I Have A Sword-Chapter 248: Unafraid of Death!

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Chapter 248: Unafraid of Death!

Ye Guan froze as if his soul had left his body. His mind went completely blank.

Three swords were on the ground in front of him, and they were Magma, Heavenly Thunder, and Divine Cloud. Ye Guan quivered slightly as he lay eyes on the three swords. The disciples of the Sword Sect clenched their fists as tears fell down their eyes.

Chen Guanzi stared at the three swords in a daze. His right fist trembled as he recalled the memories he shared with Cao Bai.

“First Senior Brother, how did you break your arm?”

“First Senior Brother, why don’t you like to talk?”

“First Senior Brother, are the Divine Spirits really that strong?”

“First Senior Brother, when can I go to the Xuzhen Battlefield?”

“First Senior Brother, did the senior brothers in the Sword Tomb die during a war?”

“First Senior Brother, if I die in the Xuzhen Battlefield, I hope you won’t tell my parents… I’m their only son, after all…”

Tears dripped down Chen Guanzi’s cheeks. The rookie disciples of the Sword Sect were crying harder than the rest. The Sword Sect had been protecting them, and the sect had prohibited them from visiting the Xuzhen Battlefield until now.

As such, it was their first time encountering such a tragedy. Now, they finally understood that war was much crueler than they thought.

The elites of the Guanxuan Universe went silent as well. Just then, they realized that their ancestors had sacrificed their lives in exchange for the peace that the Guanxuan Universe had enjoyed over the past thirty million years.

Zhuge Haoyue and the rest went silent as well. They were caught off guard by the fact that Cao Bai had chosen to die rather than admit defeat.

Zhuge Haoyue looked at the group of swordsmen in the distance and suddenly understood why the Guanxuan Universe managed to remain standing against the True Universe all these years.

The Guanxuan Universe didn’t lack courageous people like Cao Bai.

It seemed that they were even more courageous and stubborn than the Heaven Seizing Clan back then.

A woman was observing the situation down below her from the vast expanse up above the Xuzhen Battlefield. The woman was none other than An Nanjing!

Ruler An stood opposite her, and three black-robed old men stood behind her.

Ruler An glanced at An Nanjing before she looked silently at Ye Guan in the distance. It had been quite a while since their previous meeting, so Ruler An was curious about just how much Ye Guan had grown in the meantime.

An Nanjing frowned upon seeing Ba Wan standing behind Ye Guan.

Ruler An frowned as well upon seeing Ba Wan.

Ba Wan was chewing on a piece of meat, and her gaze was transfixed on Ye Guan.

Ye Guan stored the three swords away and turned around to face Zhuge Haoyue.

Zhuge Haoyue stared at Ye Guan for a while before exclaiming, “You’re Ye Guan!”

The other Divine Spirits turned to look at Ye Guan. There was no way they would fail to recognize Ye Guan—the Sword Master’s son and the rightful ruler of the Guanxuan Universe.

The Sword Master!

A tinge of respect enveloped the hearts of the Divine Spirits upon recalling the Sword Master’s name, and it made sense; the strong would always receive respect whenever they went, regardless of their affiliation.

Of course, respect was all they felt for the Sword Master. They would still unhesitantly destroy the Guanxuan Universe.

Respect was respect—an opponent was an opponent.

Ye Guan slowly approached Zhuge Haoyue.

Zhuge Haoyue remained calm as Ye Guan approached him.

And that was when Ye Guan suddenly disappeared…


Spacetime was torn apart, and a sword light rushed toward Zhuge Haoyue.

Zhuge Haoyue’s eyes narrowed. He opened his palms, revealing three rays of divine light.


The sword light collided with the rays of divine light, and Zhuge Haoyue was blasted hundreds of meters away. However, it seemed Ye Guan wasn’t done just yet as a fiery red sword chased after Zhuge Haoyue.

The sword was none other than the Magma Flying Sword!

Zhuge Haoyue’s eyes narrowed into slits.

He didn’t dare to underestimate Ye Guan anymore. He took a step forward and opened his right hand, revealing five rays of divine light. They converged to a point and turned into a beam that shot toward Magma.

However, Ye Guan had become strong enough to wield thirty swords to their absolute limits.


The five rays of divine light shattered under everyone’s shocked gazes. A powerful rebound sent Zhuge Haoyue flying hundreds of meters away, and the surrounding kilometer of spacetime caved in at the moment of collision, creating a terrifying sight.

Zhuge Haoyue eventually stopped himself in mid-air, but the shrill cry of a sword pierced his ears. He looked up and saw a flying sword rushing toward him.

The sword was none other than Heavenly Thunder, and it flew toward Zhuge Haoyue along with thirty other swords.

Zhuge Haoyue brought his hands down, and the spacetime in front of him trembled violently before forming a spacetime wall. Spacetime seemed to have converged on the spacetime wall in front of Zhuge Haoyue, creating a fortified wall.


