I Attained Invincibility In The Real World-Chapter 230 - 193: Upgrade and Profound True Martial Arts_3

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Chapter 230: Chapter 193: Upgrade and Profound True Martial Arts_3

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During this upgrade.

What made Chen Sheng feel most delighted was the change in Profound and True Martial Arts.

Not only did the turtle shell pattern greatly increase its ability to withstand force and rebound, but also its affinity and range with the Water Spirit reached a limit.

At Chen Sheng’s current level.

He could mobilize the Water Spirit within a kilometer radius and call on them for various tasks.

For example, like before, the water flow automatically covered Chen Sheng’s body, enhancing his attributes and adding defense.

He could even gather all the water in the river on the riverside, changing the environment completely.

Water would provide assistance to Chen Sheng.

And increase resistance to his enemies.

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Chen Sheng could feel that his affinity with the Water Spirit seemed to have reached a critical point.

Just a little bit more, and he would be able to break through that critical point.

Perhaps by then,

His affinity with the Water Spirit would undergo a complete metamorphosis.

And become,


Only after truly possessing authority would Chen Sheng be able to command the water flow effortlessly and greatly enhance his combat power.

However ,

That might be something to achieve after breaking through the Fifth Layer.

Chen Sheng temporarily put it aside and began to pay attention to the most significant improvement in this upgrade.

Xuanwu Transformation.

At the Third Layer, the Xuanwu Transformation could directly increase Chen Sheng’s strength attribute by 2.5 times in its Extreme State.

This increase was inclusive of other bonuses.

It can be said that it is Chen Sheng’s most potent ability at present.

And now,

In the Extreme State,

Chen Sheng’s strength multiple was…. five times!

It only seemed like a one-time increase.

However, with Chen Sheng’s terrifying basic attributes today, and the water flow and thunder bonuses that he could mobilize at any time,

How strong does it actually become?

Chen Sheng could hardly imagine it.

He decided to give it a try.

With that in mind,

Chen Sheng slowly closed his eyes.

Xuanwu Transformation. Extreme State.


The next second,


Chen Sheng’s eyes suddenly opened.

His pupils turned blood red in an instant.

It was as if a bomb went off inside his body.


The sound of bones colliding and shattering echoed continuously.

His body kept growing taller.

The muscles on his body swelled up, making the originally loose clothes instantly tight.


Without any surprise,

His clothes were instantly stretched and burst into strips hanging on his body.

His originally fair skin gradually turned to a blackish-green color.

Green tendons climbed up his neck, making Chen Sheng’s appearance even more ferocious and terrifying.

On the panel,

The strength attribute jumped rapidly.

Five hundred.

Seven hundred.

Eight hundred.

One thousand!

In just a moment,

The strength attribute had increased by more than double, reaching the previous Extreme State.

But the rising speed did not slow down at all.

One thousand three.

One thousand five.

Two thousand!

Interactly, five times!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Inside Chen Sheng’s body,

The thunderous heartbeat echoed like an explosion sweeping across the mountains.

Moreover, the terrifying pressure felt like a prehistoric evil beast, spreading in all directions.

Within the surrounding forest,

The once-filled diverse sounds vanished in an instant.

Birds seized up and fell from the trees one after another.

Facing the terrifying pressure, they didn’t even have the courage to flap their wings and escape, so they let their bodies fall through the ground.

The surrounding wild beasts fared no better.

They had been wandering, foraging, or hunting before.

But now,

They all lay on the ground, their heads facing Chen Sheng’s direction.

As if,

They were worshiping the birth of a king.

On the riverside,

Chen Sheng, covered in blackish-green muscle armor, stood silently.


Just by raising his hand, a series of roars sounded in the air.

Chen Sheng looked at his arm.

Now his forearm was as thick as his thigh in a normal state.

Combined with the blackish-green muscle armor and the deep blue patterns etched on the armor’s surface, constantly flowing,

Chen Sheng could imagine how terrifying his appearance was now, even without seeing the full picture.

Just by breathing,

He created a terrifying whirlwind that swept through the surroundings.

A large number of tree trunks and leaves encircled Chen Sheng’s body and quickly spiralled upwards.

Two thousand, one hundred and five.

This was the strength attribute of Xuanwu Transformation in its Extreme State.

With that in mind,

Chen Sheng raised his head.

His bloodshot eyes slowly rotated.

He looked towards the small hill deep in the mountains at the end of his line of sight.

His knees bent slightly.


Infinite smoke and dust filled the air, instantly covering the ground by the riverside.

The ground collapsed in an instant, forming a circular pit with a diameter of tens of meters.


A screeching sound echoed in the sky above the mountain range.

The huge body took off and turned into a black line shooting towards the mountain peak in midair. In midair,

Chen Sheng raised his arm.

On his face,

There was a wildly arrogant smile. The next second,

The gigantic blackish-green fist,

Directly slammed into the mountainside.

Boom, boom, boom!!

The earth shook, and the mountains trembled.

It was as if the sky was going to collapse.

A large number of broken stones fell from the sky, smashing several pits into the ground around the mountain peak.

Countless wild beasts fled in all directions, avoiding the Doomsday-like scene.

Chen Sheng’s body, on the other hand, moved seamlessly through the mountainside, crashing into the dense forest..freewebnov(e)l

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