God-tier Farm-Chapter 3621 - The strongest spy (1)

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3621 The strongest spy (1)

"Big brother Tang, the reason why I asked to meet you in secret today is because it's a matter of great importance." Xia ruofei said seriously, "if this gets out, it will be extremely difficult to take over the galni family's business in the future. And if people find out that you're involved, you'll be in great danger."

Xia ruofei was not exaggerating to scare him. The Galiny family was powerful and it was not just the Galiny family that was involved. There were many other forces that followed them, forming a huge Interest Group. If people found out that Steve, the head of this Interest Group, was a man who was not afraid of the consequences, they would be in trouble. Galini was already under someone's control, and that would undoubtedly cause a huge uproar.

Of course, to Xia ruofei, this didn't matter at all. He wasn't interested in the galni family's business at all. But since he had decided to completely destroy the galni family and let Tang Yitian benefit from it, he had to be careful.

Tang Yitian nodded seriously. He naturally understood the stakes.

He still couldn't believe it. He looked at Steve, who was standing aside with his hands down. Galini said with some uncertainty,"RUO Fei, this ... This won't be a problem, right?"

Xia ruofei smiled and said, "big brother Tang, don't you know what kind of person I am?" If I wasn't confident, would I have dragged you into this? Besides, even if I wanted to put on an act, I couldn't have pulled Steve into it. Is a Big Shot like Galini going to cooperate with me?"

After that, Xia ruofei turned to Steve. "Come and see big brother Tang!" Said Galini.

"Hello, big brother Tang!" Steve. "Sir!" Galini greeted respectfully without hesitation, without the slightest reservation of an

Australian mining tycoon.

Even though Tang Yitian felt that it was unbelievable, he believed it in his heart. In his opinion, there was no such person as Galini who was so respectful. Even the head of state of Australia could not do it.

Xia ruofei could take Steve. The fact that Galiny ordered her around like a maidservant was enough to explain the problem.

Xia ruofei looked at his watch and said,""Big brother Tang, let's get to the main topic as soon as possible! I still need to get Steve. In order to smoothly take over the Galini family's business, we can't let anyone notice anything wrong during this period."

"You're right!"Tang Yitian nodded. RUO Fei, what is the main reason you called me here today?"

Xia ruofei said, "I told you to talk to Steve. You can also discuss a safe takeover plan, including how to use it to hide it from others, which properties can be taken over, which properties must be abandoned, the order of taking over, etc. Try to come up with a general idea, and then you can perfect it after you go back."

Tang Yitian's expression was a little strange. Galini was discussing how to seize all of their family's property? This in itself was absurd. He could not help but look at Steve again. Galini, found Steve. Unexpectedly, Galini also looked like it was a matter of course. Not only was he not angry, but he was also excited to finally work for Xia ruofei.

Xia ruofei saw Tang Yitian's dumbfounded expression and couldn't help but ask," "Is there a problem, big brother Tang?"

Tang Yitian came back to his senses and forced a smile."""No, I didn 't! No! I'm just not used to it."

He ridiculed in his heart, no one would be able to get used to it!

Discuss with the person involved how to seize his own family property? Is this something a human should do? But why did it still feel a little good?

Xia ruofei chuckled."Leave professional matters to the professionals. You guys can discuss the rest. I'm not in charge."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not a professional murderer!"Tang Yitian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Hahaha! I didn't mean it that way. " Xia ruofei laughed.

Tang Yitian tried to test Steve. "Steve, shall we start?" asked Galiny.

"Alright!" Steve. "Master told me on the way here," Galini said quickly."I'll introduce some of our family's businesses to you, and then I'll give you my suggestions from my point of view!"

"Oh..." Tang Yitian was stunned for a moment, then said,"okay!"

Steve. "Our main industry is the mining Group," said Galini."The equity structure of the mining Group is more complicated, mainly including..."

Steve. Tang Yitian listened attentively and recorded the important points from time to time.

This was a strange scene. Xia ruofei found it funny.

He poured himself a glass of red wine and stood on the balcony to look out at the City of Sydney. It was a hot summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and the cool breeze on the balcony was very comfortable.

Tang Yitian and Steve. After talking for about two hours, Galini had basically come up with a feasible initial plan.

Next, the two of them would work on the plan separately, and they agreed to meet again in two days.

Tang Yitian said to Xia ruofei,"ruofei, I'm really convinced!" How did you make Steve... Why is Galini so loyal to you? The means of cultivators are truly unpredictable!"

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