I Am Loaded with Passive Skills-Chapter 1853 - Save Me! (1)

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1853 Save Me! (1)

“You’re truly the phenomenal Five Decays of Heaven and Man. I misjudged you!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had his hands tied under his disappearing state, was exhilarated to see Yu Lingdi being controlled. He almost rushed out to wrap Five Decays of Heaven and Man in a hug and give him a big kiss.

It was a move born out of sheer desperation…

Much to his surprise, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man actually appeared!

He had been in hiding for so long, afraid to come out, and now he appeared just because Xu Xiaoshou called for him.

What a deep bond they shared!

Xu Xiaoshou could not believe it.

He did not think his alliance with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was that strong. It was just a casual remark before.

Feng Xiaose, whose admiration for him was superficial at best, immediately unleashed the wrath of the Great Crimson God and fled when he was overpowered by Number Two’s palm strike.

That was what a normal alliance should look like!

Xu Xiaoshou was unfazed by that because that was how normal alliances were supposed to be.

They had just met by chance. How could they immediately risk their lives for each other in a life-or-death battle?

But this Five Decays of Heaven and Man…

Including the incident with Ye Xiao.

Both times, without any hesitation, he came to Xu Xiaoshou’s aid when he called for help!

In this instance, was he completely fearless even when confronted with Number Two in combat mode?

“The Five Decays of Heaven and Man is already a demi-saint. Does he have the confidence to defeat the Divine Oracle?”

“A duel between the two Supremes?”

“Damn it, Deva! If you can crush Number Two, I’ll fulfill your every wish!”

Xu Xiaoshou held the Fourth Sword in his left hand and the Flame Python in his right hand, hunching his body and exhorting the Five Decays of Heaven and Man to charge ahead.

However, since he was in a disappearing state, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man could not hear him…

Clearly, among those present in the arena, including Number Two, no one could believe that with just a holler from Xu Xiaoshou, the hidden Five Decays of Heaven and Man would charge out at his behest.

He appeared before Yu Lingdi’s eyes with one quick dash.

Number Two almost could not react!


Time was of the essence. The Divine Oracle, whose battle consciousness had greatly improved in combat mode, teleported to the front of the bronze cauldron in a flash.

At this moment, the withered hand of Five Decays of Heaven and Man was already on Yu Lingdi’s head.

“Deva… stroke my head…”

“I desire… to pursue immortality…”

Yu Lingdi mumbled a few words.

“So fast.”

Number Two’s eyes glowed with a pulsating red light. He was alert and knew that in this split second, Yu Lingdi had been completely controlled.

Three Loathsome Eyes had subjugated a Spiritual Cultivator who had mastered the water-type Upanishad, whose Dao heart was supposed to be incredibly firm and difficult to manipulate.

According to Number Two’s initial calculations, there was enough room for negotiation during the brief period from Yu Lingdi’s initial compulsion to his complete subjugation.

However, it seemed that the information was incorrect.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man was not a higher void. He was a demi-saint!

In the bat of an eyelash, Yu Lingdi became a puppet of Five Decays of Heaven and Man under the enchantment of the Three Loathsome Eyes.


Number Two opened his mouth, and a string of golden divine inscriptions emerged from within.

As the inscriptions flowed from his mouth, an overwhelming surge of Holy Power burst forth with such intensity that it left heads spinning.

The forceful impact at such close proximity caused the figure of Five Decays of Heaven and Man to contort.

Xu Xiaoshou watched with a trembling heart. He was slightly worried, but then he realized that it was not Five Decays of Heaven and Man’s body that was distorting, but the space in front of him.

“So fast!”

Five Decays of Heaven and Man appeared abruptly, but Number Two’s reaction was still so swift that it left no room for error.

Even amidst the unexpected attack, a countermeasure remained within reach!

This Divine Oracle could not be defined by common sense!

With a buzz, just as the “seal” inscriptions disappeared, the water-type Power Upanishad Formation under the bronze cauldron was instantly aglow.

Yu Lingdi’s face went ashen in a split second, and his energy reserve and spiritual source seemed to have been completely drained.

As if he were sacrificing his life, he unleashed the most dominant force of his Path Principles. In a quick burst of light, the water-type Power Upanishad Formation descended upon Five Decays of Heaven and Man, flowing like a fierce stream from the crown of his head, swallowing his body whole.

“Yu Lingdi, are you still conscious?”

Number Two was astonished. After being controlled by the Three Loathsome Eyes, Yu Lingdi could still cooperate with him and attempt to devour Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

The next second, Number Two realized something was wrong.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man disappeared with the help of Yu Lingdi’s move.

The only one left in the Arena to resist the “seal” inscriptions was Yu Lingdi.

Yu Lingdi had become the shield of Five Decays of Heaven and Man!

This technique, deployed after Number Two’s counteraction, was invoked by Yu Lingdi to protect Five Decays of Heaven and Man!
“It’s ridiculous.”

There was a faint ripple in Number Two’s emotions.

He valued Yu Lingdi, but he did not expect that anyone could control him so easily.

Should he blame this lack of combat strength on the Spirit Division Chief?


Number Two’s evaluation of the danger posed by Five Decays of Heaven and Man was escalating!

The fault lay with this member of the Yama, not the Spirit Division Chief Yu Lingdi being too weak!

Yu Lingdi, who was crushed into pieces by the “seal” inscriptions, exploded within the bronze cauldron but then transformed into a stream of water, reconstituting his form.


He tilted his head, a sinister grin played across his face, and his gaze firmly locked onto Number Two.

“Senior Number Two, please kill me…”

Yu Lingdi spoke, and suddenly his eyeballs bulged as he let out a hoarse roar:


The three gray floral spots in his eyes dimmed for a moment, then sharpened into focus. He began to laugh maniacally.

“I’m in so much pain, so much pain, ah…”

“Senior Number Two, please kill me! Please kill me!”

Number Two furrowed his brows and fell into a brief state of silence.

In his disappearing state, Xu Xiaoshou felt a cold tremor run down his spine at the sight of this scene.