Hero of Darkness-Chapter 1003 New Battle Techniques

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Chapter 1003  New Battle Techniques

Back to Present. After reliving a memory of the past when Romulus had created 5 special techniques custom-made for Kahn after considering all of his abilities, powers, and many other things… the future Kahn decided to use them now that Hero of Time had miraculously resurrected his allies.

"Lord Anakin! What is this? I remember that I died!" spoke Knull Symbitar.

"Yes, you did. He killed all of you and now I am forced to use my divine weapon and my domain just so I could resurrect all of you.

You all no longer have your cores and you will die again after I deactivate my domain and the divine weapon.

I can't fight him in this state because I have to focus and provide all of you with my world energy." explained the Hero of Time to his deceased allies.

"But this time… all of you have returned to your former state as Saints and no longer are suppressed by the laws of Babylon.

I am offering you all a final chance. To kill the man who killed you and avenge yourselves with your own hands.

That is the opportunity no one gets in their life." said Anakin with eyes full of conviction.

As soon as he revealed what happened after Kahn killed them in their Semi-saint forms, all the members of the Hero of Time's party turned furious and targeted their gazes at Kahn.

"But why does he look and feel different than before now?

It's as if he has aged by a decade and even the aura around him is far more majestic and yet, it's also many times terrifying as if he is a completely different person." spoke Jargos, the winged spearman.

Kahn on the other side summoned 2 new weapons no one had seen before.

In his left hand, appeared a 1 meter tall large shield made of white bones with dwarven runes over it and in the center, was a black rose emblem.

And in his right hand, appeared a massive battleaxe with Nordic runes made from pure white fang that exuded a murderous aura of a predator.

"Sigrun and Vidarr… you are an idiot for not using such good weapons." spoke the future Kahn, his words directed at current Kahn.

These were the names of the Shield and the Battleaxe respectively. Both of these weapons were made from Fenrir's fang given to Kahn by Romulus. Kahn in return made a few legendary rank weapons for his master in the past 10 months. He gave the rest to Romulus since he already had similar weapons made from the body of the guardian dragon, but he kept these 2 because he didn't have a proper shield and battleaxe even now.

But even the 7 weapons he made took more than 10 months. If this was Throk Oakenshield, his Blacksmithing master… He would've made at least 15 weapons and armor in the same amount of time. On top of it, Kahn also had 3 gifts from Deities of Blacksmithing. This showed the clear difference between Throk's accumulated experience and Kahn's cheat codes. He realized that he still had a long way to go. ----------------

"Now, how do I get rid of these small fry quickly?

It's not like I have a whole day here or time to dilly-dally." said Kahn and soon, a smirk appeared on his face.

"Let's use Embodiment here. There's a reason why master Romulus created this technique specifically for me." he said and the very next moment…


A thunderous aura arose and sent shockwaves in the nearby 40 kilometers. The ground quaked and craters formed as if a meteorite had struck and caused earthquakes.

Even when we fought him as Semi-saint… many of his powers were different than the ones you told us about. That's why he was able to kill us so swiftly by surprise.

We fought an enemy we knew nothing about!" bellowed Hank Primos, the blue beastkin.

"This… Even I have no idea what's happening now.

This isn't the Martial Emperor I fought. Everything is very different about him now." spoke Anakin, his face devoid of color as a cold sweat ran across his face.

"You lot should feel honored since it will be the moment when someone sees my new powers for the first time in this timeline." spoke Kahn with a cold and menacing look.



A void crack formed in the middle of the sky far above them and soon, a realm tear appeared.



This newly formed realm tear suddenly started sucking in all the air around.

"We're not done yet." spoke Kahn and soon, he created a massive 500-meter-wide sphere of pure darkness.


He shot it at the realm tear in mere seconds and in the following moments…


The entire massive sphere of darkness was engulfed by that realm tear.


However… what happened next was this realm tear in itself expanded with the aura of darkness as if the sphere it engulfed had completely assimilated and had become one with it.



Soon, incomparably strong gusts of wind spread apart in 15 kilometers radius, and one after another, the massive landscape started crumbling and the land whether it was the soil, the dead trees, or even massive mountain peaks started suspending in the air, unable to hold their ground regardless of their weight or composition.

All the saints from the Hero of Time's party distanced themselves by a few kilometers in different directions just to avoid being sucked inside by this incredible force that somehow started sucking in their Mana and World Energy at the same time.

"Did he just create…" spoke Anakin with a bewildered countenance as his face turned white with fear.

"A Black hole?"