The spacetime wall shattered upon impact, and Zhuge Haoyue was sent flying by a hundred meters at the very least. At the same time, an even stronger attack caused the collapse of the spacetime around Zhuge Haoyue.

A shrill cry reverberated across the battlefield as a sword made a beeline for Zhuge Haoyue.

The sword was none other than Cao Bai’s Divine Cloud!

Zhuge Haoyue started chanting in an ancient, inscrutable language. Rays of divine light surged out of him, tearing apart the spacetime in the vicinity. Powerful dimensional energy twisted into blades of light that rushed toward Ye Guan.

Zhuge Haoyue knew that he couldn’t just keep on defending. He had to retaliate, as offense was the best defense against such an agile and swift swordsman. Ye Guan would continue to corner him until he made a move himself.

Cao Bai’s Divine Cloud finally made contact with Zhuge Haoyue’s attack. The rays of divine light burst into innumerable light fragments. Zhuge Haoyue was sent flying, but Ye Guan wasn’t done just yet.

Ye Guan pointed at Zhuge Haoyue, and sharp swords made out of sword energy rushed out of him.


The dimensional energy protecting Zhuge Haoyue was shredded into pieces. He saw that, and he was about to unleash another move when he saw three swords rushing toward him at the same time from multiple angles.

He was being suppressed and dominated, just like what he did to Cao Bai!

Zhuge Haoyue’s pupils constricted. He didn’t dare to hold back anymore. He clenched his fists as he threw all caution to the wind.

A powerful ray of divine light gushed out of him. The ray of divine light transformed into a thousand-meter-tall astral body. The astral body clasped its palms together, and a divine light enveloped Zhuge Haoyue.

The three swords struck the divine light protecting Zhuge Haoyue.


The veil of light trembled violently before it shattered into pieces.

The astral body above Zhuge Haoyue exploded as well, and the backlash sent Zhuge Haoyue flying away.

The expressions of the Divine Spirit darkened.

Ye Guan’s sword attacks were too terrifying!

Ruler An frowned deeply as she observed Ye Guan. Ye Guan had grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months. He was truly a heaven-defying monstrous talent, and it was indeed terrifying to have such a talented enemy.

Ruler An’s face was dark. Ye Guan was improving too quickly!

Meanwhile, Ye Guan didn’t stop attacking. He took one step forward, and three flying swords flew across the battlefield. Strangely, the energy contained within the three swords was much weaker than Ye Guan’s previous attacks.

Zhuge Haoyue narrowed his eyes in suspicion, and he soon realized that Ye Guan was truly holding back against him. But why? It didn’t take Zhuge Haoyue that long to realize what was going on.

Ye Guan was trying to force him into igniting his fleshly body and soul!

Zhuge Haoyue’s expression turned fierce. Is that it? Is he really trying to make me ignite my fleshly body and soul?

Zhuge Haoyue abruptly roared and opened his palm. A ray of divine light burst out of him and toward the sky.

“Four Phases of Annihilation!” he roared.


Four astral projections abruptly manifested above Zhuge Haoyue. Every astral projection was a thousand meters tall, and the entire world seemed to have become illusory when they manifested. Holy-sounding yet inscrutable, ancient chants seemed to obfuscate the world as they echoed between both heaven and earth.

The chanting seemed capable of snatching away the souls of those who could hear it. The surroundings seemed to crumble beneath the power of the chanting, creating an extremely horrifying scene.

Four Phases of Annihilation: Sacrificing One’s Life to Cross the Mortal World!

Zhu Haoyue roared once more and brought his hand down fiercely.

The four astral projections abruptly opened their eyes. They raised their enormous hands to the sky before bringing them down at the same time.


A kilometer of spacetime vanished into nothingness as a terrifying energy suppressed Ye Guan’s three swords. However, Ye Guan wasn’t there. He had inexplicably vanished, but he soon reappeared along with a monstrous sword intent.

The Invincible Sword Intent!

Ruler An’s face changed drastically at the sight.


A resonant sword hum reverberated as a dazzling sword light tore across the battlefield.


The astral projections shattered, and the chanting came to a halt.

Zhuge Haoyue’s eyes narrowed. He was about to make a move, but the terrifying Invincible Sword Intent struck him. He flew at least a hundred meters away, and when he finally stopped, the crowd saw that he was badly mangled.

His blood formed a pool of blood beneath him, and the surrounding spacetime had been destroyed as well.

Ye Guan stepped forward, and a sword went straight for Zhuge Haoyue once again.

Zhuge Haoyue glared fiercely at Ye Guan before roaring, “Well, it’s just death! You people are unafraid of death, and the people of my True Universe aren’t afraid of death as well!”


Zhuge Haoyue spontaneously combusted—he had decided to ignite his fleshly body!

Moments later, a white flame gushed out of him and took to the skies.

He had decided to ignite his soul!

The Divine Spirits were horrified. It turned out that Ye Guan’s goal all this while was to force Zhuge Haoyue into igniting his fleshly body and soul. Ye Guan wanted to give Zhuge Haoyue a taste of his own medicine!

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