Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!-Chapter 1325: Mountain Hiking

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Chapter 1325: Mountain Hiking

Bai Zhi said: "Before you do anything, you must first understand it clearly. You must not act recklessly, otherwise, you will only put yourself in danger." She turned her head and looked at a green land in the distance, where there was rising smoke to the sky from cooking.

"Call out all the shadow guards, and let them follow us from today onwards, so they don't have to be invisible anymore." In the remote place of Kunlun Mountain, the two single women were easy to give rise to evil thoughts. If they have powerful guards by their side, The situation is naturally different.

Two shadow guards in black appeared under Xiao Qing's whistle: "What's your order, Miss?" The shadow guard asked respectfully.

Xiao Qing said: "Miss Bai said, from today onwards, you two don't need to hide anymore, just follow us."

The shadow guards responded immediately. To them, protection was protection, whether they do it upfront or in secret. It has no difference.

The four of them turned and went to a distant village. Before leaving the capital, she had inquired that there was a village called Pangshan Village before entering the ice area.

The people living in the village were all mountain climbers who depend on Kunlun Mountain for food.

They were the group of people who know Kunlun Mountain best in the world. She heard that they have a special method to find the correct direction to go home in the ice and snow.

As soon as they entered the village, they immediately became a rarity for the villagers to stop and watch.

"Look at the fox fur coats those two girls are wearing, they are so pretty. I also have a lot of fox fur coats at home, and I will make a suit like this tomorrow."

"Look at this girl's skin, it's really good, white and rosy, moist and tender. It's not like us, with torn skin."

"Look at them, they must not be locals. What are the two girls doing here?"

Bai Zhi walked up to the crowd and said with a smile: "We are from the capital, we want to go into the mountains to find snow lotus. I wonder if mountain climbers are willing to lead the way?"

A young man looked at Bai Zhi's face and couldn't move his eyes. He said with a smile: "Young lady is late, the mountain is covered by heavy snow, and the mountain climbers will not go to the mountain. The mountain will not open until March next year at the earliest."

Bai Zhi asked: "Then next March, can we still find snow lotus?" As far as she knows, snow lotus only blooms in the coldest two months of the year, and there will be no more in spring, which was one of the reasons why she insisted on coming.

The young man said: "Of course, there will be no snow lotus when spring begins, but if you go to find the snow lotus right now, even if you find it, you may not be able to bring it back. There is only one dead end."

"Oh? There is only one dead end? So, no one in the world has ever obtained Kunlun snow lotus?"

The young man's face was embarrassed. Of course, there were people in the world who have obtained Kunlun snow lotus, otherwise, how would they know that there is such a thing as Kunlun snow lotus?

To say that there was only one dead end, it was only for him. Because his ability was limited.

Bai Zhi smiled lightly, and turned to look at the others: "I don't know if the mountain climbers with extraordinary abilities are willing to lead the way for me."

The snow fox fur coat she was wearing was just put on before entering the village. If she didn't show her wealth in such a manner, how could she impress those who are capable and want to make money?

She has a sweet smile, and she exudes a strong aristocratic air all over her body. In addition, there were two mighty and extraordinary men guarding her, making it impossible to contempt.

Everyone knows in their hearts that if they accept this business, they will get at least ten times more reward than usual.

Everyone was tempted, but not everyone can make this money.

That was Kunlun Mountain, a mountain enclosed by the blizzard.

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