Greatest Legacy of the Magus Universe-Chapter 300 Legacy

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Chapter 300 Legacy

Inside a dimly lit tent, Adam sat cross-legged on his bed, practicing a session of mindfulness. A barely visible mana vortex swirled around him as he extracted the energy into his body.

His expression was tranquil and his shoulders were relaxed. The youth's breathing was so calm and stable that if one didn't observe closely enough, they would assume that he wasn't respiring.

The mana from the five fundamental elements entered his body as he continued to revolve the Five Elemental Codex. After the five fused into one, they traversed through the mana channels that Adam had worked so painstakingly hard to establish.

Mana channels had mostly been established throughout his body. All that was missing was to connect these channels together. And said point of connection was situated in the abdomen region.

This was the final hurdle that Adam had to overcome. After all, his spirit sea had long since been formed. The moment he was able to connect the mana channels inside his body, would be the moment he advanced to the next rank.

However, this was easier said than done.

Since time immemorial, there have been countless people who were not able to cross this first major hurdle. Then, they would forever be stuck at Rank 1 and pass away with the passing of time.

In many ways, the Mana Liquefaction Rank was considered to be the rank where a person truly became a Magus. In the previous rank—Mana Foundation—they were considered to be apprentices who had just started learning the Way of magic.

Moreover, the spells that a Mana Foundation Magus had access to could be considered mere cantrips when compared to the spells from Rank 2 and beyond.

The transition from Mana Foundation to Mana Liquefaction was a transformative process, both physically and spiritually. It required the Magus to meticulously study and diligently practice mindfulness.

As one neared the completion of mana channels, they became highly sensitive to the flow of mana not only within their body but also outside.

Traditionally, when one is about to breakthrough to Rank 2, they go through a long period of fasting and purification. This was done in order to cleanse their body and mind.

This purification process symbolized the shedding of old ways and becoming a newer version of oneself.

After going through this purification process, the Magus would then begin to connect the mana channels in their body. This process was extremely arduous, and the single greatest factor that determined one's success rate was the amount of mana reserves one had.

The process of connecting the mana channels had to be done in one go. If the Magus didn't have enough mana, then they would not succeed.

That is why only highly talented Magi succeeded in this endeavor. People who were born with D and F grade talents would seldom be able to cross this threshold.

But if they came across a fortuitous opportunity, then that was a different matter altogether.

After a long period of practicing mindfulness, Adam slowly opened his eyes, his pupils shining with a brilliant light. He exhaled a breath of air and lowered his head, glancing at his abdomen region.

"Once the mana channels are established and connected, mana will pass through these channels and accumulate in the area between my two kidneys," said the youth as he involuntarily touched his stomach.

"The groundwork for the Mana Core is already laid out during the Mana Liquefaction Rank." Adam paused for a moment before shaking his head and continuing, "No, to be precise, it is already laid out since Mana Foundation."

Thinking of the well-thought-out process that the ancient Magi had created, the youth couldn't help but sigh in admiration.

"The profundities of the Way of magic are truly fascinating," he muttered with a faint smile. "I wonder how many trial and error and countless other tribulations the Magi of old had to go through to establish this system."

Adam was truly in awe when he thought about the step-by-step process that a Magus had to go through when they advanced in ranks.

The ancient Magi, revered for their wisdom and mastery over mana, were instrumental in establishing the principles in the Way of magic that future generations of Magi would follow.

They had devoted their lives to understanding the nature of mana and its relationship to the universe around them. As a result, future generations of Magi were able to reap the benefits of their wisdom and efforts.

Magi of the current generation continued to study the ancient texts, refined the techniques of old, and expanded their understanding of magic, building upon the legacy of those who came before them.

Realizing this, he got up from his bed and stood straight. He took a deep breath and placed his right hand over his chest. Then, he sincerely bowed toward the stars.

"I am grateful for your wisdom. Without them, I would be lost.

"Thank you, anceint Magi. I will honor your teachings.

"I shall carry on your legacy with honor and respect."

He raised his head and smiled faintly. For some strange reason, he felt that the spirits of these ancient Magi were patting him on the shoulder, showering him with their blessings.

The next moment, he started walking around his tent, stroking his chin. "Hmm, but with the advancement to Mana Liquefaction, I don't necessarily have to do it the traditional way."

Ever since he came in contact with the philosophy of the Way, he found certain Magi customs to be unsophisticated.

This came in as no surprise to him, though. The philosophy of the Way was something that the Magi studied when they reached very high ranks. It was not something that could be easily comprehensible by budding Magi.

But thanks to the memories of the experts, Adam had to take much fewer detours.

"Instead of crudely connecting the mana channels inside my body, I should focus on the harmonious flow of mana instead," the youth mumbled.

The analytical study of magic consisted of research and knowledge of mana.

Whereas, the philosophical study of magic consisted of understanding oneself and one's place in the universe.

This was the path of inner discovery.

This was the path of outer harmony.

This was the Way.

As the youth lost himself in the profundities of the Way, a subtle transformation took place and the aura around him changed. It was as if he had become one with the world. It was as if the universe was whispering arcane secrets into his ears.

His eyes flashed with understanding as he slowly muttered, "Magic was never about control or domination, but rather about living in harmony with the world and the mana that permeated it."

Adam's lips curled up into a faint smile as he surprisingly received some insights about his path ahead.

"I see…

"I now know what I must do."

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