Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction-Chapter 824 - Cruelty of Wind Barrier

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824 Cruelty of Wind Barrier

The group of awakened ones from Lakon discussed animatedly. They were all looking forward to the S-grade mission in the Origin Territory.

When Luo Rui saw that Liu Yan did not respond, he thought that Liu Yan was worried, so he added, “If you’re willing to share this S-grade mission with us, not only will our Lighthouse Territory cooperate with you to destroy the Flame Demon King and the mystic monster army in Flaming Mountain, but we will also not attack your Origin Territory after the mission is over. We can become allies and continue to cooperate in the future to become stronger together!”

When Luo Feng heard this, he frowned and looked at Luo Rui. He seemed a little unhappy, but he nodded and said, “I also agree!”

Liu Yan heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. They had finally reached an agreement.


When Lu Dajiang and the others saw this, they also heaved a sigh of relief.

They were worried that Luo Feng and Luo Rui would ignore their advice and attack Origin Territory.

Even if they led their people to resist and managed to save Liu Yan, Origin Territory would be on the verge of falling apart. Their days in the Wind Barrier would not be easy.

It was also why Lu Dajiang and the others had been suppressed by Luo Feng and the other Lakonians. Lu Dajiang didn’t want to make things too awkward between them and cause the entire Lighthouse Territory to fall apart.

After all, the Lighthouse Territory’s current prosperity was due to the people of the Lakon.

After that, Liu Yan, Luo Feng, Luo Rui, Lu Dajiang, and the other core members of the Lighthouse Territory discussed the details of the cooperation.

As for the Flame Demon King and the mystic monster army in Flaming Mountain, their strength was not too big of a threat to the Lighthouse Territory. However, the potential level of those mystic monsters was relatively high. They were in Flaming Mountain full of fire elements, so their strength grew rapidly.

Of course, they couldn’t let the army of mystic monsters continue to grow, which would cause them to go out of control in the future. Therefore, they had to clear Flaming Mountain as soon as possible.

After a round of discussion, they all felt they should resolve this trouble as soon as possible. Once they were ready, they would immediately flatten Flaming Mountain.

In the end, after some discussion, they reached an agreement. They would start making preparations today and start clearing Flaming Mountain the next morning.

Clearing Flaming Mountain would naturally depend on the strength of Team Lighthouse, while Team Origin was just a support.

After some discussion, it was decided that Origin Territory would be in charge of one direction, which was the side of Flaming Mountain. It was where the number of the mystic monster army was relatively smaller.

The remaining three directions, including the front where the mystic monster army was the most, would be taken care of by the Lighthouse Territory.

According to the plan, it was estimated that it would take one or two days to level Flaming Mountain.

Although there were a lot of mystic monsters there, they hadn’t grown up yet, after all. The combat strength of those Magma Demons was still only 9-star.

In front of Team Lighthouse, which had an average battle strength of 10-star and 11-star, these Magma Demons naturally didn’t pose much of a threat.

An awakened with 10-star combat strength could deal with several Magma Demons with 9-star combat strength effortlessly.

An awakened one with 11-star combat strength could deal with dozens of awakened with 9-star combat strength.

There was a huge difference in strength between the one-star level.

After the discussion, Liu Yan left Lighthouse Territory’s meeting hall and returned to Lu Dajiang’s residence with Lu Dajiang and the others.

Lu Dajiang was in a good mood, especially since Luo Feng and Luo Rui had agreed they wouldn’t attack Origin Territory after the cooperation.

“That’s great. This way, our Lighthouse Territory won’t attack Origin Territory. Your team will be safe. Moreover, Origin Territory isn’t far from us, so if there’s any need in the future, we can also help. It’ll be much more convenient.” Lu Dajiang said happily.

Lu Dajiang did not have much contact with Liu Yan before, and they had only gone through a joint training experience. Liu Yan’s cultivation was still low at that time.

However, that was a mental experience after all. In addition, Liu Yan had once saved their lives. Therefore, Lu Dajiang had long regarded Liu Yan as an important friend.

