God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1325 - How Strong Are You?

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1325 How Strong Are You?

How is this possible?

He was actually able to use the three source marks directly!

Seeing the black, purple and orange source marks combined into a triangular-shaped large source mark appearing on Lin Xiu’s forehead.

Yang Tiantong’s eyes were filled with incomparable shock.

Most people can only use one source mark power, but they never expected that Lin Xiu could release three at the same time!

And as the three source marks lit up, Yang Tiantong immediately felt that the temperature of the surrounding air drop.

At this moment, a big shadow suddenly appeared in his position.

Not good!

As if he sensed something, the look in his eyes suddenly changed.


At this moment, there was a huge rock above his head, which fell directly from above!

At this moment, the entire battlefield shook.

“Hoo hoo…”

At this moment, Yang Tiantong, who dodged to the other side, exhaled suddenly.

Looking at the huge rock pressing down on where he was just now, he still had lingering fears.

Is this the power of the source mark of the earth attribute?

But before he had time to catch his breath, he felt an incomparably terrifying chill coming from his whole body and his expression changed drastically.

Just as he was about to lift his feet to leave, he found that his feet seemed to be frozen!

There was no way to move away!

Kala Kala——

And in the next moment, those ice cubes spread to his entire body. 𝑓𝗿e𝐞𝓌𝙚𝙗𝑛o𝚟e𝙡. c𝚘𝚖

Soon, his body was frozen into an ice sculpture!

But it was not over yet.


At the next moment, a translucent energy matrix directly wrapped Yang Tiantong who had turned into an ice sculpture.

Cracks soon appeared on the ice sculpture. It was obvious that Yang Tiantong was about to break through the ice and get out.

“He can use three kinds of source mark power at the same time?”

The middle-aged man sitting on Baili Haoling’s left was surprised.

Ordinary warriors can use various source mark powers, but they didn’t expect that Lin Xiu could use three kinds at the same time!

Not only was the man surprised, even the powerful warriors on the rostrum were also surprised.

This triple source mark technique was given to him by Ji Mei before he came to the God warrior Realm.

Unexpectedly, no one in the God warrior realm could do it.

This was beyond Lin Xiu’s expectation.

But Lin Xiu ignored these surprised people. Seeing that Yang Tiantong also broke through the frozen ice sculpture, Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.


As Lin Xiu spat out a word lightly, at the next moment, the matrix suddenly seemed to swell.

In the next moment, it exploded directly!


With a loud sound, the entire battle platform vibrated crazily.

This shock was transmitted to the entire auditorium.

The warriors around them subconsciously covered their ears.

Because the explosion was so loud, it seemed as if it was going to blow their ears off.

When the surrounding audience came back to their senses and looked again, they found that Yang Tiantong’s figure had disappeared.

Instead, around where he was just now, there were some stumps and broken arms.

It looked extremely bloody.

“Yang Tiantong… is dead!?”

The surrounding audience was in an uproar.

Yang Tiantong, who was pressing down on Lin Xiu before, actually died under Lin Xiu’s counterattack without any energy to resist.

“His strength is good.”

Yuan Zhen also stood up slowly at this time.

At this moment, he looked at Lin Xiu and finally showed seriousness.

Because in his opinion, Yang Tiantong’s strength just now was really too weak.

He didn’t think of making a move at all.

“Next, it’s your turn.”


Lin Xiu looked at Yuan Zhen and said calmly.

At this time, the ‘Cultivation Technique’ was rapidly and automatically operating.

The source strength that was consumed just now was quickly replenished at this time.

The triple source mark technique consumes a lot of source strength. After killing Yang Tiantong, Lin Xiu didn’t continue to use it.

At this time, he looked at the system’s experience progress bar and the experience has only increased by 0.2%.

It’s really… too little.

This Yuan Zhen’s strength is very strong. If he killed him, he should be able to gain more experience!

Yuan Zhen looked at Lin Xiu’s expression at this time and couldn’t help frowning.

Lin Xiu and Yang Tiantong fought for so long just now and they must have consumed a lot of energy.

But looking at Lin Xiu’s current appearance, he didn’t show any nervousness at all.

Does he feel that he is not a threat?


Thinking of this, Yuan Zhen’s face also turned cold.

“I’d like to see how strong you are.”

At the same time Yuan Zhen said in a cold voice, his figure moved and he directly attacked Lin Xiu with a pair of hammers!


Lin Xiu also sneered and stabbed directly with the White moon spear in his hand!


When the weapons of the two collided, a loud sound suddenly erupted.

As soon as the battle started, Lin Xiu frowned slightly.

The weight of the double hammers used by Yuan Zhen is a bit scary.

The weight of a single hammer should have reached at least ten thousand jin!

At this time, Lin Xiu’s dancing White moon spear collided with his war hammer and sparks burst out continuously.

Both hands holding White moon spear felt pain.

“That’s all you’ve got huh.”

Yuan Zhen clearly felt that the strength of the long spear used by Lin Xiu was beginning to be insufficient. At this moment, he sneered and the double hammers danced even faster!

Accidentally, Lin Xiu was directly hit on the right shoulder by the hammer he swung with his left hand!


With a dull sound, Lin Xiu flew out directly.

It was only after flying to the edge of the battle platform that he stabilized his figure.


Although he had a battle uniform to withstand a certain impact, Lin Xiu still clearly felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder.

However, Lin Xiu’s bones have already been tempered countless times.

It’s impossible to smash his bones with this hammer.

After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Lin Xiu quickly stood up.

He’s fine?

Seeing this scene, Yuan Zhen’s expression couldn’t help changing slightly.

The power of his hammer just now is very strong. If an ordinary warrior is hit by the hammer, his bones will definitely be shattered.

He knows that Lin Xiu’s strength is relatively strong, but at least his bones will be broken.

But Lin Xiu Lin Xiu’s movements seemed to only feel the pain and he didn’t seem to be injured at all!

This guy’s physical strength is so powerful! ?

Before Yuan Zhen had time to think about it, Lin Xiu continued to rush over!

The spear in his hand stabbed out the moment he rushed over.

The source strength that had already been transmitted to the spear and transformed into a large amount of black energy matter at this time.

These black energy substances directly gathered to form a huge black dragon in the next moment!

Following Lin Xiu’s attack, he rushed towards Yuan Zhen!

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