I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head-Chapter 1112 - Everyone Retreated in Defeat, Chu Yunfan Finally Makes His Move

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1112 Everyone Retreated in Defeat, Chu Yunfan Finally Makes His Move

The First Divine Servant’s face revealed a sinister smile, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. The spear in his hand trembled violently. It was extremely terrifying. He thrust the spear directly in Tang Siyu’s direction.

His skill was extremely powerful. With a casual thrust of the spear, it made the world tremble violently. In an instant, it turned into an army of thousands of soldiers and horses, charging in Tang Siyu’s direction again.

Tang Siyu took a deep breath and all the mana in her body flew out. The horror of the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique was manifested, and the density of her mana far exceeded that of an ordinary peak Divine.

She slashed out with her sword, turning the world into a world of ice and snow. Please visit 𝗳re𝚎𝚠𝐞𝗯𝙣𝗼ν𝗲l. c૦𝓶


There was another shocking collision. Thousands of soldiers and horses rushed into this world of ice and snow and launched crazy destruction. Just this collision had caused the whole world to boil, turning the nearby area into nothingness. Even the fiercest aerial monsters had to take a detour, not daring to approach.

Hundreds of millions of rays of light burst out, turning into a beautiful but extremely dangerous auspicious color.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Tang Siyu hurriedly retreated, feeling the qi and blood in her chest churning. The First Divine Servant was more powerful than her current self. She had already grasped some fighting methods of the Core Stage. In terms of skill, the First Divine Servant might not be stronger than Tang Siyu.

The Arcane Sky Spirit Physique was also an extremely rare art in the Ancient Zenith Civilization. It was extremely powerful, so it was naturally not that simple. Even if it was not as powerful as Chu Yunfan’s fusion of the Thunderclap Physique and the Imperial Physique, it was still very easy for her to be the top among experts of the same level.

Even though the First Divine Servant had cultivated for many more years than Tang Siyu, he could not surpass Tang Siyu’s power after she had consumed the Brahma Fruit.

However, he had glimpsed a part of the techniques of the Core Stage. Every time he burst out with divine power, it was much more than Tang Siyu’s, and he immediately suppressed her.

The First Divine Servant saw that his attack had not been able to seriously injure Tang Siyu and had only repelled her. His eyes suddenly flashed with a terrifying light. After the attack, there was almost no pause. The First Divine Servant once again stabbed straight at Tang Siyu.

The martial arts phenomenon of the army of thousands of men and horses appeared once again, pouncing straight for Tang Siyu.

Suddenly, at this moment, a few figures rushed out and joined forces to resist this terrifying attack.

These people were the sect leaders of Longevity Faith, Infinity Camp, and Moonfall. Longevity Faith’s sect leader, in particular, rushed forward even though he had just been severely injured.

They understood very well that this person’s terror reminded them of Chu Yunfan.

Back then, Chu Yunfan had wiped out hundreds of Divines single-handedly. How shocking was that?

The only one who could stop him was Chu Yunfan. The only thing they could do now was stop the First Divine Servant until Chu Yunfan recovered from his injuries. Otherwise, the whole situation would be turned around.

Although an expert of this level couldn’t decide the outcome of a battle by himself, he had the ability to change the situation.


The three of them broke through the attack together, but they still felt the blood Qi in their bodies shaking.

They were shocked. An expert of this level was too terrifying. It was also shocking that Tang Siyu had taken two attacks by herself and was not injured.

There were many experts in the Federation. Not only Chu Yunfan, but Tang Siyu was also stronger than them, not to mention the president who could compete with a Core when he used all his strength.

“Let’s stop him together!” Moonfall’s sect leader said as she looked at Tang Siyu.


Tang Siyu flew forward. With the help of the other three Divines, she was more confident in holding back the First Divine Servant.

“Hahahaha, stall me? Just you guys?” The First Divine Servant burst into laughter. He murmured in a low voice and the divine power in his body seemed to be boiling under the vibration of a spell.

This was a secret skill. Tang Siyu and the others wanted to stall him, and he wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible.

In an instant, the spear turned into a long black dragon, heading straight in the direction of Tang Siyu and the other three.

The four of them attacked at the same time as if they had a telepathic connection. The four peak-stage Divines attacked together. What a terrifying realm it was. It shattered the air and the boiling qi and blood suppressed the entire world.


There was another terrifying collision between the two sides. However, everyone saw that the joint attack of the four peak Divines was completely broken. The long black dragon formed by the spear destroyed the joint attack.

“You guys are nothing!” The First Divine Servant roared and the black dragon continued to attack the four of them.




The battle between Divines was extremely fast. In an instant, they had already exchanged more than a hundred moves. Everyone was horrified to find that the four of them, who were considered the top combat forces of the Federation, were being beaten back.

With every collision, everyone was forced to take a few steps back.


Finally, Longevity Faith’s sect leader couldn’t hold on any longer. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and was flung away.

He had just been severely injured and was barely holding his breath. Now, he had been hit more than a hundred times. Even if the others joined forces to share the pressure, he could not hold out any longer.

After Longevity Faith’s sect leader, Moonfall’s and Infinity Camp’s sect leaders could not hold out any longer either. Soon, they coughed up blood and retreated in defeat.

Disbelief flashed in the three’s eyes. Was this the strength of a half-step to Core Stage?

They weren’t his match even when they joined forces.

The First Divine Servant’s control over his strength had undergone a tremendous change.

Even Tang Siyu, who was the most persevering, was forced to retreat under the attack of the First Divine Servant. The divine power in Tang Siyu’s body surged, trying her best to support her attacks.

“Go to hell!”

The First Divine Servant let out a roar. The spear in his hand swept across the world, shattering the world of ice and snow that Tang Siyu had created. The spear’s momentum was not reduced and it hit Tang Siyu head-on.


Tang Siyu, who had been holding on for so long, finally spat out a mouthful of blood. She flew out like a kite with a broken string. Just as she was about to fall to the ground, a figure suddenly flew out and caught Tang Siyu in his arms.

The man was none other than Chu Yunfan.

Seeing Tang Siyu spit blood, Chu Yunfan’s heart burned with anger.

“You’ve recovered?” Tang Siyu looked at Chu Yunfan in surprise.


“I haven’t fully recovered, but it’s enough to deal with him,” Chu Yunfan said slowly, his eyes full of killing intent.