In addition, Liu Yan was a student of the Lighthouse Academy, his junior. Lu Dajiang naturally wanted to take care of Liu Yan and the other juniors of Team Origin.

When Wei Feng heard this, he said calmly, “I don’t think so. They’re just saying that. Who knows what will happen in the end? We know the environment of the Wind Barrier. There are too few examples of two territories living together in peace. Although two territories could be as close as brothers, they will eventually face each other for benefits and to become stronger.”

“It’s not that bad, right?” Liu Qingrou said calmly, “We know Luo Rui’s character very well. He’s going to go back on his word and attack Origin Territory. However, Luo Feng is a man of his word. He made a promise in front of all of Team Lighthouse’s management. He won’t go back on his word, right?”

Liu Yan was a little surprised when he heard that. He didn’t expect Luo Feng to be such a decent person and keep his word.

Luo Feng had just made a promise. Could it be that he intended to live in peace with Origin Territory?

“Can Luo Feng keep his word?” Liu Yan asked.

Liu Yan would naturally not want to fight Lighthouse Territory if he could.

After all, Lighthouse Territory was too powerful.

Even if Liu Yan tried his best, he would only be able to barely resist the attack from Lighthouse Territory. It was still too difficult to defeat the Lighthouse Territory.

Not to mention anything else, just the current captain of the lighthouse team, Luo Feng, has 18-star combat strength. His strength is already far above Liu Yan’s. If Liu Yan were to fight Luo Feng, Liu Yan could only ensure that he could escape. It would be difficult to defeat Luo Feng.

Ning Shanshan nodded slightly. “Although there were some conflicts between us before, it was mostly for the benefit of the Lakonians. Luo Feng has always kept his word. However, he’s changed quite a lot recently, so it’s hard to say.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he nodded slightly and roughly understood the situation. All in all, he couldn’t take any chances. It would be better if there were no conflicts between the two territories, but he couldn’t let his side down.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s talk about yourselves. How have you guys been?” Liu Yan laughed. Please visit 𝗳𝚛𝐞𝘦wℯ𝚋𝓷o𝚟el. 𝐜𝘰𝒎

Liu Yan didn’t want to talk too much with Lu Dajiang and the others about the future of Lighthouse Territory and whether they would become enemies with origin.

After all, Lu Dajiang and the others were also from the Lighthouse Territory. Liu Yan had a good relationship with them as they were all from the Lighthouse Academy.

Liu Yan believed that Lu Dajiang and the others would not make an enemy of him and would not hurt him, but he was not sure if they would help him.

Liu Yan knew Lu Dajiang and the others wanted to help him. However, they didn’t want to make things too awkward with Luo Feng and the other Lakonians, which would cause Lighthouse Territory to fall apart.

In that case, they would be in a terrible situation.

Hence, Liu Yan changed the topic.

Then, they reminisced about the past and roughly talked about what had happened during this period.

Through their chat, Liu Yan learned that the Lighthouse Territory had existed for decades. It could be traced back to the first captain of the Lighthouse Territory, Principal Zhong Yuntian.

However, the seniors passed the trials one after another, completed their advancement, and headed to the seventh level of the Tower.

Only a small number of the weaker seniors stayed in the Lighthouse Territory to continue their trials and increase their strength, waiting for the next opportunity.

Through this, Liu Yan also understood how cruel the rules of the Tower’s sixth level were.

There were so many teams within the Wind Barrier on the sixth level of the Tower. Yet, only the top 100 teams could participate in the ultimate trial every year.

Out of these one hundred teams, only ten teams would be able to pass the trial.


However, not all the members of the ten teams that passed the trial could go to the seventh level of the Tower. Only the team members who had reached the required contribution points in the ultimate trial were qualified to go to the seventh level of the Tower.

In other words, a powerful territory could not take in a large number of weak members and then take them to the seventh level of the Tower.

For the weak, even in a powerful territory, if their contribution was too small, they could only be leeches. In the end, even if the territory passed the final trial, these weak team members could not go to the seventh level of the Tower!

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