Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy-Chapter 554 - Domineering: No Need for Compensation, Let Her Go to Jail (1)

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Chapter 554 Domineering: No Need for Compensation, Let Her Go to Jail (1)

Qiao Xiyan’s second uncle-master?

Not many people present regained their senses. Qiao Xiyan had already stopped projecting his screen and answered the phone. “Hello, Second Uncle-Master.”

“I just left the airport. Send me the hotel address.”

“I’m not at the hotel.”

“You abandoned my daughter again!” Tang Wangjin shouted loudly.

If Qiao Xiyan was in front of him now, he would definitely kill this little bastard! What are you doing?!

Yesterday, Qiao Xiyan had called him and said that Tang Jingci suddenly couldn’t see anymore. His wife had almost fainted from fright. He had comforted his wife and even specially went to another country to change flights before rushing to Beijing.

I’m travel-worn after bustling about day and night, but this kid said he isn’t at the hotel?

He abandoned my blind daughter alone?

This heartless bastard!

“Qiao Xiyan, you’re really capable. How many times has it been? Tell me yourself. She can’t even see right now. You left her alone in the hotel?” Tang Jingci knew that it was her father. She approached his phone and listened to their conversation.

But when she leaned over, she heard his father shout.

“When I get there, I will take your life!”

“Uncle-Master, calm down. Things are a little different now.” Qiao Xiyan glanced at Tang Jingci beside him. “Her eyes are fine. Don’t be anxious. She can already see.”

“Her eyes are fine?” Tang Wangjin had rushed all the way, but this brat told him that she was fine? “Qiao Xiyan, make yourself clear.”

“Her eyes are fine.”

“Are you f*cking kidding me?!” Tang Wangjin was so angry that he cursed.

Tang Jingci shrank her neck. Oh my god. Why did he inform my dad?

This couldn’t be blamed on Qiao Xiyan either. It was such a big matter that he couldn’t keep hiding it from Tang Wangjin. It was only right for him to inform his elder.

“Qiao Xiyan, good job! Is it fun to torture my old bones?!” Tang Wangjin was really furious.

He hadn’t slept all night. He had got on the plane at two in the morning and had to stay up for a transit flight. He had gone through all kinds of trouble because he wanted to rush to his daughter’s side immediately to comfort her.

He had had too many thoughts in his mind, and they were all about Tang Jingci’s panicked and helpless appearance and even her tears. Now, he told him that she was fine?

Damn brat!

“Give me the phone.” Tang Jingci motioned to Qiao Xiyan.

Qiao Xiyan could only hand her the phone. He really couldn’t comfort this uncle-master anymore. “Hello, Dad…” Tang Wangjin was still shouting earlier. But now, he ceased and instantly changed his expression. “Little Ci, how are you? Are your eyes alright?” “My eyes did have a problem before, and they recovered not long ago. Senior Brother…” Tang Jingci felt guilty. “He didn’t lie to you. It’s my fault.”

“You scared me to death. Your mother was almost scared out of her wits. Where are you now? Give me your address. I’ll go find you.”

Only by seeing her with his own eyes and confirming that she was fine would Tang Wangjin be completely relieved.

Tang Jingci hung up and asked Qiao Xiyan to send the address to Tang Wangjin. “Senior Brother, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Let’s have a good chat after this matter is over.” Qiao Xiyan was as calm as usual.

Tang Jingci’s heart skipped a beat. She was anxious to death.

Tang Wangjin called a taxi. After getting into the taxi and telling the driver the address, he found out that the airport was only twenty minutes away from there. The venue was in the suburbs of Beijing. “Sir, did you rush from overseas to attend the event held by the Eye Appreciation Association from overseas?” the driver asked.

“Yes.” Tang Wangjin had already called his wife. She was relieved to know that Tang Jingci was fine.

“I think you shouldn’t go. Something happened there.”

“Something happened?”

“A rich young lady hired someone to kill someone else. She’s so vicious. Many people are discussing it online. Go to Weibo and check the trending topics!” The driver smiled.

“Hired someone to kill someone else? I just got off the plane.” Actually, Tang Wangjin had never made a Weibo post before.

“Exactly! It’s even more exciting than a TV drama. I don’t know how that girl provoked her. She said that she was blind and that she was a third-rate internet celebrity. Later on, she was even discovered that she had found someone to harm her. This girl is really lucky!

“She escaped several disasters!

“Now that the culprit has been discovered, I heard that the scene was a mess. The elder of her family is hitting her with something!

“Raising such a child implicated the entire family. How unfortunate.”

Tang Wangjin was originally listening to gossip, but when he heard about a blind girl, his heart skipped a beat.