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

Ji Changfeng was actually so powerful?

He really could not tell before!

However, since this fellow had chosen Huangpu You and joined the other party’s camp, he was an enemy. There was nothing much to say.

Shu Wanjuan did not see through Chu Feng’s confusion and continued to introduce.

“General-level. The number of people on both sides is about the same. Other than the thirty phantom soldiers, the Sunflower Water Heavenly King and the Fire Repelling Heavenly King, Li Yuan, Huangpu You… But the key is that these guys are all high-level Divine Lords!”
“One person is comparable to several of us!”

“Our generals have once encountered the other party head-on, but they were almost defeated at the first touch. We’re not their match at all with just Daoist Quicksand!”

Hearing this, Chu Feng frowned and whispered, “Commanders and generals are all at a disadvantage. No wonder we lost more than we won.”

Shu Wanjuan coughed lightly.

“Um… At soldier-level, we’re also weak…”

“Didn’t I just say? The other party is being shameless! Seventh Brother, the Berserk Lightning Heavenly King, and Eighth Brother, the Hazy Mist Heavenly King. These two guys don’t accumulate military merits and just stay at the soldier level.”

“Although these two are only ordinary Second-Turn Divine Lords, no matter how ordinary they are… they are still high-level Divine Lord experts who have experienced nirvana! With a group of Divine Lords on our side and a few ordinary early-stage Divine Lords like me… There’s no way we can beat them!”

“To be honest, I feel that the difference between us soldiers is the greatest! If we encounter them, we will definitely lose!”

Hearing Shu Wanjuan’s miserable voice, Chu Feng was speechless.

“Then how did you win? With such a huge difference in strength, logically speaking, it’s impossible for you to win in one round.”

Shu Wanjuan sighed.

“So this is the specialty of this game.”

“Because we don’t know each other’s appearance order, as long as we can suppress each other by one rank and let the soldiers fight the other party’s commander, there’s still hope of winning…”

Chu Feng could not help but sigh.

“In that case, it’s really not easy for you to survive until now!”

“In that case, aren’t soldiers cannon fodder?”

Shu Wanjuan smiled awkwardly.

“Ahem, because we know that we will definitely lose, we stay close to our own side. Once the battle begins, we will immediately escape back to our own side. After all, the other party has very few commanders. Even if they are powerful, they usually can’t kill many people.”

“The most dangerous thing is actually to encounter a general! For example, in that scene just now, there were many people on the other side and their strength crushed ours. It was difficult to escape!”

After Chu Feng heard Shu Wanjuan’s description, he fell into deep thought.

From the looks of it, the strength of both sides was only a part of the outcome, and the order of appearance of both sides was the key!

No matter how strong you are, they are just using some cannon fodder to deal with you. Can’t you do anything?

It could only be said that it was not easy for his side to win three rounds.

How heaven-defying was his luck?!

Otherwise, in Chu Feng’s opinion, it would be reasonable if they could not win in one round!

“Unfortunately… I can’t find out the order of appearance of the other party!”

Chu Feng muttered.

Otherwise, no matter how great the difference in strength was, there was still a chance of winning under reasonable arrangements!

While he was thinking, the loud voice in the sky sounded again.

Please decide on the order of appearance of the participants. After deciding, it can’t be changed.

At this moment, Shu Wanjuan seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly explained, “By the way, there’s another small rule. The commander has the right to suggest the order of appearance. If the commander doesn’t suggest it, the statue emperor will choose at random.”

At this point, Shu Wanjuan could not help but lower his voice. He carefully glanced at his master before continuing.

“Ahem, we’ve all tried. The Emperor is more reliable… Because the Emperor on our side seems to be much stronger than the other side, we don’t usually exercise our right to make suggestions.”

Chu Feng smiled.

In other words, Bing Yao couldn’t outplay the other party?

The order of appearance was actually a psychological game. If she could not win, she could only leave it to fate.

Fortunately, the emperor on their side were stronger, so he had a stronger grasp of the chess game.

Chu Feng estimated that this was the key to winning three rounds!

As he was thinking, the order of appearance of both sides had been decided.

He took a deep breath.

Chu Feng muttered to himself.

“In that case, let’s test the waters in the first round and see how it works…”