I Am Loaded with Passive Skills-Chapter 1996 - Using the Sword as the Boundary, Anyone Who Oversteps the Boundary Will Die! (3)

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1996 Using the Sword as the Boundary, Anyone Who Oversteps the Boundary Will Die! (3)
He felt as if he had returned to the time when he had just drawn out the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers and had encountered the giant in the fantasy realm.

It was too terrifying!


Very soon, the pressure intensified and there seemed to be no limit to it.

Xu Xiaoshou’s face was hideous and scrunched up in unbearable pain. The flesh on his face tore and his eyes seemed about to pop out.

However, he still held on, unwilling to be forced to kneel by this inexplicable pressure.

“Heart Sword Technique, Demons Under Eyes!”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted in his heart. The imagery of the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers and Heart Sword Technique appeared at the same time. It gave him the strength to resist as he said, “It’s up to me to decide my fate, not the Heavens.”


He was like an ant, trampled by the Intangible giant in the sky and continued to fall.


“I’m not playing anymore. Vanishing Technique!”

Xu Xiaoshou disappeared and 70-80% of the pressure was isolated.

However, the other people on the Abyss Island did not have the Vanishing Technique. They felt that not only did they have spirits on their shoulders, but they also felt that there were ghosts in their heads.


The Divine Oracle’s head drooped heavily, and his entire body emitted a sound as though it was overwhelmed by the weight. His hands hung down, almost torn apart by the heavy pressure.

Rao Yaoyao couldn’t hold on any longer and released her grip in time as she covered the sling on her shoulder.

“Pa ji.”

Yan Wuse raised his head and glanced at the sky.

With just a glance, he was split into two in the next second and fell into the Fallen Abyss.

“Use the sword as the boundary, those who cross the boundary will die!”

The red-hot black iron sword was the only thing on the entire Abyss Island that remained unmoved.

When the voice of Bazhun’an rang out once again and fell on the sword body, the chaotic energy accumulated in the Fallen Abyss transformed into ten thousand swords that shot into the sky.

Chi Chi Sizzle!

All Swords to the Master!

And this ‘sect’ was the heavenly chasm in the void that the red-hot black iron sword had shaken open; the monstrous crack that was connected to the unknown world.

“Elder Yan…”

After Rao Yaoyao secured the sling, she took the lead to grab back the Cang Godhood Sword and then went to save Elder Yan.

Yan Wuse, who had been split in half, took a short while to recover!

One could imagine how much pressure he had suffered from that glance just now.

Perhaps, everyone on Abyss Island experienced only the aftermath of the aura, and Yan Wuse was the only target of the overwhelming pressure.

Death awaited those who crossed the boundary!

Even though she was aware of all this, Rao Yaoyao did not care too much about it.

However, just as she was about to cross the boundary to save him, a monstrous black energy shot up from the heavenly chasm.

There were still remnants of the saint calamity and the aura of the emperor in the energy.

However, at this moment, they had all turned into a torrent of devilish energy.
It used the boundary between life and death as its foundation to separate Rao Yaoyao and Yan Wuse; it was like the separation of Yin and Yang.

“I decide on life and death, I decide on reincarnation.”

“All living beings of the mortal world will be liberated if they unite!”

Rao Yaoyao’s eyes were cold as the sword light erupted around her body.

The All Life Form of the Secular World appeared in the sky. In the world of black devilish energy, they found the lost power of humans.

The Xuan Cang rose and slashed forward!

“Human Sword, Life Slash!”

The sword that gathered all the power of All Life Form of the Secular World turned into a red sword light. It then slashed directly at the boundary wall of the devilish energy that separated the Yin and Yang.


The black airflow rolled to both sides and then it caved in.

However, he was able to block the attack of this sword!

“How was that possible?”

“This has already surpassed the defense of a Demi-Saint Stage. How far had Bazhun’an’s strength grown?”

Rao Yaoyao’s pupils trembled. The Xuan Cang spun and dissolved into Nine Swords and the Imperial Decree came out.

“Nine Sword Techniques, Infinite Number!”

The nine ‘Human Sword’ and Life Slash’ overlapped and with a rumble, they finally slashed through the torrent of devilish energy.

Rao Yaoyao didn’t dare to delay and broke into the black world. She wanted to get Elder Yan back.


At this moment, a loud dragon’s roar resounded in the sky.

All the pressure disappeared at the same time. Rao Yaoyao’s delicate body trembled, and her beautiful eyes widened. She stopped in her tracks and looked up in a daze.

“This, this is?!”

In the ruins of the First Hall of Sins, apart from the trash that had been crushed into pieces by the pressure, the remaining Spiritual Cultivators who had managed to survive were able to look up at the sky.

The city was filled with black clouds, and the dragon sat among the clouds.

Its head could not be seen, but its scales were as big as the sky!

“Pa, pa, pa…”

In a short moment, thousands of eyeballs exploded in the Abyss Island.

After the dragon’s roar, a deep voice filled with suppressed anger resounded and swept across the entire Abyss Island.

“Who is holding the Flame Python? Who is Xu Xiaoshou?”