I Have 108 Older Sisters-Chapter 1055 - : Chapter 1,054: Open Fire

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Chapter 1055: Chapter 1,054: Open Fire

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The word “Street Sweeper”referred to the people sweeping the streets, which was similar to the meaning of a cleaner.

However, this term had another meaning when used in a football match. It was commonly known as “The free man.

The free man did not have a fixed position that he had to play. He could run all over the field, just like a piece of brick that needed to be moved wherever it needed to be moved.

This position in a football match required very good physical strength.


On the battlefield, Yu Tian felt that he was also very suitable for this position. Firstly, it was because he ran fast, and secondly, it was because his personal combat strength was very strong.

As long as he did not face the violent firepower of a group of soldiers, there was basically no one who could stop him.

He could use his fastest speed to rush to the place where he needed support the most, and then launch the fiercest offensive.

This “Fiercest offensive “was not an exaggeration at all, because the big guy was also by his side, fighting alongside him.

When he attacked those machine gun positions just now, Yu Tian did not bring the big guy with him.

Because he felt that the big guy’s movements were a little too slow, and it was not suitable for this kind of work that needed to be done quickly and quickly.

However, after the battle began, the Big Guy had a chance to show off.

Yu Tian had long dismantled the light gatling on a military vehicle. Then, he had the big guy carry it into the mountains and use it as his main weapon.

An ordinary person would not be able to handle such a heavy weapon. However, the big guy did not have any problems. He even carried a few boxes of bullet chains.

This was a moving machine gun position, a human-shaped firing point.

The Big Guy only needed to consider the speed of the bullets being consumed and not shoot them all at once.

Of course, under normal circumstances, Yu Tian didn’t need to use his explosive firepower unless he was facing a pile of enemies.

The two of them wore heavy bulletproof vests, brought their own weapons and ammunition, and left the death god commander’s “Command Center.

Actually, the death god regiment commander did not agree with Yu Tian’s actions, but he could not stop Yu Tian.

Yu Tian had nothing to do with commanding on the battlefield, so he could only use himself as a soldier king.

The Death God regiment commander was in charge of the overall command. He personally took charge of the machine gun position in the middle, and he personally carried a gun and hid behind the fortification. He only brought two signalmen.

The machine gun position in the middle wasn’t the most dangerous place, but it wasn’t the safest either.

As the leader of the death God mercenary group, it was already good enough that he could personally go to the front line. When he joined a large mercenary group, he basically didn’t need to appear on the battlefield anymore.

The Death God mercenary group’s combat preparations were ongoing.

The mercenaries needed to decide how to set up the defense around the machine gun position at the last minute. These things could only be determined after they saw the real terrain.

After arranging their positions and areas, the mercenaries had to find a few bunkers, build simple fortifications, prepare ammunition, and familiarize themselves with the environment..

Of course, the more time they had to do these things, the better. The better the preparation, the higher the chance of victory after the battle started.

But the preparations could not be delayed for too long.

Death God’s regiment commander planned to launch an attack before three o’clock. Then, the battle would be almost over by the time dawn broke.

Therefore, everyone was in a hurry to get everything ready before three o’clock in the morning.

However, the battle started a little earlier than everyone had expected.

The enemy’s walkie-talkie on the machine gun base suddenly moved. A series of rhythmic knocking sounds came from it.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

The Death God mercenary group leader sighed. He Imew that this was the signal for the enemy to communicate with each other, but he had no way to respond to this signal.

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immediately realize that something had happened on the machine gun formation.

Then, the battle would begin immediately.

The Death God mercenary group had to strike first and gain the upper hand. Before the enemy made a response, they had to dump a wave of ammunition.

Hence, the death god mercenary group leader immediately turned on his communication device and said in a deep voice, “All teams, pay attention. Get into battle positions immediately! Machine gunners, get into position immediately! Pay attention to my orders and get ready to eat!

At this time, there was no longer a need to restrict the use of communication devices. Even if the enemy had detected any signals now, it was already too late.

The battle was about to begin. who cared if they would be discovered.

At this time, Yu Tian was hiding on a hill near the small fishing village with the big guy, ready to contribute to the first wave of attacks.

He also brought the death god mercenary group’s communication equipment. Moreover, it was a set of high-quality earplugs and throat mic.

He had also heard the death God mercenary group’s command, so he immediately became spirited.

He hurriedly patted the big guy’s shoulder. “Get Ready. Hold your machine gun properly. The enemies on the other side are all yours.

“Yes, Boss!

The Big Guy quickly stood up, picked up the Light Gatling gun in his hand, and pointed at the soldiers beside the bonfire in the distance.

Yu Tian, on the other hand, grabbed a few grenades and wondered if he should throw a few of them over to the enemies from such a distance of hundreds of meters.

The preparation only took a few seconds. The Grim Reaper captain casually knocked on the enemy’s walkie-talkie a few times and then ordered the heavy machine gunner not far behind him, (‘Aim…

The Grim Reaper captain’s response confused the enemy. This was obviously a wrong way to respond.

The enemy was a little alert and repeated the secret signal again.

At this time, the death god captain shouted, “Fire!

Dong Dong Dong..

The heavy machine gun behind him immediately sounded. The gunshots were like dense drums, and the flying shells hit the death god Captain’s bald head.

Immediately after, the heavy machine guns in the other positions also sounded.

Countless firelight and light-pulling bullets brought up the line of fire towards the small fishing village at the foot of the mountain, forming a few intersecting fan-shaped light screens.

In just a split second, dozens of pirate soldiers died in the indiscriminate firing.

The power of heavy machine guns was huge. If a human was grazed by these large bullets, even if they didn’t die, they would still be crippled.

Those messy vehicles were completely useless under such firepower. Not only did the bullet screens destroy these vehicles, even the soldiers sleeping behind the vehicles died in confusion.

Of course, the first set meal of the death god mercenary group was not just the heavy machine guns. They had prepared more rpgs.

Dozens of rocket warheads flew toward the village. The sounds of explosions and flames instantly became chaotic.

There were two armored transport vehicles in the pirate army. Although these things were mainly used to transport troops, they were still considered armored vehicles. They were very useful against light-armored infantrymen and were used to forcefully attack certain positions.

Unfortunately, the RPG of the death god mercenary group would not let go of these vehicles. As soon as the battle started, these two armored vehicles were blasted into scrap metal..